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MEF Webinars & Workshops

The Renaissance of Messaging

MEF CEO Dario Betti was recently joined by Vibes CEO and co-founder Jack Philbin on a webinar to discuss further the ideas first presented at the MEF Leadership Forum in Miami, where he explored observations from over 20 years in the industry; where it’s headed next, and why SMS is…
Sam Hill
June 9, 2023
MEF Webinars & Workshops

Securing SMS with new technologies & Qualcomm

MEF Director of Programs James Williams was recently joined by Amandeep Grover, Staff Manager of Strategy and Partnerships, for a discussion around the topic of SMS security and encryption messaging. Qualcomm was established in 1985, its early research into CDMA wireless cell phone technology was funded by selling a two-way…
Sam Hill
May 24, 2023
Event RoundupMEF Webinars & Workshops

MEF Leadership Forum Italy 2023 – in Pictures

MEF Members met in Rome last week for a unique Leadership Forum, where key players including industry leaders, policymakers and regulators met to talk about interaction, orientation and support necessary to reenergise the tenth largest economy in the world. The day consisted of panels, interviews and keynote speeches covering Italy’s…
Sam Hill
May 18, 2023