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Personal data and identity (PD&I) is the lifeblood of modern business and the world’s economies. Organizations leverage it to streamline operations, innovate, know and service their customer and combat fraud. Governments use it to know and provide for their citizens, to encourage responsible growth and competition. And individuals are starting to use it to protect themselves, generate personal insights and personal value.

During MEF CONNECTS Personal Data & Identity, we’ll be diving into all things PD&I and how PD&I is transforming every industry and society–from the ground up, from the outside in, and inside out.

Day One

Keynote – The future of data and identity credentials

We are all unique. One thing that sets us apart is our bio-signals–our faces, fingerprints, voices, irises, veins, eegs, DNA, even our movements–can be used to identify and distinguish each one of us from each other. Securely and responsibly leveraging these signals takes knowledge, skill, and technology. In this session, you’ll learn the practical ins and outs of biometrics that you can immediately leverage to connect with and serve your customers.

  • Andrew Bud, CBE FREng FIET – CEO, iProov and MEF Chairperson

Meeting of the Waters​: What the convergence of the organizational-centric and people-centric approaches of personal data and identity means to you, your business, and your community

Did you hear it? That is the people-centric tsunami alarm. It is warning you that a wave has reached the shores and is inundating every economy worldwide. Over the next few years, as the water recedes, the topology of the landscape–the way you engage and serve people–will be subtly, ultimately, and irrevocably changed forever. In this session, Michael Becker provides a global view of organizational-centric and people-centric approaches to personal data and identity management. You will walk away with insights on navigating the personal data and identity meeting of the waters. Michael will give you a choice; which path will you choose?

  • Michael Becker – CEO, Identity Praxis & MEF PD&I Working Group Chair​
  • Tim Green – Features Editor, MEF

Transforming The eCommerce Consumer Experience with Data: A Skechers Success Story

The consumer is everywhere and nowhere. Digital is transforming every industry, especially retail. Industry-leading retailers have learned to put personal data, the “CRM Record,” at the heart of their business. In this session, Todd Harrison shares insights and the successes Skechers has achieved by putting the individual at the heart of their communications, marketing, loyalty, and related programs.

  • Michael Becker – CEO, Identity Praxis & MEF PD&I Working Group Chair​
  • Adrian Ferrero – VP Digital Marketing, Skechers

What role can mobile operators and data brokers play to help businesses authenticate individuals and enhance the user experience?

What opportunities are there for mobile operators in the field of personal data and identity? How can mobile APIs support enterprise–bank, retailer, insurance, etc.–services? Will the role of the data brokers will be enlarged to provide translation services? Can Fraud be managed by better data?

  • Harrison Tang – CEO, Spokeo
  • Fraser King – Head of Strategy, Vodafone Identity Hub, Vodafone Group
  • Howard Steen – Security Account Director EMEA & APJ, Twillio
  • Terry Evetts – Senior Privacy Manager, Vodafone

A review of global and regional identity management schemes with real world applications

How are credit card companies, retailers, banks, and auto manufacturers approaching identity management? In this session, you’ll find out. You’ll hear from the experts as they explore global and regional identity tried and true and novel identity management solutions.

  • Kaliya Young – The Identity Woman at Identity Woman
  • Andy Milton – Head Of Sales and Marketing, Security Business Group – EMEA, Hitachi Europe Ltd
  • Marie Austenaa – Head of Digital Identity, Europe Innovation, Visa
  • Simon Binns – Chief Commercial Officer, FinGo ID Platform

The Practical Ins and Outs of Biometrics

We are all unique. One thing that sets us apart is our bio-signals–our faces, fingerprints, voices, irises, veins, eegs, DNA, even our movements–can be used to identify and distinguish each one of us from each other. Securely and responsibly leveraging these signals takes knowledge, skill, and technology. In this session, you’ll learn the practical ins and outs of biometrics that you can immediately leverage to connect with and serve your customers.

  • Andrew Bud CBE FREng FIET – CEO, iProov and MEF Chairperson

Zero-Party Data: Get personal and unlock long-lasting customer relationships

Are you ready for Zero-party data? You have a choice. You can either keep doing the same old thing or adapt to market changes and compete. The changes abound: People are more data-savvy. Regulations are giving people increased rights. The MarTech ecosystem is evolving. With examples from brands like Air New Zealand, Shell, Veet and Salling Group, this session will help you unlock personal data and identity by embracing a zero-party data strategy, a strategy that if employed will help you achieve commercial success by personalizing an individual’s experience at every stage along the customer journey.

  • Nick Watson – VP, Client Success EMEA at Cheetah Digital

Times are changing. What’s next for digital regulatory affairs.

The regulatory landscape is changing. We appear to be moving away from market and economical making regulations to consumer-centric regulations without considering the effect these changes have on the governance nexus–the actors, education, implementation, staffing, enforcement, and most importantly, the data subject. This session explores what’s next for digital regulatory affairs.
  • Tim Green – Features Editor, MEF
  • Serafino Abate – Regulatory Affairs – Cloud, Volvo Cars
  • Stefano Nicoletti – Principal regulatory affairs at BT

Trust but Verify: An Explanation of The Industry’s Self-Regulation, Channel Compliance, and Brand Protection Programs

Mobile is a powerful medium. Appropriately used, brands and individuals alike can use it to cut through the market noise to quickly and seamlessly engage and exchange value with each other. However, with great power comes great responsibility–the responsibility to establish and follow the rules, monitor and verify programs, and take corrective actions when necessary. This session explores the world’s mobile self-regulatory programs–what are they, how they work, and what is required–so that you can effectively and safely leverage mobile-enhanced media channels to create and deliver value to those you serve.

  • Tim Green – Features Editor, MEF
  • John Bruner – President and CEO, Aegis Mobile

Have and Are We Asking the Right Questions About Personal Data & Identity?

If you ask the wrong questions, you’ll get the wrong answers. Asking the wrong questions about digital identity has led us into a decades-long wild goose chase. So what are the right questions?

  • Tim Green – Features Editor, MEF
  • Alan Mitchell – Co-founder and Chairman of Mydex CIC

Day Two

Evening the Data Playing Field: Solutions for Building Trust and Empowering Individuals a Seat at the Table

The lines of physical and digital life are blurred. People are phygital. By 2025 people will interact with an IoT device 4,800 times a day. In this session, we’ll discuss what it takes to build trust. Here is a hint. You do it by–giving them value-generating experiences they’ve never had before, by giving them control, and systematically embracing Trust by Design, i.e., you put privacy, security, and governance at the heart of every experience.

  • Michael Becker – CEO, Identity Praxis & MEF PD&I Working Group Chair​
  • Jimmy Jones – Head Of Security at Zariot

The Locus Control: Networks vs. Individuals

In corner A, we present industry-controlled personal data and identification systems. In corner B, we offer you individual-controlled personal data and identity systems. Are these systems at odds with each other, or is there a way to work together? Join this session and find out.

  • Michael Becker – CEO, Identity Praxis & MEF PD&I Working Group Chair​
  • Julian Ranger – CEO at
  • Stefan Kostic – Chief Executive Officer – IPification

Reinventing Identity for Tomorrow’s Internet: Managing New & Unique Connections Between People & Organizations

The future of the Internet is here; it is just unevenly distributed. In this session, Aerpass and Leading Points share insights on the future of the Intenet: passwordless authentication and verifiable communications. Learn how they’re making it possible for businesses to streamline user authentication open up secure communication channels, and enhance loyalty with those they serve.

  • David Morgan – Chief Marketing Officer, AerPass
  • Kevin Sullivan – President, Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Army (Ret.), Leading Points

Keeping it Human: Navigating the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Pillars of Personal Data Management

S&P estimate that over 49% of revenues of the largest global firms are derived from business activities that support UN SDGs. This panel will discuss the importance of identity & personal data in unlocking the opportunities of ESG data from impact investment, employee loyalty, and ethical consumerism.

  • Gema Esteban Garrido – Global Head of ESG, IG4Capital
  • Chris Lewis – Founding Director, Lewis Insight
  • Nicky Hickman – Freelancer, digital identity & inclusion specialist
  • Sarah Walton – Innovation Consultant & Founder

The Whole is Greater than its Parts: The End-to-End Personal Data Economy

Personal data, applications, services, protocols, standards, laws and regulations, profitable business models, risk mitigations, and more are just a few of the pieces associated with the people-centric approach to personal data and identity management. This session explores the individual elements of the puzzle. It explores the relatively simple steps and a revolutionary model that you can take to bring all the pieces together. Within its new model, you can serve people on their terms, empower people, and give them an end-to-end human experience and agency while achieving your goals at a reduced cost and lower risk.

  • Tim Green – Features Editor, MEF
  • Thorsten Dittmar – Co-founder & Co-Initiator, polyPoly
  • Sabine Scheunert – Vice President Digital & IT Sales and Marketing, Mercedes-Benz Cars
  • Liz Brandt – CEO at Ctrl-Shift
  • Harrison Tang – CEO, Spokeo

The People-Centric Data Business Models: Assessing the Economics of Personal Data

Businesses believe that providing data privacy and control is a responsibility (like CSR) that would be costly. We present a people centric data business model that exponentially increases the commercial value of personal data for organizations, unlocking the value of data and providing RoI to investments in data capabilities.

  • Tim Green – Features Editor, MEF
  • Irene C L Ng – CEO at Dataswift

Digital Inclusion: How MNOs Can Improve the Bottomline While Playing a Role in Enhancing the Lives of Billions by Offering Digital ID Services.

Modern digital products and services are out of reach for billions of people worldwide, especially in developing markets, due to one simple fact; they lack a reliable, verified digital identity. MNOs and enterprises can play a critical role in closing this inclusion gap while opening new revenue streams, streamlining operations, and improving regulatory compliance. Moreover, individuals will have a great sense of agency and autonomy as they’ll have direct control over their digital identity and how and what information about them is shared.
  • Sham Careem – Telecom Solutions Consultant at Infobip

Is it rude to ask your age? Actually no. It is a legal requirement.

We’ve reached tipping. Increasingly the EU requires, across all member states, that organizations verify the age of their online customers. This session provides an overview of the avalanche of new age verification legislation that nearly every company must know and now follow. It also offers examples and recommendations on how to take the pain out of the user experience.

  • Iain Corby – Executive Director at Age Verification Providers Association

A review of the market and insights on how to create value for people and businesses within the emerging personal data economy

How do we make sense of today and what’s coming tomorrow? There are many concepts to keep track of, such as value exchange, personal data as currency, GDPR, CCPA, data trusts, data cooperatives, DAOs, SSI, interoperability, and more. To thrive in today’s fast-moving market and responsibly use personal data and identity, you need to prepare yourself and your teams. This session will help you make sense of today’s market–e.g., new business models, regulations, commercial practices, legal models, and more–and understand what’s going on.

  • Kaliya Young – The Identity Woman at Identity Woman
  • Gilbert Hill – Chief Strategy Officer, Pool Data
  • Anne Joséphine Flanagan – Data Policy & Governance Lead, Centre, Fourth Industrial Revolution, World Economic Forum
  • Allister Fraser – Digital Identity, New Business Development at EE
  • Chris Parker – Fraud Analytics Product & Threat Lead | Fraud Prevention COE, Services, Nat West Bank

What do people around the world think about personal data and digital identity?

A Sneak Peak of the 8th Annual Consumer Trust Study and How Assurant Leverages These Insights to Inform It’s Strategy

  • Michael Becker – CEO, Identity Praxis & MEF PD&I Working Group Chair​
  • Barbara Langer – Co Founder and Director at Insight Angels
  • Craig Thole – Senior Vice President, Connected Living Products at Assurant
  • Julian Ranger – CEO at

Steps for Reinforcing Trust in Connections, Communication, Commerce: What we can do today and in The Future

Personal data, identity, and mobile are now foundational to any commercial endeavor. For individuals and companies to connect, communicate, and commercially exchange value with each other trust is paramount. This session will share insights on how we build and establish trust today, by leveraging services like mobile number intelligence and the simplest and most effective of mechanisms, OTP messaging. It will also show how these services are future-proofed and can be seamlessly integrated with emerging people-centric approaches to personal data and identity management.

  • Lee Suker – Head of Authentication and Number Information at Sinch
  • Tim Ward – VP Number of Information Services, XConnect
  • Vladimir Gerneshii – Head of Product Strategy and GTM, Global Message Services GMS

R.A.I.S.E. – An Organizational Framework for Executing Personal Data and Identity Solutions

Authenticating customers is not just a nice to have, it is a strategic imperative. Choosing exactly how you go about executing this imperative—username/password, SMS OTP, biometrics, authenticator apps, secure keys, verified credentials and more—while balancing customer experience, customer privacy, and organizational security needs is as much art as it is science. In this session, Lee Suker shares a simple framework—R.A.I.S.E—that you can use to strategically determine the most appropriate method for authenticating users. Spoiler alert: SMS OTP, for most businesses, strikes this perfect balance. Lee explains.

  • Tim Green – Features Editor, MEF
  • Lee Suker – Head of Authentication and Number Information at Sinch

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