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In our 5 minutes with profiles, MEF members talk about their business, their aspirations for the future and the wider mobile industry.

This week, CEO Mariano J. Scheinsohn introduces monetisation specialists Media Digital Group.

What does your Media Digital Group do?

Media Digital Group is a company dedicated to the distribution of digital content, through different mobile services. Among our services we have platforms for gaming, reading, lifestyle, etc. We work together with the most important mobile operators to offer their clients the best platforms.

When did you launch and what growth have you seen?

2013 was the beginning of our company. We quickly consolidated in Latam, reaching operations in 16 countries in the region. A year ago we made the decision to expand our operation to countries in Europe and the Middle East, and we are starting to work in Asia and Africa. In these 10 years now we have successfully launched our services in all these markets. We have a great work team based in Argentina.

What are your main goals?

We are convinced that the VAS industry will continue to mature and grow. Our immediate objective is to continue expanding into new territories, strengthening our work team and the portfolio of products and services. Our innovation team works tirelessly on new services according to the new demands of users.

Undoubtedly, 5G will be an opportunity for companies like ours, having the possibility of offering increasingly advanced services.

Where do you see your company in three years?

We bet on continuous growth. We see ourselves as a future benchmark for the industry at a global level, with very challenging objectives for the next three years, and we hope to be able to consolidate this expansion project.

What aspect of mobile is most exciting to you right now?

With the advent of 5G, there will be a fundamental change in the way we use our mobile devices. New services and applications will appear and in this way, new business opportunities will be born.

What is the most critical issue that will affect mobile devices in the next 12 months?

We are in one of the fastest and most technologically changing industries. This speed is a problem if we are not able to adapt. “Speed” demands “speed”, to adapt to changes, to be flexible, to evaluate new opportunities, and to know how to play in each market.

Other than your own, which mobile phone companies are to watch in the coming year?

I could mention other companies, but I think it is important to pay attention to new technologies, such as artificial intelligence, identity validation, financial technology, logistics, etc. In terms of the entertainment industry, which is the one we specialize in, I would pay special attention to the new ways in which users demand and use digital content and services.

Mariano J. Scheinsohn


Media Digital Group