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MEFTV talks to Teni Stuffman, Business Development Director for VAS2Nets during MWC 2018, where she shares some background to the company, insights into doing business in Africa and outlines some of their key projects and initiatives.

“Africa is very unique in its own way, we are very tech compliant – any new thing goes viral easily and it just shows that consumers are in support of development, especially when it comes to mobile.  There is this thirst for development, for more, so you are challenged every day to bring something of value. As technology’s growing consumers are growing with it in our region and they want change.”

“Agriculture is key in Africa – we need to look at people who are thirsting for an ecosystem and partner with them. We have started a project called mAgric to help farmers expand beyond providing for their family, we want to be able to make sure they have sufficient information… has enough resources necessary to farm, make sure they are a well-rounded farmer.. and then are able to provide for their community – and there is sustainability.. we need people to start looking at the direction of providing services that are not just for the immediate need, but services that can help a common goal of an ecosystem.

Watch the full video below.

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