Member interview: Terragon Group

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MEFTV speaks to Elo Umeh, CEO of Terragon Group during MWC 2018 about their work, doing business in Africa and their current focus and goals.

“We’re focusing now on data marketing technology – the idea here is to help brands on the continent reach their customers on mobile on a channel agnostic SAAS platform – we’re essentially taking the assets we’ve built over the years on the operator side and our web and mobile assets and helping drive interaction and transactions for our customers. And we’re doing this is a very African way – so where there isn’t deep penetration on mobile apps, we’re getting that engagement done on SMS..”

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Member interview – MCP Insight

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MEFTV speaks to Declan Pettit, Co-founder and Director of MCP Insight during MWC 2018, where he discusses the need for regulatory monitoring of carrier billing services and some of the kinds of mobile fraud they see.

“I think [consumers] are less aware of the nature, extent and seriousness of the current defrauding that’s going on, because a lot of whats happening is automated – its bot controlled – so if you take for instance auto subscribing which is very commonplace currently, and especially in an in-app channel

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Member Interview – Netsize

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MEFTV speaks to Benoit Bole, CEO of Netsize – messaging specialists and part of Gemalto, who talks about the goals of the business, the discussions held at MEF’s Future of Messaging Panel, and how he sees the global messaging space developing.

“RCS should see the light of day by the end of 2018 with approx. 160 million subscribers having access to that – which is still tiny compared to the global SMS market. Netsize has embarked on this initiative as well, because our goal is to provide mobile engagement solutions to all brands, whatever the channel”

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Member interview – Trunomi


MEFTV met Chia Brewin, Director of Customer development at Trunomi during MWC 2018, who spoke about unlocking the power of customer data using consent and data rights management.

“It’s been a long journey with GDPR in terms of awareness and preparedness.. then suddenly January 1, businesses took it very seriously and are looking to implement solutions – and that’s also driven by the consumer, there has been a lot of media hype around GDPR and the new rights that it gives the individual and we’ve seen evidence that individuals will be looking to exercise those rights and make subject access requests and hold companies that are processing their data to a higher standard and ultimately take back the ownership that is theirs. ”

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What’s next for messaging? This is what big brands and operators think.

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The move to rich messaging is ‘like going from black and white TV to colour’. So said ITV in a revealing panel conversation ’Digital Transformation 2.0 for the Consumer’ at MWC2018. MEF CEO Rimma Perelmuter hosted the session. Here is her recap… Last year, MEF identified a new kind of mobile user, which we called the ‘savvy consumer’.

We had just published our latest Consumer Trust report and it was clear that a significant number of people had changed their attitudes to privacy and security. The report also revealed a shift in how they want to engage with brands and enterprises via mobile.

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A brief history of mobile data

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Sponsored data and the idea of rewarding mobile users with data for was a key theme of #MWC17 – here MEF Member, Syntonic shares a brief history of the model and how it has evolved to its present incarnation.

In the beginning, there was mobile voice calling. The natural currency for voice was measured and sold in “minutes.” That made sense to consumers and operators.

The next wave of mobile innovation was text messaging where the obvious currency was the text message. Each text message was ascribed a value, and like voice minutes, consumers understood the currency. It worked for the industry.

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MEF Session @ MWC: ‘The best way to ensure privacy is to design it in’

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The digital economy can only flourish when there is consumer trust. So perhaps the best way to boost trust is bake it in whenever services are presented and sold. This was one of the fascinating takeaways of a leadership session at MWC hosted by MEF and American Express…

The issue of trust in a digital economy is not just concerned with ethics. It’s also about hard cash. The truth is, rising levels of consumer mistrust – whether based on security or privacy fears – is having a negative impact on digital commerce…

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MEF Session @ MWC: are users ready for A2P conversations?

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Bands want to evolve enterprise messaging into enterprise conversation. Is it possible? MEF and RealNetworks convened a stellar panel of experts at MWC to debate this topic and the wider future of A2P…

Brands want to evolve enterprise messaging into enterprise conversation. Is it possible? MEF convened a stellar line-up of experts to debate this topic…

Enterprise messaging is on the cusp of huge change. In fact, it’s already here. And any service provider that’s still in the existing mindset of ‘transport, report, repeat’ is facing a tough time…

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MEF SESSION @ MWC: Data access models – 8 big talking points on sponsored data

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Rewarding someone who watches a video ad with free data? Sounds like an interesting new ad format. This was one of the ideas to emerge from MEF’s session at MWC on new business models for monetising mobile access in emerging and developed markets. Here are the highlights…

Sponsored data is back. Years after what was the premium content business trialled what was then called ‘sender pays’ data, brands and operators are once again experimenting with the concept.

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