Your phone is the new piano, but a bit smaller

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Mobile ‘won’ music. Only oldies use ‘hi-fis’ to listen to their favourites songs now. But mobile companies didn’t win. Tim Green ponders what happened to Sony Ericsson PlayNow and the rest…

Do you know when today’s music industry began? You might guess it was when the first sheet music was printed. Or the first 78 disc was pressed. Or when Jailhouse Rock came out.


The rather dry answer is 1710. That was when the Parliament of Great Britain passed The Statute of Anne, also known as the Copyright Act.

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Meffys 2015 winners 12 months on: F-Secure

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With the 13th annual Meffys opening for entries on September 1st, we are taking a look at some of last year’s winners to find out what the accolade meant to them and what they’ve been up to since they celebrated their win.
This week, we speak to F-Secure and Executive Vice President, Kristian Järnefelt, 2015’s winner of the Consumer Trust award.

What did you win the Meffy for?

F-Secure Freedome, a personal VPN that protects your privacy online, keeps data trackers at arm’s length and lets you access online services from wherever you are.

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Location isn’t simply about real-time proximity; it’s also about consumer mindset

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Location based services can provide contextually relevant services to customers – Nada Stirratt, CEO of MEF Member Verve discusses how such services need to move away from simple proximity, and start looking at the bigger picture…

With location-targeted ad spending expected to more than double from $11.3 billion in 2016 to $26.7 billion in 2020, marketers need to diversify the way they use location data. It is time to expand beyond just driving in-the-moment store traffic to recognizing location as an invaluable step in creating a total picture of the consumer’s mindset and purpose.

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MEF member news: August 22

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Here are the latest announcements from MEF members across the mobile ecosystem. This week’s posts include Bitbit’s content deal with FC Barcelona, Wirecard’s newest fiscal results, Boku’s carrier billing deal with Bite and more.

Mexico’s mobile VAS specialist Binbit has snapped up exclusive distribution of mobile content for F.C. Barcelona across 40 countries in Latin America, Asia and East Europe.
The three year deal will take the club’s digital IP to its most remote followers; Binbit has partnerships with more than 90 carriers worldwide.

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Meffys 2015 winners 12 months on: Viacom International

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Submissions for the 2016 Meffys are opening for entries soon, so we are taking a look at some of last year’s winners to find out what the prestigious industry award meant to them and what they’ve been up to in the 12 months since they celebrated their win.

Here we speak to Viacom International Media Networks and Gérald Biart, Director of Multiplatform Products & Business Development.

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5 minutes with… Turk Telekom International

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In our 5 minutes with profiles, MEF members talk about their business, their aspirations for the future and the wider mobile industry. This week, CSO Stuart Evers introduces Turk Telekom.

Our company’s strap-line is “Bridging Continents” which I believe is a pretty good summary of what we do, both figuratively and literally. As a Turkish company we stand on the geographic and historical link between Europe and Asia and we are the modern-day version of the ancient trade routes that flowed from old Byzantium…. only instead of spices, silk and opals, we carry fibre, data and minutes.

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Orwellian dystopia or evolutionary leap? The challenges of building trust in IoT

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The Internet of Things (IoT) always provokes strong reactions, especially when the prickly issue of trust rears its head. During MEF’s recent Global Consumer Trust Summit, a panel of industry experts engaged in a lively debate around the importance – and challenge – in building trust around a world of connected devices. MEF CEO Rimma Perelmuter picks out some of the key themes…

The benefits of IoT are well documented. Rapid developments in machine learning mean we can discern patterns and behaviours from the exabytes of data gathered by connected devices in order to add value to a wide range of enterprises, infrastructure and consumers.

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Thoughts on the NIST proposals on 2FA – part 2

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In part one of this post, Rob Malcom of Mblox & CLX, explored the recent draft NIST guidelines on digital authentication that suggested the depreciation of SMS based 2-factor authentication (2FA). Here, he sets out his recommendations for businesses, carriers and consumers and his conclusions on the NIST proposals.

NIST outlines two primary concerns, one being very specific to virtual numbers (i.e. numbers not associated with a physical device, such as VOIP or numbers linked to an app), or a physical number that has been configured to be received via an IP service. This includes numbers such as those provided by Skype, or even accessible on iMessage via your desktop.

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MEF member news: August 15

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Get the latest announcements from MEF Members across the mobile ecosystem globally in this weekly review of member news…

Three years after trailing the tech for the first time, Barclays UK is to make available voice recognition for all UK customers. The move could hasten the demise of passwords.

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