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MEF CEO Dario Betti is joined by Nicole Fabry, Senior Director Product Management at Syniverse, to discuss how operators can better manage relationships and facilitate distribution with enterprises, as well as creating new opportunities by shifting into becoming independent messaging aggregators.

Business Messaging could be a source of growth for mobile operators, an opportunity for the MNOs to gain market share in the CPaaS market where only a few operators are truly active. We spoke with Syniverse, the sponsor of this webinar, on February 2, 2023 – Nicole has had experiences working with operators, and enterprises managing digital communication and she is now driving one of product that are offering mobile operators to start playing a bigger role in A2P SMS.

Business Messaging is growing: total traffic increased by 19% in 2020 and increased by 23% in 2021 according to Mobile Square. The research company expects this growth acceleration to be sustained at least until 2025.

According to Gartner some of the mobile operators are destined to steal the thunder from aggregators and CPaaS providers.

The omen in the industry is good, but that would leave some of the MNOs to ask: where do I start? There are many ways to do it, internal development is an option, but not all operators are ready to invest into more SMS platform and allocate teams members.

The other option is to rely on managed services to test or scale up services.

Syniverse is well known for supporting operators in delivering SMS for person-to-person services, and it is now offering a new proposition called Messaging Hub. Messaging Hub can support operators that enter the market without the investment in a platform and team to manage the service.

There are multiple requirements to consider when entering the market: the business messaging industry is now more complex with antifraud, integration with multiple messaging solutions (including OTT), improved routing (for commercial efficiency) as some of the key elements to keep in consideration.

The chat with Nicole is full of thought-provoking questions from the live audience, showing how much interest there is on the topic.

Dario Betti