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MEF CEO Dario Betti discusses the status of messaging in the USA with Anurag Lal, the CEO of enterprise messaging solution specialists, Infinite Convergence.

The world of messaging has hit the press recently: in the last few weeks, we have seen potential data leaks, a global blockage at Whatsapp, the request from the USA Federal Communication Commission to stop text fraud, and the implementation of President Biden’s executive order on Cybersecurity in the federal government.

The first comment from Anurag was that Messaging is here to stay. It is even more critical nowadays. The recent outage brought to mind the importance of messaging for business processes. It is important to understand that business-critical messaging exists.

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Anurag suggests to enterprises to be mindful to create mission-critical delivery plans. Plan well as we know have many use cases, and each is different. How important are productivity, security, privacy, availability for your use case? Different applications will have different requirements, do

“These events were catalysts,” says Anurag. The enterprises are starting to pay more attention to messaging now.

Security of personal data continues to be a threat. “We all recognize that personal data is becoming the newt goldmine, but the potential of compromising this data is also a big threat. Companies that deal in consumer data should have processes, technologies, and policies in place that allow them to keep this data secure”.

In other words, there cannot be a goldmine with security built around it. And when it is breached companies need to be prepared on how to deal with it.

You have to prepare to manage data.

And in the end, we discuss the Biden’s executive order issued in May gave a direction for all of the federal agencies to take greater care of the threats of cybersecurity. The recent consultation from the FCC on SIM SWAP and the request to operators to stop fraudulent SMS text is also part of this wider discussion. The world is paying more attention to the potential but also to the threat of messaging.

This is all very welcome as more needs to be done.

Dario Betti