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MEF Connects – On Demand

The Business Messaging industry is converging with Conversational Commerce, and more widely with Customer Care and Digital Marketing.

It’s a perfect time for you to review your Omnichannel strategies, create new alliances, identify new target audiences for your goods and services, integrate new ideas and expand your knowledge of this fast-growing area.

In other words, now is the time for you to take advantage of the fantastic Mobile Digital Channels out there, to grow your business all whilst protecting your customers, and this event will show you how.

Day One

Paving the Road to Omnichannel Customer Engagement

Consumer and business behaviors have been forced to transform over the last couple of years, accelerating the digital transformation of businesses. Consumers are finding chat and mobile messaging offer a better way to interact with businesses, driving them to offer omnichannel experiences or risk being left out. This session will cover three main transitions in the market and how business communications, customer service, and marketing tools need to evolve and adapt.

  • Guillaume Le Mener, SVP, GM, Enterprise Business Unit – Mavenir

Analyst Briefing – Is Rich Messaging the heart beat of Omnichannel?

Smartphone penetration globally is on the up which is opening up a brave new world of opportunities for organizations of all sizes and types globally. Rich communication channels are the future of client engagement, WhatsApp Business leading this charge. Mobilesquared will show you why you should be investing in Rich Communications right now.

  • Nick Lane, Chief Insight Analyst & Founder – Mobilesquared

Connecting by chatting: evolving from messaging to conversations

The future of customer engagement enables customers to speak with businesses when they want, via the channels they want, and in a natural way. In this panel discussion, key industry leaders will provide insights and share their experiences on this transformational topic.

  • Carlos Aragon, Sr. Director, Solutions Marketing
  • Kerstin Trikalitis, Co-Founder and CEO at Out There Media
  • Oscar Gallego, Head of Home, Security & Comms Products at Vodafone Group
  • Eleanor Manning, Telecom Partnerships Manager – Infobip

Through the Looking Glass: What does it take to create an ideal experience today, and how will it shape the future of Business Messaging?

Find out how the right omnichannel experience may result in a 30% reduction in churn and a 14% boost in conversion rate. When used effectively, Business Messaging opens up virtually endless opportunities. As internet penetration and richer communication channels become a dominant force, how we interact with our customers will have to evolve. Leveraging client data in circulation in a simple and efficient possible will be central to a personalized and future-ready customer experience.

  • James Williams, Director of Programmes – MEF
  • Natalia Ferreira, Product Marketing Manger – Infobip
  • Vice Ivandic, Professional Services Manager – Infobip

Quality in Omnichannel: The Key Considerations When Delivering Traffic Across Different Channels

CPaaS…Omnichannel….Whatever the latest buzzword…it’s about making sure you can deliver communications to end users over whatever channel they want. That means delivering quality services across both voice and messaging. But how? What do you need to consider? What are the similarities and differences? We talk to some of the industries experts to find out their key considerations.

  • Dario Betti, CEO – MEF
  • Eli Katz, CEO – XConnect

Omnichannel Conversations

A series of interviews from MEF Features Editor Tim Green with companies on the bleeding edge of omnichannel.

  • Richard Simpson, MD – BulkSMS
  • Nick Martin, co-founder – Direqt
  • Sean Whitley, VP Sales Americas – Mitto
  • Eileen Carroll, MD – Puca
  • Hugo Martin, GM – Sendit

Securing Customers’ Trust In Conversations

Given Omnichannel messaging is no longer just the preserve of major corporations and now SMEs can tap into all the benefits it brings, how do we go about ensuring the opportunities that Omnichannel brings with it are not undone by an increase in spam and worse, fraud? Threat vectors are increasing and AdaptiveMobile;s Chief Strategy Officer will look in detail at this area, showing how consumer trust can be maintained and your clients protected at all times.

  • Simeon Coney, Chief Strategy Officer – AdaptiveMobile Security
  • James Lasbrey, Carrier Relations VP – Vonage

The Future of A2P Voice – Flash Calling

The emergence of A2P Voice (flash calling) will provide a disruptive element to the provision of authentication messages. Operators, who own the network, must find ways to control and monetise flash calling traffic. Differentiating between flash calling traffic and P2P voice traffic is only the first step in accomplishing this.
  • Alex Nourouzi – MEF Advisor
  • Ehsan Ahmadi, CEO & Founder – Vox Technologies
  • Iulian Botirlaianu, VP Global Strategic Partnerships – Vox Technologies
  • Scarlett Woodford, Senior Analyst – Juniper Research

Omnichannel Personalisation: Data, the Complex Dart for Bullseye

Personalisation is at the forefront of marketers minds as they look to best engage with impact across all channels of customer engagement – data assets, strategy and execution is key to achieving this.

In this session, Cheetah Digital run a panel discussion looking at how to navigate an ever evolving data environment and how to apply this to drive enhanced value for enterprise messaging.

  • Andy Gladwin, Global Senior Director – Mobile GTM – Cheetah Digital
  • Luke Harris, Senior Director EMEA – Cheetah Digital
  • Barry Nolan, Chief Strategy Officer, Swrve
  • Nikhil Shoorji, Managing Director Europe – Infobip

Mobile Identity – Frictionless, More Secure Authentication for a Better Customer Experience

For mobile apps and service, user growth is key. Mobile Identity provides quick, seamless access to apps and web-based services, cutting costs and customer churn in the process, while elevating the level of protection for user accounts.

  • Tim Green, Features Editor – MEF
  • Sham Careem, Telecoms Business Solutions Consultant – Infobip
  • Glyn Povah, Product Director Telefónica Tech

A View From The Top – Dario Betti, CEO MEF, Talks to Rajdip Gupta, Group CEO Route Mobile Ltd

Starting in 2004, Rajdip Gupta has built his company Route Mobile Limited into a mobile engagement powerhouse employing over 2,000 people in 19 countries. MEF’s CEO Dario Betti speaks with Rajdip to discuss his journey and see what makes him really tick! Join us for what is sure to be a fantastic discussion.

  • Dario Betti, CEO – MEF
  • Rajdip Gupta, Group CEO – Route Mobile Limited

The Jury: the Industry Takes a Stand on SMS as a Trusted Channel, Why So Few Enterprises Use Business Messaging Today and Messaging being Absorbed Into a Richer Customer Journey

Will customers trust SMS as they used to and has the industry done enough? Why do only 3% of registered businesses use A2P mobile messaging today? Will Messaging simply be absorbed into a richer customer journey as technology develops? All these questions will be debated by members of The Jury. You, the audience, have the real power as it’ll be your job to judge who came out on top. Think ‘Eurovision’, but for Mobile!

  • Dario Betti, CEO – MEF
  • Andy Gladwin, Global Senior Director – Mobile GTM – Cheetah Digital
  • Chris Pozzi, Partnership Development Manager, Infobip
  • Nemanja Nikolic, EMEA Regional Director, Telesign

Day Two

The OTT Opportunity

In the keynote session, Paul Louden and Tim Heyes – experts from Sinch, will examine the OTT landscape, dive into the opportunities it brings to the industry, and investigate how OTT platforms can support an omnichannel approach.

  • Tim Heyes, RCS Evangelist – Sinch
  • Paul Louden, Regional Director UK & Ireland – Sinch

The Omnichannel Status – Channels, Numbers and Myths in the World of Enterprise Communications

To understand multichannel is to understand how diverse communication models are used and perceived by the users. Dario Betti reviews MEF’s consumer survey results and market trends

  • Dario Betti, CEO – MEF

Omnichannel experience should be for all – how do we guarantee excellent customer service – whatever peoples’ channel preferences and capabilities – stress testing the approach through the lens of People with Disabilities

Omnichannel experience implies all bases covered. But, for People With Disabilities (PWDs) some channels are denied so are we actually building a customer experience for everyone when we design our customer interactions?

  • Chris Lewis, Founding Director, Lewis Insight
  • Christopher Patnoe, Head of Accessibility Programs and Disability Inclusion – Google

RCS: How Mobile Network Operators Can Drive Its Adoption

RCS is gaining real traction now and we’ll be looking at exactly what is required to bring this truly rich channel to the fore globally. When looking at real-world use cases, it will be clear how mobile network operators are delivering conversational experiences and driving higher conversion rates for their cross-sell/upsell campaigns.

  • Nina Knezevic, Telecom Solutions Director – Infobip
  • Thomas Welzel, Senior Manager Next Generation Communications – Deutsche Telekom Headquarters, Bonn
  • David Boddington, Senior Product Manager, OTT Channels – Infobip
  • Robert Jones, Head of Messaging – BT

Through the Looking Glass- part 2

What does it take to create an ideal experience today, and how will it shape the future of Business Messaging?

  • Mark Galvin, Senior Director Product Strategy – Infobip
  • Natalia Ferrea – Product Manager, Infobip
  • David Boddington – Senior Product Manager, Infobip

Adding new flavors to the MEF Recipe cards – Getting Rich Messaging to Work for Your Business

MEF’s Rich Messaging Recipe Cards launched early this year helping you to get to know just some of the rich messaging channels being used to engage customers, where they’re from , what they’re for and why you should be using them. Building on that success this session will add extra flavour to those recipes touching on Customer Trust, Tapping Vs Typing, baking in payments & the major changes we’ve seen in the channels over the last 6 months.

  • Tim Green, Features Editor, MEF
  • David Creasey-Benjamin, IMImobile, part of WebEx
  • Jason Lunn, IMImobile, part of WebEx

Fireside chat – Democratizing Omnichannel for the untapped small business market

Despite the growth of messaging channel use by enterprises, implementing an omnichannel solution requires considerable effort and creates a high barrier to entry for smaller businesses. However, the small and micro business space represents a massive untapped market in demand for simple and effective solutions to engage with their customers. Dario Betti from MEF interviews Mavenir’s Guillaume Le Mener in a fireside chat with the audience to discuss making omnichannel messaging accessible for the SMB segment.

  • Dario Betti, CEO – MEF
  • Guillaume Le Mener, SVP, GM, Enterprise Business Unit – Mavenir

Better Digital Relationships with Omnichannel

What kind of messages can businesses send in WhatsApp. What can’t they send in Apple Business Chat? When should they be using Viber? And where is RCS available?
These are fundamental questions for enterprises now that rich messaging is part of their omnichannel customer communications mix. But it can be hard to stay on top of the ever-changing landscape of chat apps. In MEF’s recently published Future of Messaging Guide, we outlined the different feature sets of market’s leading messaging products. And in this session, we will run through these fundamentals in the company of messaging expert and Guide sponsor Syniverse.
  • Tim Green, Features Editor, MEF
  • Michael Bradford, Product Director – CPaaS, Syniverse

What can Omnichannel Messaging bring to the Metaverse?

Cloud-based VR 360 Immersive Interactive Streaming with eCommerce Chatbots – The metaverse promises to transform society and business as we know it. Some estimate that the total economy in the metaverse will be larger than the physical world. We’ve actually already taken some small steps into this virtual world. Communication is and will be a key component of the Metaverse. Through the pandemic we’ve seen how going virtual can boost productivity and increase revenues. Video conferencing and web meetings, content streaming, omnichannel messaging, and AI chatbots have broken down location barriers, boosted enterprise productivity, increased business profitability and enabled brick-and-mortar to become click-and-mortar. The digital transformation is a foot – really this time!

  • Doug Makishima, CSMO, Summit Tech
  • Bala Thekkedath, Head of Product Marketing, AWS Wavelength and 5G Edge Computing

Bringing RCS to the UK Market

How ready is RCS for customers and enterprises in the UK market? What benefits will it bring? In this session, we will address the key questions related to RCS, and share guidelines and best practices that can help bring RCS to market faster.

  • Carlos Aragon, Sr. Director, Solutions Marketing
  • Catherine Maguire, Product Manager, BT
  • Clark Johnson, Head of Commerce Products – Virgin Media O2
  • Neil Roberts, Head Of A2P Wholesale Solutions – Vodafone UK

The Jury: the Industry Takes a Stand on Omnichannel Being a Realistic Proposition for All, the Prognosis for RCS and Key Factors Shaping Customer Services Today

Is being able to offer a truly Omnichannel customer experience a realistic proposition for all organisations? Will RCS ever truly dethrone and replace SMS? What are the key factors shaping how enterprises need to approach customer services today? All these questions will be debated by members of The Jury. You, the audience, have the real power as it’ll be your job to judge who came out on top. Think ‘Eurovision’, but for Mobile!

  • Dario Betti, CEO – MEF
  • Catherine Maguire, Product Manager, BT
  • David Creasey-Benjamin, IMImobile, part of WebEx
  • Uku Tomikas, Chief Connectivity Officer – Messente Communications
  • Carlos Villanueva, Chief Revenue Officer, Enabld

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