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MEF Africa Meet Up & Roundtable

MEF Advisor Ross Flynn share an overview from the recent MEF events in Cape Town, held during the annual AfricaCom event which returned to an in-person conference for the first time in two years. AfricaCom, the Africa Tech Festival, is the largest digital infrastructure event in Africa and after years…
Sam Hill
November 15, 2022
Enterprise CommunicationsMEF Webinars & Workshops

Does RCS need Apple?

Michael Power, Founder & CEO of Engage Mobile and Doug Makishima, CSMO of Summit Tech discuss the importance of interoperability across messaging platforms, and ask a fundamental question regarding RCS – does it need Apple to get on board in order to succeed..? The short answer is No. Controversial? Great,…
Sam Hill
November 4, 2022
MEF Webinars & Workshops

Looking ahead to MEF’s Africa Meet-up & Roundtable

MEF Director of Programmes James Williams looks ahead to the MEF Africa Meetup & Round-table, held during AfricaCom next week in Cape Town, where MEF Members will gather to network and discuss the opportunities and challenges facing the digital infrastructure in some of the world’s most exciting markets. Just one…
Sam Hill
November 2, 2022
MEF Webinars & Workshops

Looking ahead to MEF CONNECTS Wholesale 2022

MEF Director of Programmes James Williams looks ahead to the next major MEF landmark event, MEF CONNECTS Wholesale 2022 – where the focus will be on a range of connectivity topics across the wholesale ecosystem including IoT, Sustainability, Messaging, Numbering Information, Roaming, Voice, security and more! The global telecommunications market…
Sam Hill
September 2, 2022
DCB growthMEF Webinars & Workshops

Making DCB a Success: Lessons Learned

MEF Advisor Ross Flynn shares an overview of a panel from MEF CONNECTS Digital Transformation where he led an expert panel discussion on the lessons learned from successful direct carrier billing (DCB) case studies, and what the industry can do to take such examples forward. They say no man is…
Sam Hill
August 16, 2022