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The days of one-way SMS alone being enough to fulfil the many evolving use cases are over; whether you’re looking to engage with your existing customers or connect with new ones, two-way Messaging is where it’s at today.

We’ll be showcasing the latest developments and use-cases from aggregators, Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) providers, mobile network operators, over-the-top (OTT) messaging providers and technology suppliers. With speakers from around the world and numerous opportunities for genuine interaction, a truly global perspective awaits.

Day One

Keynote – The Long Term Sustainability of the Ecosystem

LANCK Telecom has always considered MEF the perfect platform for sharing new ideas and discussing recent trends. It’s one of the very few organizations that actually influences the market. MEF provides the opportunity to not only develop a project or idea with professionals from the industry, but it enables its members, its partners and other stakeholders across the ecosystem to implement things which positively impact lives around the world. And LANCK Telecom is proud to take a proactive role in all of this.

  • Alexey Yanson, CEO – LANCK Telecom
  • Igor Skutsenya, Business Development Manager, Anti-Fraud Solutions – LANCK Telecom

Analyst Briefing: A2P Market Forecast

MEF member Mobilesquared have their finger on the global Business Messaging global pulse so hear from them about just how much headroom there is still for growth across the industry and tune in for an array of industry statistics so many are waiting for!

  • Nick Lane, Chief Insight Analyst – Mobilesquared

MNOs Outsourced? CPaaS? Undecided?

Go to any Business Messaging meeting and the word ‘CPaaS’ will be mentioned by somebody. Communications Platform as a Service is one of the fastest-growing communication industries today. Mobile network operators collectively have some of the strongest brand recognition globally yet few are truly leveraging the CPaaS opportunity. Why is this? What strategy options do operators have and how do they actually go about implementing solutions? Speakers on this panel have been through the whole process and are ready to share with you what is really going on out there in the market!

  • James Williams, Director of Programmes – MEF
  • Mariola Knapik, Head of Messaging & Carrier Operations – Tele2 Group
  • Eishan Gupta, Associate Director – Voice & SMS – TATA Communications
  • Deshbandhu Bansal, COO – Comviva
  • Alex Ciubuc, CEO – Mold Telecom
  • Alexandre Cottereau, Product Manager – Bouygues Telecom
  • Carlos Aragon, AVP Product Marketing, Enterprise Solutions – Mavenir

Flash Calling – Challenges And Opportunities

In the form of Flash Calling, use of the voice network is being offered to enterprises as a phone number verification service. Causing some disruption to the current A2P landscape, Operators who own the voice channel must find ways to control flash calling traffic and potentially consider how to monetise the service. Tackling the subject from all sides, the panel will debate whether Flash Calling really offers a new dawn for phone number verification?

  • John Murtagh, CTO – Anam Technologies
  • Igor Skutsenya, Business Development Manager, Anti-Fraud Solutions – LANCK Telecom

5G and the Impact on Messaging: What Will Operators Do Next?

As 5G is rolled out, what are the effects of 5G on messaging and how will the operators react in turn? The original plans to phase out SMS have now been superseded, or have they not? With the implications of the RCS evolution, some see 5G as an existential threat to OTT services – in a comparable way to how the very same OTT messaging apps challenged SMS 10 years ago. Are we really going to see a revolution in the messaging landscape? Or will it be an evolution, or will the status quo remain? On this diverse panel, we will break down this imminent reality.

  • Dario Betti, CEO – MEF
  • Vladimir Smal, Head of Sales & Procurement – Global Messaging – LANCK Telecom
  • Rajiv Singla, CTO & Head of Messaging – Globe Teleservices
  • Anurag Aggarwal, VP, Partnerships & Alliances – Tanla Platforms
  • Fabio Bottan, Senior Messaging Specialist – Arelion
  • David Vigar, Director, Carrier Partnerships – Twilio

Mobile: Towards a Sustainable Future

Large companies are setting reduction targets with solid ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) reporting but SMEs are lagging behind. Chapter Zero found that only 35% of SMEs set emission goals. In this session you’ll see that measures that can be put in place to protect our environment present many growth opportunities: think weather alerts (Messaging), reporting (IoT+Apps) etc. With huge amounts of green investment today, it’s time SMEs grow their business whilst aiding sustainability.

  • Gerrit Jan Konijnenberg, Advisor – MEF
  • Dominique Rousseau, Group Director Device Operations – Vodafone

The Forum: What are the Big Issues in Business Messaging?

Tune in for something just that little bit different from the conference norm – a normal presentation this will not be! Let’s just say that our Director of Programmes James Williams will be trying out something new in this rapid 30-minute slot which should help reveal what people really think are THE big issues in business messaging…

  • James Williams, Director of Programmes – MEF

Game of Trust

Trust is hard to earn, and easy to lose, and losing trust loses business. Trust in this sense is the most important currency a company can own. It’s earned incrementally, sometimes over many years and is shattered in one bad day. With social media, SMEs and large corporations have the spotlight on them to serve their customers in a way that’s fair, sustainable and considerate to their needs. In this panel we will discuss the endless ways of losing trust and the few ways of gaining it.
  • James Williams, Director of Programmes – MEF
  • Luigi Fidelio, Co-Founder & CRO – Messagenius
  • Louise Ford, Managing Director – Empello

Tailor-Made Monetization Approach: How to Solve Key Challenges and Drive Insights and Innovations To Power SMS A2P Business Growth

Through concrete deployment cases, the panelists will discuss how they tackle the major challenges of monetization projects, how to approach to mitigate risks and successfully implement monetization strategies. They will share their views from the ground about specific market regulatory environment assessment, technical and integration processes and commercial model developments.

  • Ricardo Martins, VP Global Sales, Messaging – iBASIS
  • Joanna Kuligowska, Head of Global Market Intelligence – HAUD
  • Felipe Castillo, Senior Consultant – GTC
  • Edwin Carvalho, Senior Carrier Services Director – Vonage

The Jury (CPaaS)

Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) is a hot topic. What makes for a good CPaaS provider? What are the challenges facing the CPaaS industry today? Given business messaging is such a small part of mobile network operators’ revenue today, why should they really care about CPaaS? These questions will be debated by members of the jury. And you the audience have the real power as it’ll be your job to judge who came out on top!

  • James Williams, Director of Programmes – MEF
  • Uku Tomikas, Chief Connectivity Officer – Messente Communications
  • Carlos Villanueva, CRO – enabld
  • Rajiv Singla, CTO & Head of Messaging – Globe Teleservices
  • Nick Lane, Chief Insight Analyst – Mobilesquared

Day Two

Opening welcome speech + MEF Survey

MEF is known for its three Is – Interaction, Insight and Impact. Responses to our latest membership survey made it very clear that members value greatly all the reports MEF create every year and A2P Messaging is a real area of interest for so many. 2/3 of our members are part of the Future of Messaging programme.

  • Dario Betti, CEO – MEF

Industry Experiences and Best Practices for Regulatory A2P Initiatives

  • Simeon Coney, Chief Strategy Officer – AdaptiveMobile Security

Next Generation Caller ID: STIR/SHAKEN, Blockchain & More

Robocalls and SMS spam: every day consumers are suffering from the unethical actions of fraudsters, limiting the success of these channels. National telecommunication regulators have been attempting to minimize these issues but have been met only with mixed results. Today, the key question remains: how can bad messages be traced back to their sources? The question of Message Identity. What are the tools with which to fight back? What will be the impact of these tools be on the industry? What does the future hold? Join this session to find out.

  • Dario Betti, CEO – MEF
  • Ira Cohen, VP Business Development & Marketing, MMDSmart
  • Vasily Birulin, Managing Director – AB Handshake Corporation
  • Lucian Gheorghe, CTO – TMT Analysis
  • Eli Katz, CEO – Xconnect
  • Catalin Badea, Director, Product Management Data Services – NetNumber

A New Dawn In SMS Fraud – The Generation Game

A2P SMS volumes are only heading one way globally – up. With a market value in the billions, A2P SMS has become a prime target for some sophisticated criminals. Numbers of bad actors and new types of SMS fraud continue to grow and competing parties must come together to protect all interested parties.

  • James Williams, Director of Programmes – MEF
  • Vladimir Smal, Head of Sales & Procurement – Global Messaging – LANCK Telecom
  • Uku Tomikas, Chief Connectivity Officer – Messente Communications
  • Cathal Fitzpatrick, VP Marketing – Openmind Networks
  • Ehsan Ahmadi, CEO & Founder – VOX Carrier

Using Number Information to Power the Next Generation of Messaging Services

With the huge growth in the A2P messaging market and the introduction of the next generation of services, it’s vital that providers deliver a quality service to keep up with the competition.

In this session, the panel will discuss the business benefits of number information services for A2P messaging, why voice carriers are building/buying A2P services, the challenges of CPaaS numbering, the efficient architecture options available to address the common needs across business units for Number Information, whether carriers can build their own number information databases and if quality is optional.

  • Eli Katz, CEO – XConnect
  • Georg Vranken, Head of Telco Communications – BICS
  • Jason Lunn, Global Connectivity, CPaaS – Cisco

Waking The Sleeping Giant

Covid catalysed the shift to digital – in work, in play, and of course in commerce. Yet digital communication channels continue to pose evolving threats to both consumers and businesses. A2P, however, remains a trusted, safe and engaging customer medium – from 2FA to marketing and order confirmation to delivery notifications. So how can MNOs utilise A2P’s inherent NPS to better monetise the channel, drive up revenue, while at the same time protecting it’s secure reputation?

  • Joanna Kuligowska, Head of Global Market Intelligence – HAUD
  • Nick Lane, Chief Insight Analyst – Mobilesquared
  • Ricardo Martins, VP Global Sales, Messaging – iBASIS
  • Sean Kildea, Sales & Business Development Director – Orange France

Business Messaging Everywhere: How to Bring in the Next 100 million SMEs

It’s high time some Business Messaging myths are well and truly busted. Messaging is complicated. My business is too small, I don’t need it. It’s hard to access. It’s expensive. It’s not secure. It’s difficult to find the right supplier. But are these REALLY myths or is the reality that we, collectively as an industry, are not doing enough to truly make Business Messaging accessible to all? Our panel of seasoned industry experts will get to the bottom of this and show us what needs to be done to bring great mobile engagement solutions to the majority of businesses out there currently not even using A2P SMS – never mind rich messaging!
  • James Williams, Director of Programmes – MEF
  • Anurag Aggarwal, Global Board Member – MEF | Vice President – Partnerships & Alliances – Tanla Platforms
  • Carlos Villanueva, CRO – enabld
  • David Creasey-Benjamin, Future of Messaging Evangelist – Cisco
  • Yasser Waheed, Director, Global Messaging – Kaleyra
  • Scott Taylor, Fraud Protection & Compliance Consultant – FICO

Commercial Models: Make or Break

Employing a flawed commercial model can damage any business and could well kill it, with no way back. History is littered with such examples: whether something yet to be launched or a solution that has been transacting great business for decades, get the pricing side of the equation wrong and you end up in real trouble. Why should the world of business messaging be any different? Bringing together members of MEF working parties who have been living and breathing commercial models across multiple messaging channels, this 45 minutes together will both educate and stimulate yet further discussion about an issue that won’t just go away. It has to be tackled head-on. And we do.

  • James Williams, Director of Programmes – MEF
  • Waheed Adam, Executive Chairperson – iTouch
  • Kim Buller, President – Alchemy Telco Ltd.
  • Bernd Heinen, Senior Product Manager Corporate Messaging (SMS/RCS) – Telefonica Germany
  • Pat Flynn, Director of Business Development / Co-Founder – Nettzer
  • Vladimir Smal, Head of Sales & Procurement – Global Messaging – LANCK Telecom