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Ubiquity assesses the growing role of mobile marketing automation as their new white paper explores how the tech and digital transformation will disrupt relationships between customers and enterprises.

Estimates are constantly trending upwards: the marketing automation software market is set for for significant increases.

According to recent research from Grand View Research, the global market is forecast to reach a value of $ 7.63 billion by 2025.

The benefits of adopting marketing automation tech have been proved to be fundamental: adopters save time, costs and resources, resulting in quality leads.

In 2015 email was still the largest segment of the marketing mix, at 30% of the total.

But social and other web-based solutions are coming to be much more influential.

Also important are Cloud solutions in managing and providing these services.

The Asia-Pacific region is expected to see the most significant increases from now until 2025 in terms of adoption. India and China, in particular, for the great current and potential consumers, will drive quotas; the annual growth rate for these areas is forecast at 13.5%. In this area, mobile marketing automation has shown enormous potential for growth.

The first remarkable aspect of automation takes advantage of mobile geolocation; which provides a way to completely customize the experience and relationship between enterprise and customer.

The second important aspect is the push notification; although the open rate is still lower than that of SMS or Email, the push notification represents a gold mine for marketers. It is necessary to establish in advance a strategy that can best guide the companies.

  The core and the main driver for the adoption and diffusion of AI technologies remain the data. All of the static and dynamic information about the customer. Profiles. Preferences. Behaviors.”

Mobile is fundamental in creating the contact experience with brands. More and more popular mobile devices bring marketers to increasingly using these tools, especially in the initial stages of the user’s life-cycle.

Marketing Land estimates that mobile devices generate 65% of all digital media interactions, that is an impressive and fast growing numbers.

Even when the customer journey began on the desktop, many people use to switch on mobile immediately afterwards: so UX need to develop in an integrated way on both channels.

On average a “mobile” user interacts with 119 Apps and about 93 sites per day. In this complex environment, Push Notifications ensure an easier user experience, avoiding app deletion or a poor experience of the App in question.

Crazy Egg states that marketers who have used the Push have seen a 15 times increase in the App usage engagement.

Third, but not least, the segmentation path. Which becomes even more functional and via Mobile.

According to Accenture Technology Vision 2017, artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly taking on the role of digital business spokesman, thus becoming the new user interface (UI); 79% of respondents agree that machine learning will revolutionize the way we collect data and the whole interactions with customers.

So Customer Experience will now move on new guidelines.

The core and the main driver for the adoption and diffusion of AI technologies remain the data. All of the static and dynamic information about the customer. Profiles. Preferences. Behaviors.

That is the reason why many vendors are cooperating with data management companies or are building their own resource analysis and machine learning tools.

One of the benefits that artificial intelligence will generate is the capability to analyse a large amount of data in a short time. The data analysis, connected with self-learning systems, will improve the marketing automation performance.

Brands’ main challenge in those days is the real-time interaction with their users. In order to immediately understand tastes, preferences, and inclinations in zero time, dealing with the fast moving reality of this century.

Ubiquity offers a multi-channel platform that handles Push Notification plus Alert SMS and E-Mail. It also offers advisory services based on its multi-year presence in the Messaging industry, thanks to a consolidated approach and long experience with large companies.

Gian Maria Brega



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Marketing Automation and Digital Transformation are disrupting the relationships between companies and customers.

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