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What is the true extent of mobile ‘addiction’? How many mobile users does Alibaba have? Which country is set to displace the US as the world’s second biggest smartphone buyer?

You’ll find the answers to these and many more mobile data related questions in this week’s MEF market stats round up…

Half of US teens admit they are ‘addicted’ to their phones

The insane addictiveness of the smartphone is detailed in a sobering report by Common Sense Media. It says 50 per cent of teens “feel addicted” to mobile devices, and 59 per cent of their parents agree with them. Over one-third of families argue about the issue daily.

The Common Sense poll surveyed 1,240 parents and kids and found smartphone addiction affecting almost every aspect of life. Key findings include:

  • 72 per cent of teens and 48 per cent of parents feel the need to respond immediately to texts, social-networking messages, and other notifications
  • 69 per cent of parents and 78 per cent of teens check their devices at least once an hour
  • 56 per cent of parents admit they check their mobile devices while driving

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Mobile marketing sector set for 4x growth in five years

A new study by MarketsandMarkets says marketers will spend $98.85 billion on smartphone campaigns by 2021. This year’s total will be around $29 billion – that’s a CAGR of 28.1 per cent during the forecast period.

MarketsandMarkets cites the increasing number of mobile phone users, high internet speed, and increasing use of mobile web and mobile applications as reasons for the rise. It lists SMS, MMS, push notifications, email, in-app messages, QR codes and location-based marketing as the tools of the mobile marketer.

The APAC region will be the largest revenue generator region for mobile marketing vendors over the next five years, followed by North America. Latin America will be the fastest-growing region.

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Mobile-for-enterprise market to gross $19.4 billion by 2021

Soaring demand for mobile services in the workplace will cause the industry to grow to five times its current worth in five years’ time.

Research and Markets’ “Managed Mobility Services Market – Global Forecast to 2021” report says the market is worth $4.56 billion now, but will hit $19.4 billion by 2021.

It’s all being driven by the BYOD (bring your own device) trend and by the emergence of various mobile apps to enable mobility among businesses.

North America is expected to hold the largest market share, with the APAC region set to grow at the highest CAGR by 2021.

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Marketing, advertising, and gaming to push mobile AR to $79.77 billion by 2022

Augmented reality is barely a market at all in 2016, but analysts believe it has the potential to command huge spending within a few years.

Mobile AR lets the user overlay digital information over the real environment by focusing the smartphone camera on an object or landscape. It’s being pioneered by companies like Blippar, but there’s speculation that the tech could be pre-loaded on future versions of the main mobile OSs.

Factiva is projecting a CAGR of 69.85 per cent between 2016 and 2022 for the sector. It reckons augmented reality apps in smartphones for marketing, advertising, and gaming will kick the market off.

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India will become the second-largest smartphone market next year

23 per cent annual growth will see India supplant the US and the world’s second largest smartphone market behind China.

A Morgan Stanley report says India alone should account for 30 per cent of the global unit growth in smartphones over the next two years. It adds that the high-end smartphone market will grow especially fast.

At present, it is small, with only six million units at the $300-plus range. That’s six per cent of the total. But macroeconomic and demographic trends, and the emergence of 4G services, will lead users to upgrade to better smartphones over time.

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Alibaba has 410 million active mobile users

China’s e-commerce giant Alibaba added 17m new mobile users in the last quarter. That brings its total mobile audience to 410m.

This growth contributed to a surge in quarterly revenue, up 38 per cent to $3.75 billion. Mobile revenue alone hit $2.03 billion, which was an increase of 149 per cent YOY.

Total gross merchandise volume transacted on Alibaba’s China retail marketplaces is now at $115 billion, and of that GMV, 73 per cent was conducted on mobile.

We achieved strong growth in mobile users, active buyers and transactions,” said Daniel Zhang, CEO of Alibaba Group. “Our focus on long-term strategic priorities — globalization, rural expansion, building a world-class cloud computing business and creating a comprehensive media and entertainment platform — has laid a strong foundation for future growth.”

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Mobile games installs up 30 per cent in Q1

China is driving a big increase in games installs, and Android is the overwhelming platform of choice says a new study by Unity.

The second edition of the “Games by the Numbers” report tracks global game installs using the Unity games engine. It found that overall installs leapt 30 per cent in Q1 2016 compared with Q4 2015.

China represented 31 per cent of the total installs of games made with Unity, while Android represented 81 per cent of the installs.

In Q1 2016, around 220,000 Unity-made games generated 4.2 billion installs across 1.7B unique devices globally.

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