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Predator or Bait? Defining corporate strategy in the current conditions for messaging and CPaaS mergers and acquisitions

Paul Ruppert, President, Global Point View Ltd, shares an overview of the discussion held in a recent MEF webinar, “Mergers & Acquisitions in Messaging & CPaaS”, where a panel of industry insiders explored the recent trends observed across the mobile tech ecosystem. Has messaging gone from “bleak”- a low margin,…
Sam Hill
November 30, 2020
Enterprise CommunicationsMEF Webinars & Workshops

On Demand – Analyst Briefing: Consumer behaviours & rich communications

At MEF Connects Rich Communications Giulio Sinibaldi – Senior Analyst @ Research, Analysys Mason shared findings from their recent 2020 Connected Consumer Survey. The presentation provided insights into consumers’ mobile communication behaviour from 24 countries across 5 regions, focused on OTT apps, P2P communication and A2P communication, examining the impact…
Sam Hill
November 6, 2020
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The Evolving IoT Connectivity Landscape

During MEF Connects Wholesale, MEF IoT advisor Andrew Parkin-White was joined by a panel of experts to explore market development in IoT connectivity comprising: Fernando Llobregat Baena, Head of IoT Sales for Enterprise, BICS, Martin Garner, COO, CCS Insight, Olaf Giehl, Senior Project Manager, Telekom Carrier Services, Craig Price, SVP,…
Sam Hill
October 30, 2020
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Creating Seamless Customer Experiences with Multichannel Orchestration

At MEF Connects Rich Communications Syniverse hosted a conversation, led by MEF’s Tim Green, on the efforts being made to combine multi-channel communication strategies with automated, rules-based orchestration. Here Jeff Bak, Syniverse’s VP of Product Management for Cloud Messaging services shares his main takeaways from the discussion, which you can…
Sam Hill
October 27, 2020