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The winners of the 2021 Meffys awards, voted for by MEF Members and MEF Minute readers, were announced yesterday during MEF Connects Innovators, a full day of digital panels and discussion focused on the innovations seen in the mobile ecosystem during this unprecedented period of digital transformation.

The industry awards series has always celebrated innovation – so the awards were right at home in the online event, and continued to recognise the mobile pioneers setting new trends, technologies and business models advancing the global mobile ecosystem for the benefit of its users.

The shortlist was this year nominated by MEF’s Members and Advisors across four categories and the winners appeared to collect their virtual awards. Presenting was MEF Board Member and Executive Chairperson of iTouch Messaging Services, Waheed Adam.

Congratulations to all of the winners, runners up and nominees!

Protecting the Mobile Consumer

Winner: Dotgo – RichOTP

RichOTP, built on Dotgo’s patent-pending technology enables brands to send One Time Passwords (OTPs) through the rich media messaging channel of RCS (Rich Communication Services).

OTPs are widely used by brands for signing-into apps, to confirm transactions, and for security as part of two-factor authentication. RichOTP offers a dramatic improvement to the overall OTP experience for both brands and consumers, in not just the visual interface, but also the entire authentication experience.

Verified profiles with brand logos, OTP confirmation within native messaging app and suggested responses makes it secure and builds user confidence.

The RichOTP service is live in over 10 countries, including at carriers like Airtel, AT&T, EE, T-Mobile, Verizon, Vodafone, and 9mobile, and is used by several brands daily.

CTO of Dotgo Surinder Anand 

Notable Mention: Prove Mobile Authentication – Prove


Richer Customer Engagement

Winner: Sam Media – Mobio360

Mobio360 is a virtual reality streaming content service offering access to hundreds of fully immersive digital experiences, from guided tours of more than fifty world cities, to adrenaline-fueled extreme sports and activities in hundreds of exotic locations.

With the ease of accessibility that direct carrier billing brings, Sam Media provides more than 700,000 Mobio360 subscribers in Africa a window to the world.

With its engaging content, smart streaming capabilities to adjust bandwidth and built-in social sharing functionalities, Mobio360 has encouraged and inspired mobile users on the continent during a time when the pandemic kept everyone indoors.

Anzelle Robertson, Business Development Manager, Sam Media 

Notable Mention: Mission1.5 – Playmob

Mobile Monetisation

Winner: Digital Virgo – Digital Virgo

The tough year 2020 has shown us that innovation is key to achieving sustainable growth. The challenges could only urge Digital Virgo to break new ground in providing Merchants of goods and services with further opportunities in monetizing their content, ticketing, audience and even physical goods.

Digital Virgo deploys a global strategy by interconnecting their expertise in monetization, digital marketing, and most importantly, mobile payment which is natively included across all their services. Their innovative solutions are focused on local adaptation with a priority in monetizing digital services regardless of the countries’ technological level or cultural specificities.

Digital Virgo’s thorough consideration for all regulatory, compliance, technological and security aspects to ensure a sustainable ecosystem makes them the ultimate partner to address novel opportunities of the Mobile Monetization market.

Diego Conforti, CCO at Digital Virgo collects the award for Mobile Monetisation

Notable Mention: Enterprise Network Operator (ENO) – Pod Group

COVID19 Mobile Response

Winner: Infobip – COVID-19 FAQ chatbot over WhatsApp

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, several public and government health organisations across the world – including Public Health England – have been faced with the challenge of providing up-to-date information quickly and at scale, while also combating the spread of coronavirus misinformation.

Infobip, as a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider, has enabled these organisations to build simple, self-service chatbots, which are easily accessible over a publicly available number. Contact with the chatbot is initiated by anyone looking for information related to COVID-19 by entering the number in their contact list and sending “Hi” to it.

This starts a dialogue with the WhatsApp chatbot where users can choose from a list of topics they would like more information on – for example the latest guidelines, travel advice, testing information etc.

Gino Simic, Product Success manager at Infobip, collects the award

Notable Mention: Out There Media – Out There Impact COVID-19 WHO Campaign