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How can you prove who you are when you are sitting behind a screen? It’s the age-old problem of digital authentication and it’s been a riddle for 30 years. But IPification claims to have the answer. CEO Stefan Kostić spoke to MEF TV…

Digital identity and authentication is broken. We all know it. Passwords are hard to remember yet easy to crack. One-time PINs can be intercepted. Hardware tokens slow down the user flow, while biometrics raise privacy fears.

Is there a solution out there that is safe and private but also friction-free? MEF member IPification thinks so.

Its solution creates a mobile ID by hashing several MNO/network credentials that are embedded on every SIM card (such as MSISDN, IMSI and IMEI). This ID is unique, so it offers a robust tool for identifying a person. But, because it is hashed, it is virtually impossible to connect to a specific individual.

IPification is now rolling out its solution with multiple carriers and enterprise customers. MEF TV chatted with IPification  CEO Stefan Kostić at MWC22. Here’s our exclusive interview…

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