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MEF Director of Programmes James Williams shares an overview of MEF CONNECTS Digital Transformation 2022 (now available to view on demand), and looks at how the role of digital transformation has changed for enterprises in the ecosystem in the last year, as well as looking ahead to more upcoming MEF Events.

If anything made me truly understand just how interlinked all six MEF ecosystems are, it was our MEF CONNECTS Digital Transformation event last year. Content & Advertising, Connectivity, Enterprise Communications, Mobile IoT, Payments and Personal Data & Identity all feed into each other and irrespective of the solution in question, ensuring customers can easily access it, it’s easily understood, the commercial model is right, things are secure and people can trust it are all critical. Miss one of those elements and your success will not be guaranteed.

With MEF CONNECTS Digital Transformation 2022 we set out to show that any organisation globally (no matter its size or location) can transform itself using the power of Digital. Change does not need to be effected in huge leaps or bounds either…

During MEF’s Business Messaging event in Amsterdam last month we heard from MEF member Mobilesquared about just how few listed companies around the world actually use just even A2P SMS for their client engagement; of the over 300 million such companies barely 5% use A2P SMS today. The headroom for growth in enterprise messaging is clearly huge – an industry already worth $30 billion. If a small company picked up on just how powerful A2P SMS were on driving client engagement and started using it, that’s digital transformation in action. There are so many facets to it and impactful change does not need to be vast and can be implemented rapidly and cost effectively.

Content for our 2022 event reflected the work being done by members across the Internet of Things (IoT), Personal Data & Identity (PD&I) and Payments ecosystems – with a light smattering of Content & Advertising and Enterprise Communications too for good measure!

As always, our online event was made available to all (not just MEF members) and free. This is only made possible thanks to members who step up and go the extra mile by sponsoring so thanks this time around go to DOCOMO Digital  and PM Connect for their extra support here. The word ‘education’ was used very frequently across the event and that’s a true reflection of so much of the work we do. And we’ll be doing even more of that going forward.

It may not seem like it sometimes (the past few weeks in particular!) but MEF is not an events company. We are member led and our Board have made it clear that providing frequent opportunities for members to interact should continue and we are most definitely listening. Next up in our event schedule is MEF CONNECTS LATAM on August 24th (in-person in Sao Paulo Brazil and streamed online – contact Carol to get actively involved ) and then MEF CONNECTS Wholesale on September 14th and 15th which will be online. Registration for that is open now.

Enjoy viewing the recordings of all the discussions we had on July 18th and 19th and join us again for more insight very soon. Most but not all of our working groups will be taking a short break in August and if you’re due to have some time off in the coming weeks, enjoy!

James Williams

Director of Programmes, MEF


MEF Connects  Digital Transformation – On Demand

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