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Building a collaborative IoT ecosystem to power the next wave of secure, intelligent applications

Jimmy Jones, Head of Security for ZARIOT, shares some highlights from a recent MEF Webinar where experts from all facets of the IoT value chain shared insights on how connectivity, hardware, software, cybersecurity, privacy, data management, and more, seamlessly come together to create ground-breaking, secure, and reliable IoT-powered experiences. The…
Sam Hill
December 19, 2023
MEF Webinars & Workshops

Exploring the Path to Authenticated Communication

Director of Programmes for MEF, James Williams, is joined by the members of the Numeracle and TransNexus teams to take a deep dive into the intricacies of call authentication, with a focus on the Consolidated Signing Service Provider (SSP) Matrix of Attestation found in the 2020 CATA (Call Authentication Trust…
Sam Hill
September 27, 2023