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MEFCast – Using Phone Numbers to Stop Fraud

At MEF CONNECTS Nordics, we discussed the increasing use of mobile phone numbers for personal and security purposes. However, this has also made phone numbers a target for fraud. Learn more with host James Williams, along with Catalin Badea and Roberto Peretto from netnumber Global Data Services.
Sam Hill
October 3, 2023
Personal DataPodcasts

MEFCast – The Important Role of Government in the Evolution of ID & Auth

In this week’s MEFCast, Michael Becker delves into the realms of legislation, policy governance, regulation, public trust, inclusion, equity, equality, security, and technology within the context of identification and authentication. Through comparisons and contrasts, we’ll examine the potential roles governments ‘could’ and ‘should’ play and the dynamic impact of these…
Sam Hill
August 17, 2023
Personal DataPodcasts

MEFCast – ReportCast: Control through Data Abstinence

MEF Project Manager Ross Flynn shares excerpts from MEF’s 9th Annual Global Trust Study carried out in January and February 2023. The study is the barometer for consumer attitudes and behaviours towards trust in personal data on mobile. Field research was carried out in Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India,…
Sam Hill
July 28, 2023
BlockchainMobile PaymentsPodcasts

Blockchain podcast: Has crypto gone mainstream?

MEF’s series of Blockchain Podcasts continues with MEF CEO Dario Betti and Blockchain advisor Daniele Mensi’s regular discussions on the latest impact and innovations in blockchain in the ecosystem. This week: 100 million users are using cryptocurrency right now, is the crypto world finally turning into a mass-market payment system?…
Sam Hill
May 20, 2021