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MEF Members gathered in Dublin for the first ever RCS World, an event in association with Google, where we explored Rich Communication Services ecosystem for business communications. The days of one-way SMS alone being enough to fulfil the many evolving use cases are over; whether you’re looking to engage with your existing customers or connect with new ones, two-way Messaging is where it’s at today.

We showcased the latest developments and use-cases from aggregators, Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) providers, mobile network operators, over-the-top (OTT) messaging providers and technology suppliers. With speakers from around the world a truly global perspective awaits.

Day One

Welcome Address

  • Dario Betti, CEO – MEF

“Conversational Channels” Google’s vision for business messaging

  • Jan Jedrzejowicz, Product Management for Messaging and Telephony – Google

“Talk to ME” What can 1990’s political communication teach businesses today

  • Alastair Campbell – Communication, Writer, Strategist

“Jumping into conversation” – is conversational commerce the answer to the challenges in today’s customer’s experiential journey?

  • Lynn Lester, Managing Director – The Drum

“The ROI of RCS Conversations” Is it really a success, metrics, benchmarks and comparisons

  • Nick Lane, Founder & Chief Insight Analyst – Mobilesquared

The Game Changers

Unlocking groundbreaking success for Unilever with RCS – Out There Media

  • Kerstin Trikalitis, Co-Founder & CEO – Out There Media
  • Wayne Bishop, Global Business Lead for Unilever – PHD

The Game Changers

Conversational Commerce – “Sold out” Samsung & Orange Spain

  • Maria Soledad Martinez, B2B Sales Manager – Samsung
  • Mayte Martin, Head of RCS – Orange Spain

The Game Changers

“Digitalising governments” how Southwark Council innovates with RCS

  • David Creasey-Benjamin, Future of Messaging Evangelist – imimobile
  • Dan Pearce, Head of Service Development and Sales – Telsolutions

The Game Changers

Conversational Content – “Everyone’s Ticket to Hollywood (.com)” – Direqt and Hollywood.Com

  • Heather Ata, CMO –
  • Nick Martin, Co-founder, Direqt

The Game Changers

The importance of RCS in Conversational Commerce stories: Kaleyra + Oxfam

  • Nick Millward, VP & GM Europe – Kaleyra
  • Sabah Sheikh, Senior Email and SMS Producer – Oxfam

The Game Changers

Creating a ‘top of mind’ marketing strategy for a bank for the people

  • Mónica Áviles, Personalized Attraction, Acquisition, Usage and Retention (AAUR) Deputy Director – BanCoppel
  • Gabriela Mendoza, Brand Manager – BanCoppel
  • Jaime González, Systems and innovation Manager – BanCoppel
  • Perla Salcedo, Director – Innovattia
  • Edith Calva, Telecom Manager – Innovattia
  • Paloma Villaseñor, Business General Manager – Innovattia

Look Who’s Talking – Conversation, Persona and Brand

  • Wally Brill, Head of Conversation Design Advocacy and Education – Google

“Talk Big” RCS for the masses

  • Alex Nourouzi, Carrier Sales Director – DotGo, a Gupshup Company
  • Catherine Maguire, Product Manager – BT
  • Thomas Welzel, Sen. Proposition Manager “Next Generation Communications”, Deutsche Telekom
  • Nick Lane, Chief Insight Analyst & Co-Founder – Mobilesquared
  • Violaine Di Meglio, Head Of Marketing Business Development – Bouygues Telecom

“A Measure of Consumer’s Trust” Building relationshipS not growing suspicion – a look at MEF’s annual Consumer Trust benchmarking

  • Dario Betti, CEO – MEF

“Building Trust in the market” – Can Conversational commerce revive confidence?

  • Dario Betti, CEO – MEF
  • Tim Atkinson, Business Development Manager/Communications Products and Services EMEA – Google
  • Catherine Maguire, Product Manager – BT
  • Stuart Mitchell, Product & Business Development, RCS – Sinch
  • Anurag Aggarwal, Vice President Partnerships & Alliances – Tanla Platforms

Bot Verification at Scale – fast, painless, cost effective

  • Stefan Heller, Vice President, Business Development & Strategic Partnerships – The Campaign Registry
  • John Bruner, CEO – Aegis Mobile

The marketing cloud imperative: Messaging, Automation and AI

  • Carlos Aragon,  Associate VP of Product Marketing, Enterprise Solutions – Mavenir
  • Doug Makishima, CSMO – Summit Tech
  • Ciaran McGovern, Head of Messaging & Product – Synchross
  • Chris Wright – Vice President – Portfolio Market Development – Syniverse

How Infobip and Google can help telecoms to accelerate the adoption of RCS Business Messaging?

  • Matija Razem, VP Business Development – Infobip
  • John Shirley, Partnership Development – Google

The power or marketing metrics in RCS

  • Mayte Martin, Head of RCS – Orange Spain

Conclusion – bringing it back to the start

Day Two

Intro to Day Two:

  • Kieran Killeen, MD of Marketing Network Group

Welcome Address

  • Craig Lennon – Google

What is on the Marketer’s agenda today – Changes, Challenges and Channels

  • Dario Betti, CEO – MEF
  • Andy Gladwin, Head of Global Mobile GTM – Cheetah Digital

RCS Use Cases

  • Perla Salcedo, Director, Innovattia
  • Edith Calva, Telecom Manager, Innovattia

RCS in the United Kingdom. Campaigns, best practices and lessons learnt with BT/EE

  • Catherine Maguire, Product Manager – BT
  • Nick Martin, Co-Founder – Direqt

RCS in Germany – best practice sharing with Deutsche Telekom,

  • Thomas Welzel, Sen. Proposition Manager “Next Generation Communications” – Deustche Telekom

RCS: A game-changer for multi-channel marketing strategies – Learnings from Brazil & South Africa with Upstream,

  • Katerina Matthaiou, Product Innovation Director – Upstream
  • Zoi Kotta, Product Innovation Manager – Upstream

RCS in France: Orange on campaign and lessons learnt with Orange

  • Nicolas Guerin, Head of Marketing – Orange

The success stories of RCS with imimobile

  • Ramy Riad, Head of Future Messaging, Webex

How to Design Conversations – Bouygues and French approach to better ROI in RCS,

  • Alexandre Cottereau, Product Manager – Value Factory by Bouygues Telecom
  • Kessy Crater, Head of Customer Success Manager – Sinch

The Role of RCS is Omnichannel Communication

  • Sam Barker, Head of Analytics & Forecasting – Juniper Research

Syniverse, Canada POC Announce

  • Chris Wright, Syniverse

Beyond the Theory: RCS in action across Western Europe

  • James O’Hare, Managing Director – LINK Mobility UK

How global brands are harnessing the power of RCS with Out There Media

  • Kerstin Trikalitis, Co-founder, CEO Out There Media

Opportunities and challenges faced with RCS

  • Nick Millward, VP & GM Europe – Kaleyra

Question Time – What is the power for RCS? – Conclusion

Additional Sessions - The Labs

Open RCS Forum – Interoperability and Key Emerging Trends


  • Carlos Aragon, Associate VP of Product Marketing, Enterprise Solutions – Mavenir
  • Doug Makishima, CSMO – Summit Tech
  • Steve Zitnik, CTO – Interop Technologies
  • Silvija Renusa, Senior Product Partnership Manager – InfoBip
  • Ramy Riad, Vice President Future Messaging – Cisco (IMI Mobile)
  • Alex Nourouzi, Director for Europe – Gupshup
  • Moderator – Michael Power, Founder, CPaaS and Business Messaging Consultant –