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MEF Webinars & Workshops

Exploring the Path to Authenticated Communication

Director of Programmes for MEF, James Williams, is joined by the members of the Numeracle and TransNexus teams to take a deep dive into the intricacies of call authentication, with a focus on the Consolidated Signing Service Provider (SSP) Matrix of Attestation found in the 2020 CATA (Call Authentication Trust…
Sam Hill
September 27, 2023
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The Role of Organisational Identities

Simon Wood, Ubisecure CEO, joins Michael Becker of Identity Praxis and Randy Warshaw of Provenant at the recent MEF event in London to explore the value of a highly assured organisational identity.Creating a strong and trusted organisational identity is fundamental to secure and efficient business. A highly assured organisational identity…
Sam Hill
August 15, 2023
Event RoundupMEF Webinars & Workshops

MEF Leadership Forum Canada – in Pictures

This week, MEF and the Canadian Telecommunications Association partnered to bring the industry together for a one-day event in Toronto, with a focus on the latest trends and technologies in text messaging, including the role of trust, identity, and interoperability. Members and guests enjoyed keynotes and talks from industry visionaries,…
Sam Hill
July 21, 2023