MEFTV speaks to mGage’s  Nick Millward, VP of Europe, in Barcelona during the UNMWC meet-ups, about the new consumer report Mobile Messaging State of Mind that mGage commissioned in December 2019 by Arlington Research with a nationally representative sample of 2,000 smartphone owners in the UK.

The research was conducted to get an understanding of how consumers used mobile messaging and the different apps, how they want to engage with brands and how they feel about the communication they receive today from brands. Nick Shared a preview with attendees, which you can watch here.

Millward says “One of the areas that we found was that text messaging is still the most dominant channel, the mobile channel of choice really instead of other OTT solutions such as WhatsApp, Facebook messenger and others, so they really felt that text messaging is still the channel that they would really like to receive messages”.

He goes on to say “one of the other areas we found interesting was that consumers don’t want to talk to the brands as much as previously we found so the preferred channel of choice now is messaging, so consumers are saying we’d rather message the brand than I guess sit on a phone call and try to navigate their way through a very clunky IVR.

To hear more about the findings, watch the rest of the interview. The report is available to download in the MEF Insights Directory now.

Download the Mobile Messaging State of Mind Report

mGage commissioned Arlington Research to conduct an online survey with a nationally representative sample of 2,000 smartphone owners in the UK, in December 2019.

The Mobile Messaging, State of Mind report highlights the key findings from this survey.

It looks at:

  • If different apps are used for different types of messaging
  • How consumers want to engage with brands of all types
  • How consumers feel about the communications they get from brands
    What consumers want from that dialogue with brands

Available now in the MEF Insights Directory

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