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The 2022 Internet of Things (IoT) Market Report is a survey of global enterprises with a goal to better understand how organizations are using or plan to use the Internet of Things (IoT), and to identify the key challenges, priorities, and opportunities.

Senior executives from 270 organizations were surveyed. The organizations, ranging from 250 employees to large undertakings across nine key global markets, including Brazil, France, Spain, Germany, UK, South Africa, Indonesia, India and USA. We covered a range of core IoT sectors including Automotive Manufacture, Transportation, Storage, Logistics, Utilities, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail and Agriculture.

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Cellular IoT is pervasive in sectors and verticals such as agriculture, automotive, healthcare and logistics. We explored a range of topics and found that it’s a powerful tool for improving efficiency and productivity. Some of the findings confirmed our hypotheses, while others were more surprising.

Key Finding on IoT Business Drivers

  • 90% of enterprises state that using technology for cost saving is the most important driver in IoT uptake

  • Processing IoT data at the edge and using digital twins represent the key requirements from enterprises beyond connectivity

  • Around 87% of enterprises see the cloud security and the shipping with default passwords as the most important IoT security challenge

  • While 10%of companies globally felt they were expert innovators, only 2%are completely comfortable with new innovative solutions

  • IoT planning has been completely changed by COVID with over 55% of organisations saying that it has completely or significantly changed their  business

I am delighted to introduce to your this years survey. Our goal was to gain a better understanding of enterprise interest in IoT, and to explore the key issues, business drivers, and technology choices that enterprises face when implementing or planning to implement an IoT solution. In order to achieve this goal, we surveyed a wide range of respondents from all types of businesses. We are excited to share our findings with you and hope that they will help suppliers improve their approach to enterprise IoT.
There is much detail in this report and MEF is always happy to discuss the findings in more depth. Please contact me with observations, feedback and questions about the survey and our IoT programme

Nassia SkoulikaritiIoT Program Director