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Personal Contribution to the Mobile Ecosystem

The person who has distinguished themselves for their Contribution to the mobile ecosystem

Zahid Ghadialy
Principal Analyst & Consultant

Over the last 20 years, Zahid has been working tirelessly on educating and disseminating relevant mobile telecoms knowledge through various 3G4G channels. He has been sharing his knowledge and understanding gained through experience, standards progress, industry news, conference presentations, trainings and whitepapers on 3G, 4G, 5G, 6G and everything related to telecoms (wired and wireless) to people around the world.

The following highlight some of his milestones:

– The 3G4G YouTube channel has nearly 20,000 followers; it contains short tutorials and educational videos on mobile wireless technology
– Free 6G Training channel has nearly 20,000 followers on social media; this channel is used to disseminate latest information on 6G
– Free 5G Training channel has over 60,000 followers on social media; this channel is used to disseminate latest information on 5G
– The 3G4G blog, reached 10 million views back in 2019; it is widely considered as gold standard to find unique technical information about mobile technology
– He also has other active and popular blogs focussing on connectivity technologies, telecoms infrastructure, private networks, etc.
– The Mobile & Wireless Roundup Newsletter on LinkedIn is a recent addition to disseminating information and knowledge sharing. It already has 7,000+ subscribers after a year.

He has also actively contributed to halting the spread of 5G fake news, whether it is about the 5G use cases and myths or about the dangers of 5G.

He has run several 5G workshops for UK5G and Cambridge Wireless (CW) to help people understand real 5G and build on its benefits. His talks and presentations in conferences are innovative and present a very unique view as opposed to many typical industry speakers who tend to sing from the same hymn sheet.

Arun Dehiri
Managing Director

30 years ago, whilst working at Sky I got my first mobile phone. I was hooked. From the very first call, I knew that this was my calling in life. Since then, I have dedicated my career to making a lasting imprint on the mobile industry.

At Orange, I helped set the foundations for today’s industry. Way back in 1997, I helped Orange raise £1.7bn enabling us to shoot from the last entrant to the market leader. We won several bids to enter new European markets, including Switzerland where I took on a leadership role to help implement processes for launch.

I was at the forefront, pushing new boundaries at that time including innovations such as prepaid and SMS. I also designed Europe’s most successful tariff at the time to displace fixed lines.

But then I wanted to advise leaders on a global scale so I sharpened my teeth at a Boston consultancy. I set up my own consultancy which was acquired by Analysys Mason, where I served on the board. And here I am again, leading a team of experts delivering unique strategy under Red Dawn Consulting.

Let me group my contribution into 3 areas: Wholesale, Regulation, and Innovation

Firstly, wholesale. Since work with Virgin’s first major MVNO launch in 1999, I’ve worked on over 100 MVNO projects. This led to successful mobile launches for major players such as Tesco, Sky, Telenet, Ono, Disney etc.

I negotiated ground-breaking telematics agreements for General Motors. We even got the On-Star service featured in a Batman Movie!
After developing a major wholesale platform for Etisalat, I pioneered the launch of the Five Sunrise sub-brand, which was named after me as Arun means ‘sunrise’ or ‘dawn’.

My expertise led me to chair the International MVNO Association and winning the award of ‘The Most Inspirational Wholesale Executive’.

Secondly, regulation. I’ve advised regulators globally from UK to New Zealand to help protect consumer interests when developing digital economy strategy

Thirdly, innovation. I’ve been at the forefront of developing innovations all around convergence. The industry is now a technical melting pot with AI platforms, data, cellular, satellite, fibre and social media.

Looking forward, it will take leaders who understand all these moving parts to ensure we are protected from the dangers this comes with; something the industry has sadly not been great at. Please vote for me to support a safe, sustainable and ethical industry. THANK YOU!

Inderpal Singh Mumick, Ph. D

As a pioneering figure in the RCS domain, Dr. Mumick, along with his team, has been instrumental in advancing RCS technology through innovative solutions and strategic partnerships. His leadership at Dotgo, a company he co-founded, has led to several industry firsts, including widespread RCS deployment across carriers, launches in new markets such as India and Africa, and the development of the first RBM Hub® enabling global RCS delivery.

A testament to Dr. Mumick and his team’s impact is their pivotal role in the resurgence and rapid growth of RCS in India in 2023. His foresight and leadership, in partnership with Vodafone Idea and Google, has contributed to the largest RCS business deployment anywhere in the world, with billions of monetized messages. This achievement signifies the potential of RCS technology to revolutionize digital communication on a global scale, and may be one of the key factors fueling the global adoption of RCS in 2024.

Dr. Mumick’s contributions extend beyond commercial success; he is deeply involved in shaping the future of RCS through active participation in standardization efforts with key industry bodies like the GSMA and MEF. His work on the Verification Framework, Commercial Models, and Bot Store underscores his commitment to fostering a secure, reliable, and scalable RCS ecosystem.

Dr. Inderpal Mumick’s extensive contributions to RCS technology, his leadership in driving innovation and adoption of RCS globally, and his role in the enormous growth of RCS in India, reflect a deep commitment to enhancing digital communication technologies, making him a deserving candidate for the MEFFY awards.

Ian Marsden
CTO and Co-Founder

As Co-Founder and CTO, Ian oversees Eseye’s technology development and implementation globally, focusing on product innovations and enhancing business performance. It’s his passion to develop IoT solutions that improve businesses, the environment, and quality of life.

Ian’s been advancing IoT ever since he co-founded the world’s first Zigbee design used in remotes, smart meters and more. He’s celebrated ground-breaking technology market-firsts, from pioneering multi-IMSI SIMs to solving IoT permanent roaming challenges with an advanced eUICC eSIM localisation solution, to now developing an advanced SGP.32 solution. Ian’s at the forefront of IoT innovation, consistently driving industry progress by overcoming longstanding challenges.

Akbar Ladak
Chief Operating Officer

Akbar Ladak, Chief Operating Officer for Finbraine is responsible for launching and maintaining network coverage across 34 provinces in Afghanistan, bringing connectivity to some regions for the first time.

His motto is ensuring connectivity comes rain, snow or sunshine. One site at a time, one call at a time.

He has a big hand in launching Mobile money services in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Uganda and Burundi, ensuring financial inclusion. It was a huge success and a game changer for the underserved population as the CTO in DRC and Group COO of Smart. In 2015, as the Group COO of Smart, he led the launch of 3G services in Burundi, providing the population with a firsthand experience of mobile data at an affordable price.

Akbar has also been instrumental in democratizing access to credit through Finbraine, catering to customers in Japan, Nigeria, Ghana, and, soon, many other markets. His impactful leadership continues to shape and transform telecommunications landscapes across the globe.

Uku Tomikas

Uku Tomikas has done endess work in the last couple of years advocating for a clean, ethical SMS landscape bot for operators, aggregators and eneterprises, with a strong stance against AIT, scam and spam messaging.

He has spent hours preaching about the strong advantages SMS has and the bright future it might have ahead, if kept as a clean channel.

Sarah Delphey
VP of Trust Solutions

In support of the industry’s fight against illegal robocalls, the Federal Communications Commission instituted Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements, first for originating voice service providers in 2020, which expanded to gateway and intermediate providers in the years following.

Though adopted through numerous pieces of rulemaking, federal bodies including the FCC, have declined to specify exactly what is meant by the Know Your Customer requirement. This has caused thousands of service providers in the U.S. to struggle to come up with effective policies, leaving themselves vulnerable to becoming a conduit for illegal calls and the target of the next enforcement action.

Numeracle’s Sarah Delphey was the first in the telecom industry to step up and provide concrete guidelines for immediate and practical KYC implementation. With a decade of experience in risk mitigation and customer policy creation, Sarah Delphey joined Numeracle in 2022 as its VP of Trust Solutions to lead the creation of the Company’s customer due diligence strategy and trust solutions in collaboration with its product and client engagement teams.

As one of her first major contributions to the telecom ecosystem after joining Numeracle, Delphey’s Model Standards for Know Your Customer; became the first detailed guide available for service providers to understand and apply KYC, allowing for flexibility to meet the needs of various types of providers offering a variety of services.

As stated by FCC Enforcement Bureau Chief Loyaan Egal, ‘Know Your Customer’ (KYC) principles should be at the forefront of all communications service providers’ business practices.

Giving providers a practical resource such as Delphey’s Model Standards guide is an invaluable contribution towards protecting consumers from the next robocall scam and protecting all the legal entities communicating via these networks from interruption or termination of service by association. Delphey’s policy framework also serves as a model for legislators and regulators looking to impose requirements in their jurisdictions. It can also be used to aid enforcement agencies in determining whether a voice service provider suspected of facilitating illegal calls has complied with the general KYC mandate set forth.

Numeracle has filed Sarah Delphey’s Model Standards for Know Your Customer in the FCC’s public records, and it is available for download at Her policy has been used by nationally recognized service providers in the U.S. as well as Canada to form the basis of KYC and fraud mitigation policies. A version of Sarah’s KYC policy will be published by Numeracle specific to European service providers in 2024.

Roberto Monge
Chief Business Officer

Roberto Monge is an esteemed figure in the Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) industry, known for his notable achievements and pioneering efforts. His contributions have made a meaningful impact on the sector, deserving recognition through a prestigious award for his outstanding work.

One of Roberto’s standout accomplishments is his role as a pioneer in forging partnerships and closing key agreements with third-party entities. By facilitating these collaborations, Roberto has not only expanded the reach of DCB but has also paved the way for innovative and mutually beneficial ventures that have reshaped the landscape of mobile payments.

Furthermore, Roberto’s forward-thinking approach is evident in his exploration of previously untapped sectors, such as ticket sales for concerts. His ability to adapt DCB to diverse industries has brought convenience to consumers and highlighted the versatility of this payment technology.

Perhaps one of his most remarkable feats is being the first individual globally to successfully implement DCB within an RCS (Rich Communication Services) flow involving two prominent European operators. This groundbreaking achievement underscores Roberto’s unmatched expertise and his dedication to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the DCB realm.

He is also a clear example of leadership, providing his team with objectives and a strategic vision that allows them to develop as good professionals.

Roberto’s enduring commitment to fostering innovation and driving progress in the DCB industry is nothing short of inspirational. His visionary leadership and impressive achievements make a strong case for his recognition through this industry award, acknowledging the significant value he has brought to the sector.

Ehsan Ahmadi
Chief Executive Officer

Ehsan Ahmadi is the CEO & Founder of VOX Solutions, with 20+ years of experience in Technology. He focused on leveraging machine learning into optimizing the messaging world, focusing on the safety, efficiency and CX of authentication processes. VOX Solutions is a leader in A2P SMS monetization, a pioneer on addressing Flash Calling (A2P Voice) and a company focused on mitigating artificial traffic, a growing problem. This is courtesy to Ehsan, being the first person to raise awareness on flash calling and the rising levels of AIT in the market.

Thanks to his close touch to customers and our product function, our company was the first to develop solutions to stop such issues, which combined have the potential to disrupt up to 50% of A2P SMS traffic (as per Juniper Research).

Ehsan is the single founder of VOX Solutions, a visionary company, currently leading the way in flashcall and telecom carrier services, transforming the way businesses communicate, authenticate, and connect. As a hyper-growth company, VOX achieved over 50% YoY revenue growth last year and is aiming to reach $100M+ revenue this year. With a capitalization of $70M, VOX is seeking a large round of funding of over $100M in the coming year to accelerate its expansion.

As per Ehsan’s vision, VOX Solutions focuses on constantly improving its best in class monetization and anti-fraud services to help all industry players by ensuring SMS remains the trusted channel it currently is. To that end, VOX Solutions won for several years in the row titles as:

  • Best AI/ML Innovation at the Global Carrier Awards
  • Best Solution Provider at the Antonio Meucci Global Telco Awards
  • Best Personal Data & Identity; A2P Voice Monetization Solution at Meffys Awards
  • Best Flash Call Authentication Solution at Juniper Awards
  • Best Anti Fraud Innovation at the Global Carrier Awards

This is all done with Ehsan’s high involvement in product development and active connection to global clients and industry players, helping our ecosystem understand the complex challenges it faces. To that end, Ehsan actively contributes to increasing awareness in the telecom industry of different challenges and threats and how to solve them through appropriate technology.

As a recognition of his outstanding contributions to the telecom ecosystem, in 2023 Ehsan also won the award of Mover & Shaker in Telco Innovation by Juniper Future Digital Awards of acknowledging individuals that are challengers and disruptors and are positioned to make a significant impact in the future. He is also included in Capacity’s Power 100 listing 2023.

Ehsan was one of the very few to ask everybody to pay attention to the high volume of SPAM and artificial traffic in the market (almost 2 years ago). To that end, he led VOX Solutions to develop the first antispam module on the market.

Ehsan was the first person to raise the challenge that flash calling poses to MNOs, the issue that such services currently go unbilled and the need for appropriate technology. Seeing how big of a challenge this is, he also then led our Product Development division to develop the first & only solution in the market to block or monetize A2P Voice traffic.

Lastly, Ehsan is a thought leader & publishes multiple articles around high interest topics such as: Fraud, SMS trashing, Artificial traffic inflation, increasing trend on Flash Calls and how to address it with tailored strategies: He was the first to raise the topics of flash calling and artificial traffic to the industry, raising awareness to all. As testimony, VOX Solutions has been the first and only player to release products that tackle such challenges, under client implementation already.

Tim Ward

It’s no understatement to say that Tim Ward is the grandfather of Number Information Services.

The GSMA introduced Pathfinder soon after Tim joined Neustar; it’s purpose was to provide critical numbering plan and number portability information to dynamically enable service providers to identify the true destination network for accurate routing – and under Tim, it developed into a viable commercial solution that underpinned what is the whole NIS ecosystem today.

He’s a rare breed:

– A proper techy, at home with SIP 503s and ENUMs
– Able to engage with all of the industry associations and all the politics that come with them
– He’s able to engage with the MNOs, carriers and A2Ps
– And then he can also bring product, commercial and marketing skills to the table.

When we recruited him back in 2016 it was because of this depth and breadth of knowledge, his drive and passion for working towards an industry that was as efficient, effective and trusted as it could be.

The fact that Tim’s collective efforts at Neustar and XConnect have resulted in hundreds of billions of number information queries a year is testament to this. He’s also evolved NIS from a solution for messaging providers into a solution to help voice providers with their routing, rating and validation.

That’s why he’s our CSO.

Not to mention, he uses this drive and energy at working groups for bodies such as MEF, GSMA and i3 Forum, sharing his knowledge and the experience he has gained over the last 40 years, ensuring that we don’t repeat mistakes and that we take innovative approaches to solving the toughest challenges in the industry.

XConnect was incredibly proud when he was elected to the MEF Board; an industry body that’s so closely aligned to our own values and the work he does to ensure that every voice is fairly represented.


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Personal Contribution

The person who has distinguished themselves for their Contribution to the mobile ecosystem


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