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There’s a reason 75% of our customers come back for more. It’s because mobilesquared analysts have been covering mobile since phones were brick-sized, and have tracked the evolution of mobile data every step of the way. We bring this vast knowledge to everything we do. Based on our analysis, we produce reports that create a buzz and forecasts that shape industries.

This is why we are a trusted research partner to some of the biggest names in mobile — from operators to regulators, service providers, vendors, aggregators, and advertisers alike. It’s also because we’re passionate about what we do and that shows in our work. That’s why our clients engage with us, and that’s what makes mobilesquared tick.

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The A2P opportunity from grey routes to goldmines

Grey route messaging is a huge problem for the A2P industry – costing it nearly $18 billion in 2016 alone. Nick Lane, Chief Insight Analyst at mobilesquared discusses how the industry can work to realise its true potential.

A2P messaging represents a massive opportunity, but right now it has the aura of an industry that is gold-plated as opposed to pure gold. If you sliced open the marketplace today it would be filled with grey.