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Enterprise Communications

What has been the most impactful Omnichannel enterprise comms campaign this year?

SMS-Powered Token Delivery

Revolutionizing Energy Access: Beem’s SMS-Powered Token Delivery for Angaza Solar Users Across Africa


Beem proudly presents its groundbreaking entry, highlighting the transformative impact of SMS in delivering tokens to Angaza Solar users across the vast expanse of Africa. As a pioneering force in providing innovative solutions to the underserved market of pay-as-you-go solar users, Beem has successfully harnessed the power of SMS to overcome formidable challenges, ensuring efficient token delivery to millions of users in remote locations.

Overcoming Challenges:

In the face of limited access to dedicated devices, manpower shortages, remote rural landscapes, and diverse language barriers, Beem’s solution has emerged triumphant. By leveraging the ubiquitous reach of SMS, Beem has successfully navigated these obstacles, enabling the seamless delivery of tokens to users, irrespective of their location or language.

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Scale and Impact:

Month after month, Beem sends an impressive average of over 2 million SMS to solar users, empowering them with the ability to access and manage their pay-as-you-go solar systems. This monumental effort has significantly improved access to energy, particularly benefiting those residing in rural villages who were previously devoid of power. Beem’s commitment to bridging the energy gap has contributed to enhancing the quality of life for communities in need across the African continent.

A Revolutionary Solution:

Beem’s experience and expertise in delivering tokens via SMS stand as a testament to its revolutionary approach in addressing the energy access challenges faced by millions. The company’s unwavering commitment to serving the underserved market reflects a deep understanding of the transformative potential of technology in improving the lives of those in need. Beem firmly believes that its pioneering efforts make it a deserving candidate for recognition and acclaim.


“Revolutionizing Energy Access” encapsulates Beem’s journey in deploying SMS as a powerful tool to deliver tokens and elevate the lives of pay-as-you-go solar users across Africa. The company’s impact on energy accessibility, particularly in remote areas, underscores its commitment to creating positive change. Beem’s revolutionary approach sets a new standard in the industry, making it a strong contender for the esteemed award.

Beem's Moja Omni-channel Solution

Transforming Customer Support: Beem’s Moja Omni-channel Solution for AzamTV in East Africa


In the vibrant landscape of East Africa, AzamTV stands as one of the largest pay-TV providers, catering to over 100,000 customers. Faced with challenges in managing customer inquiries across various channels during major events, AzamTV sought a transformative solution. Beem’s innovative approach with the Moja Omni-channel platform emerged as the catalyst for revolutionizing AzamTV’s customer support.

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Overcoming Challenges:

AzamTV grappled with hundreds of simultaneous inquiries across voice calls, WhatsApp, and Facebook, especially during major events. The inability to share numbers across support team members, coupled with the challenge of monitoring agent performance, posed significant hurdles. Routine queries, such as balance checks, further strained resources. Beem’s solution addressed these challenges by consolidating all chat inquiries into one platform, integrating with WhatsApp, and providing comprehensive reports for performance monitoring.

Scale & Impact:

The implementation of Beem’s Moja Omni-channel platform allowed multiple agents to seamlessly manage inquiries from Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Verified numbers registered with WhatsApp provided a unified communication experience. In-depth reports facilitated performance monitoring and quality assurance, while the addition of chatbots in English and Swahili automated routine requests. Contacts management and tags empowered AzamTV to segment contacts for future communication, fostering true self-service integration with AzamTV systems.

Revolutionary Solution:

Beem’s solution revolutionized AzamTV’s customer support by reducing costs on phone calls by up to 15%. Agents gained the ability to handle more simultaneous requests, leading to faster issue resolution times for routine requests. The introduction of rich conversations with text and image support enhanced support for technical issues, significantly improving customer satisfaction. Promotion of the chat hotline and the self-service chatbot successfully deflected calls to chat, leading to increased customer retention and boosted sales, especially during major events.


“Transforming Customer Support” encapsulates the paradigm shift brought about by Beem’s Moja Omni-channel solution for AzamTV in East Africa. By addressing and overcoming challenges, scaling support operations, and making a revolutionary impact on cost reduction and customer satisfaction, Beem’s solution has proven instrumental. The innovative integration of chatbots, comprehensive reports, and true self-service capabilities has not only elevated AzamTV’s customer support but has set a new standard for customer engagement in the pay-TV industry.

Innovative Loyalty Program on USSD


Sika, a leading construction solutions provider, has consistently demonstrated a commitment to fostering strong relationships with local contractors and Fundis in Tanzania. In pursuit of enhancing brand loyalty and increasing sales, Sika faced the challenge of creating a program that not only resonated with its audience but also engaged and rewarded them effectively.

The Challenge:

Sika recognized the need for a program that could not only boost sales but also establish a sense of belonging among its customers. The challenge was to create a platform that not only attracted local contractors and Fundis but also kept them engaged and loyal to the Sika brand.


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The Solution – Beem’s Innovative Contribution:

Enter Beem, the provider of the groundbreaking solution that seamlessly integrated a reward program into Sika’s operations. Beem’s expertise in utilizing stickers on Sika products and introducing a USSD solution for contractor registration played a pivotal role in transforming Sika’s vision into a reality.

Beem’s USSD solution allowed contractors to easily register for the loyalty program, turning every interaction into an opportunity to connect with Sika. The incorporation of stickers on Sika products served as a unique identifier, making transactions not just about purchases but about building a lasting relationship between Sika and its customers.

The Impact:

The impact of Beem’s solution has been nothing short of transformative. In just one month, the program successfully acquired a substantial number of participants, with approximately 3,700 new leads registering. The total number of transactions, a staggering 16,900, speaks volumes about the program’s effectiveness in driving engagement and transactions within the Sika community.

Out of these transactions, around 14,400 were deemed valid, leading to the disbursal of rewards. This demonstrates the program’s ability to not only attract participants but also retain their interest and participation, resulting in tangible benefits for both Sika and its loyal customers.

Main Purpose Realized:

The primary objective of the loyalty program, as articulated by Sika – to boost sales, enhance brand presence, and cultivate loyalty among Fundis and contractors – has been undeniably achieved. The program has successfully positioned Beem as more than just a solutions provider; it is an innovative partner that can assist any business to achieve their goal.


Beem’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in customer engagement has significantly elevated the impact and reach of Sika’s program, solidifying its place as a pioneer in customer retention, loyalty initiatives, lead generators, and overall communication providers for any industry.

BUT - Omnichannel

BUT is a leading home furnishing retailer in France. With 330 stores nationwide, 80% of the population live less than 20 minutes from their nearest BUT store.

Their mission? Giving everyone the opportunity to bring their dream interior to life, wherever they are, no matter their budget, and without compromising on quality.

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Key figures:

  • No. 2 in French home furnishings
  • € 2.5 billion revenue
  • € 160 million visits per year (including 125 million online)
  • € 10,000 product references
  • € 5 exclusive brands and 6 own brands

Starting their omnichannel journey with WhatsApp:

After 50 years of BUT leaflets (physical catalogues), BUT decided to digitise and create a smooth connection between catalog and their online store. Sinch recommended to use WhatsApp as a distribution channel to meet French audience expectations and to be able to measure performance using behavioural data from WhatsApp analytics. Since the end of 2022, BUT customers have been receiving bi-monthly catalogues via WhatsApp. They can now browse through them very easily, access the e-catalog through their phone whenever they like, and view history to find the product they are interested in.

Satisfied with the WhatsApp catalogue results of 75% read rate, 57% click through rate, and 3x increase in traffic on catalogue landing page, BUT has extended its use of WhatsApp for commercial operations in 2023

Business goals:

– Generate traffic on the company website and in-store.
– Improve the omnichannel journey and offer a seamless customer experience.
– Connect with customers on their preferred channel.
– Generate sales.

Objectives of the project with Sinch:

– Increase the WhatsApp audience.
– Engage the WhatsApp audience in a conversational experience.
– Drive traffic to the web.

The solution:

After successful introduction of WhatsApp catalogues, the decision was made to use this interactive and fluid channel for a “personal shopping assistant” experience. A chatbot shopping assistant was built on Sinch’s Conversational AI platform. This experience was offered to the existing WhatsApp customer base immediately.

The second part of the project was increasing the WhatsApp opt-in base to reach more people. With that goal in mind, several tests were performed in 2023 to find the most effective channel for collecting WhatsApp opt-ins.

Sinch recommended BUT to capitalize on their existing large SMS subscriber base and AB test it with RCS, email, Instagram, and web, to identify which channel has a better conversion rate. With RCS being a new channel for many brands, this was the opportunity to test its impact on click through rates, while SMS played a crucial role to ensure 100% audience reach, including those who don’t have RCS enabled on their phones.

  • SMS messages had text with a rich link inviting the audience to initiate a WhatsApp conversation.
  • RCS messages were composed of a card with an image, headline, text, and a CTA button to start a WhatsApp conversation. They also included BUT logo as a sender, and verified sender badge.

The unique WhatsApp link for SMS, RCS, Email, Instagram, and web was created in Sinch Campaigns. This provided analytics for test validation and data-driven decisions for future channel utilisation.

The results:

  • 74% engagement rate percentage of target audience who started a conversation with chatbot shopping assistant.
  • 51% WhatsApp optins for marketing messages percentage of audience from other channels (SMS, RCS, email, Instagram, and Web) who gave their permission to receive marketing messages on WhatsApp.
  • 66% completion rate percentage of people who started a WhatsApp conversation with shopping assistant and finished it. The completion rate of 66% is higher than the market average and was additionally boosted by creative copywriting and appealing promotions.
  • This project increased BUT’s WhatsApp customer base by 123%.

Comparing channels used to attract new WhatsApp users, RCS was the most successful one. With a click through rate of 20%, which is 4x more than on SMS.

  • RCS attracted 46% of the new WhatsApp audience for BUT.
  • SMS attracted 35% of the new WhatsApp audience.
  • Email, web banners on mobile landing page, and Instagram attracted less than 11% of new WhatsApp audience each.

This was the first RCS campaign for BUT and after its success, they decided to include RCS in their omnichannel customer communication strategy.

From May to December 2023 BUT sent 20 RCS campaigns to over 5M contacts. RCS is now fully integrated in their global CRM strategy for commercial and customer relationship purposes.


Comviva NGAGE is a full stack white labeled CPaaS platform that helps enterprises to engage with their end customers over a secure, reliable, highly available, and scalable cloud communication platform and deliver an omnichannel experience.

NGAGE delivers an enriching customer experience with SMS, Email, Voice, WhatsApp, and Chat powered with conversational AI capabilities. The platform enables easy integration of enterprise applications through programmable APIs.

Key Benefits for the mobile industry of our NGAGE Cloud Solution includes:

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Full-Stack CPaaS Focus: NGAGE serves as a comprehensive Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS) provider with a strong emphasis on core telco channels. This means that industry players can leverage a one-stop solution to enhance their communication services, tapping into various channels critical to their operations.

NGAGE has empowered businesses to effectively monetize their communication services, helping MTN Zambia generate over 197% increase in annual recurring revenue, with a remarkable 172% growth in the number of enterprises onboarded in just the past 3 years.
With the use of NGAGE solution, one of the operators in middle east has been able to gain 1400+ enterprise customers NGAGE has been instrumental in assisting various telcos in generating substantial annual revenue of up to USD 140 million, and this figure continues to grow steadily.

White-Label Capabilities: NGAGE offers a white-label solution tailored for telecommunications companies (telcos). This empowers telcos to brand the platform as their own, ensuring a seamless integration of advanced communication services into their portfolio.

Flexible Deployment Options: NGAGE provides diverse deployment options, including on-premise solutions (physical or virtual) and cloud-based deployments on platforms like AWS and Azure. This flexibility enables these players to choose the deployment model that aligns with their specific infrastructure and scalability needs.

Customized Billing Models: NGAGE accommodates different billing preferences, offering both prepaid and postpaid billing options. Businesses can select the billing model that best suits their financial strategies and customer base.

Varied Charging Models: NGAGE supports a range of charging models, including packaged plans, pay-as-you-go, and slab-based charging. This versatility allows mobile industry companies to tailor their pricing structures to meet the diverse needs and preferences of their customer base.

Partnership Pricing Flexibility: NGAGE doesn’t limit to a single pricing model. It provides options for capex (capital expenditure), usage-based, and revenue-sharing models. This adaptability enables businesses to forge partnerships and collaborations with different organizations under terms that are mutually beneficial.

Reliable Enterprise Communications

In 2023, Dexatel significantly advanced the landscape of enterprise communications through strategic technological innovations, global expansion, and the introduction of groundbreaking business models. Our commitment to making sophisticated omnichannel communication accessible to all, regardless of technical expertise, was exemplified by integrating major platforms such as Zapier, Pipedrive, and This integration has allowed businesses to seamlessly incorporate omnichannel logic into their communications, which in turn has enhanced customer engagement and operational efficiency.

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Our technological innovation was further highlighted by the development of a Conversational API. This technology has transformed omnichannel inboxes into user-friendly interfaces for non-technical users. Thanks to this democratization of technology, businesses of all sizes have had the opportunity to leverage powerful communication tools previously reserved for those with specialized knowledge.

Growth and expansion have been a key focus for Dexatel, with the opening of a new office in Belgrade, Serbia, to strengthen our presence in Europe and enhance our enterprise sales capabilities. The strategic hiring of key positions, including Directors of Wholesale Business Development, Technology, Market Development, and Enterprise Sales, alongside Account Directors for APAC and EMEA, further highlights our commitment to becoming a global leader in enterprise communications.

Our efforts and achievements have not gone unnoticed, as evidenced by receiving the Silver Stevie for Women in Business, the Silver Globee for Achievement of the Year in Customer Service, and the honor of our CEO and Co-Founder, Lilia Yeghiazaryan, being named to the 2023 Women of the Channel list by CRN.

Not to mention, innovating new business models has been pivotal to our success. In 2023, we focused on developing critical services for operators, including A2P monetization, Network Penetration Testing Tools, A2P Out, P2A Monetization, and a comprehensive Telecom Suite. These services are designed to not only enhance the capabilities of mobile network operators (MNOs) but also to integrate our omnichannel solutions. This way, they are not only accessible but also beneficial for the telecom industry at large.

Dexatel’s achievements in 2023 reflect our dedication to pushing the boundaries of enterprise communications. We are confident of us being a deserving candidate for the MEF 2024 Enterprise Communications category. Our innovative approach, global expansion, and commitment to excellence have set new standards in the industry, contributing significantly to the evolution of the mobile ecosystem.

WhatsApp Business API, RCS Messages

Green Ads Global is one of the Leading Business communication service provider. GreenAds Global offers an array of services such as WhatsApp Business API, WhatsApp Business Cloud API, RCS messaging, Bulk SMS, Voice call, Cloud Telephony Services and many more under one roof.

In today’s fast-paced digital world, staying connected with customers is key for businesses. That’s where a reliable WhatsApp API provider comes in. It helps businesses seamlessly interact with customers, making communication easy and efficient. Whether it’s personalized customer interactions or running smooth marketing campaigns, the WhatsApp API is the secret sauce for effective communication. GreenAds Global helps to keep up in the competitive market and make the most of customer engagement.


We proudly nominate our cutting-edge cloud-based communication delivery platform, CPaaS+, enabling telcos to add real-time communication capabilities, such as voice, messaging, email & other OTT channels. By seamlessly deploying application program interfaces (APIs) across multiple channels, it empowers businesses to achieve unparalleled omnichannel communication.

Our CPaaS+ solution offers a distinct edge due to it being:

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– Highly customizable
– Scalable and effortlessly manageable
– Cost-efficient & profitable
– Easily integrable with existing applications

With our platform, enterprises can:
– Verify user data across multiple channels
– Notify the customers on their preferred channel
– Build communication flows to resolve critical issues
– Interact with customers via live agents through chatbox
– Sell products directly through OTT channels
– Seamlessly integrate with existing CRM platform

CPaaS+ helps enterprises track customer journeys, creating transparency to enhance CX and customer data privacy.
It stands as a testament to our commitment to enabling innovation in communication technology.

Power SMPP

We provide comprehensive white-label enterprise-grade messaging solutions, offering high availability and throughput for A2P SMS businesses. Our unique selling proposition lies in delivering an end-to-end solution on a single platform, facilitating wholesale and retail A2P SMS hubbing.

This platform integrates Billing, Advanced Routing, and protocol-neutral Gateway Connections. Additionally, our WhatsApp Cloud and RCS stack empower enterprises to transition into a full-fledged CPaaS provider.

Zepto - Omnichannel Communication

Karix: Pioneering Omnichannel Engagement for Zepto

In today’s fast-evolving digital landscape, effective communication between businesses and customers has become more critical than ever. With consumers interacting across various channels and platforms, the need for omnichannel communication has never been greater. Karix, a pioneer in the CPaaS landscape and a wholly owned subsidiary of Tanla Platforms Limited, understands this need and stands at the forefront of transforming business-customer interactions. Through its comprehensive suite of messaging channels—from traditional SMS and voice to modern platforms like WhatsApp, RCS, and AI-powered chatbots Karix enables businesses to deliver seamless and secure customer experiences at scale.

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Importance of Omnichannel Communication

In a world where consumer attention spans are constantly shrinking, omnichannel communication has emerged as a strategic imperative for businesses seeking to connect with their audience effectively. By leveraging multiple channels, businesses can meet customers where they are, delivering personalized and relevant messages that resonate across various touchpoints. Karix ensures that businesses can harness the power of omnichannel communication to its fullest potential, enabling them to craft unparalleled communication strategies that drive engagement and foster long-term customer relationships.

Zepto’s Quest for Connection: Bridging Brands and Consumers

Zepto, a leader in quick commerce, recognizes the importance of meaningful and efficient customer engagement in today’s digital landscape. With a deep understanding of the challenges posed by the cluttered communication landscape, Zepto embarked on a quest to redefine the essence of customer communication. Partnering with Karix, Zepto aimed to leverage innovative omnichannel strategies to bridge the gap between brands and consumers, delivering seamless and personalized experiences across multiple channels.

Crafting the Future of Engagement: Zepto and Karix’s Collaborative Triumph

Together, Zepto and Karix embarked on a mission to craft the future of customer engagement. By leveraging Karix’s extensive toolkit and Zepto’s market insights, the partnership deployed an omnichannel strategy that prioritized relevance and personalization. Through targeted communication across WhatsApp, RCS, and SMS, Zepto ensured that customers received messages tailored to their preferences, avoiding the pitfalls of generic messaging strategies.

A New Benchmark in Customer Engagement: Zepto’s Omnichannel Mastery

The collaborative efforts of Zepto and Karix have resulted in groundbreaking achievements, redefining the landscape of enterprise communication. Zepto’s omnichannel campaign, powered by Karix’s innovative solutions, has achieved remarkable milestones:

  • Engagement Acceleration: Enabled seamless interactions for over 7 million new users with Zepto’s app.
  • WhatsApp Impact: Delivered an impressive over 200 million communications, setting a new standard for engagement.
  • SMS Reach: Successfully disseminated promotions to a vast audience, reaching over 168 million recipients and enhancing brand recall.
  • RCS Innovation: Pioneered new avenues for customer interaction through the distribution of 4.7 million messages
  • Omnichannel Harmony: Orchestrated a synchronized strategy across platforms, delivering targeted promotions, timely reminders, and secure authentication to millions of users.

Zepto’s success, fueled by Karix’s innovative solutions, showcases the transformative power of strategic omnichannel communication. By prioritizing personalized, thoughtful communication strategies, Zepto has not only revolutionized customer engagement but has also set the stage for the future of marketing in the digital age.

Credit Vidya - Omnichannel Solution

Revolutionizing Financial Accessibility: The Karix and Credit Vidya Story

In today’s fast-paced financial landscape, accessibility and inclusivity are paramount. For businesses like Credit Vidya, navigating the challenge of providing personal loan accessibility to first-time borrowers is crucial for fostering financial inclusion. However, traditional credit systems often exclude individuals without established credit histories. To address this, Credit Vidya sought to leverage technology to streamline the credit analysis process and enhance customer outreach, making financial services more inclusive and accessible.

Importance of Omnichannel Communications

Omnichannel communication plays a pivotal role in achieving these objectives. By utilizing a combination of messaging channels, businesses can reach customers where they are, providing personalized and seamless experiences across various touchpoints. Karix, a pioneer in the CPaaS landscape, recognizes the importance of omnichannel communications in transforming business-customer interactions. With its diverse array of messaging channels from traditional SMS and voice to modern platforms like WhatsApp, RCS, and AI-powered chatbots Karix empowers businesses to deliver secure and seamless customer experiences at scale.

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Navigating the Challenge: Credit Vidya’s Quest for Inclusivity

In partnership with Karix, Credit Vidya embarked on a transformative journey to make personal loan accessibility a reality for first-time borrowers. By leveraging Karix’s omnichannel communication solutions, Credit Vidya aimed to expand its reach and enhance customer engagement, ultimately fostering financial inclusion and accessibility.

Strategic Solutions and Impactful Results

The collaboration between Karix and Credit Vidya has yielded remarkable outcomes:

  • Extensive Reach: Achieved through over 6 million WhatsApp, 90 million SMS, and 64 million RCS message interactions monthly.
  • Financial Growth: Witnessed a 97% surge in profit margins within just six months.Service Innovation: Introduced a range of personalized
  • Services, including easy loan applications, health credit report cards, personalized credit card reports, EMI due updates, app downloads and KYC updates, payment and loan application status updates, fraud alerts, OTPs, and delivery updates.
  • Enhanced Customer Engagement: Fostered loyalty and enriched user experiences through customized interactions.

The Karix and Credit Vidya story exemplifies the transformative power of omnichannel communications in revolutionizing financial accessibility and inclusivity. By leveraging Karix’s innovative solutions, Credit Vidya has not only expanded its reach but has also enhanced customer engagement and fostered financial inclusion, setting a new standard for enterprise communication campaigns.

Webex Connect, RCS Branded Text

Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) is a Canadian multinational financial services company and the largest bank in Canada, serving over 17 million clients and bringing in 56.3 billion CAD in revenue in 2023.

With banking fraud on the rise in Canada, RBC proactively sought a solution to safeguard its customers while simultaneously enhancing service quality. The bank strategically adopted Communications Platform as a Service solution, Webex Connect, to introduce RCS Branded Text. This innovative approach not only instills a heightened sense of security among customers but also assures them that the messages they receive originate from a trustworthy source. RBC’s Branded Text campaign stands as the first of its kind in North America, establishing a new standard for messaging security in the financial industry.

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In September 2023, the bank seamlessly transitioned their multi-factor authentication over to Webex Connect. And in December 2023, RBC rolled out a second initiative through the platform providing real-time financial alerts to clients, notifying them of debit card transactions. Currently, the bank dispatches approximately 13 million messages each month for both use cases, with expectations of further increased volume.

This proactive approach empowers RBC to stay ahead of fraud threats and offer their customers an elevated CX with verified messages including logos and taglines. With Webex Connect, RBC not only safeguards its clients but also leads the financial industry in setting new benchmarks for security and customer engagement.


At Smadex, we go beyond just delivering ads we drive growth with efficiency and transparency. Our data-driven customer segmentation and precise targeting ensured highly relevant ads reached potential ‘Guardian Tales’ players. Real-time campaign optimization and expert assistance in securing premium ad inventory showcased our commitment to success, exceeding expectations.

Our customized approach, data-driven targeting, real-time optimization, and creative consulting have redefined the landscape, making Smadex the ultimate choice for achieving remarkable results in the CTV realm.

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Smadex’s innovative CTV solution has set a new standard in gaming marketing, delivering exceptional results for the popular Nintendo Switch game, ‘Guardian Tales.’ Faced with challenges in reaching console gamers through traditional channels, Smadex offered a budget-friendly and effective solution, resulting in a 30% increase in installs on the platform.

Smadex’s tailored CTV campaign addressed the unique needs of the client, achieving outstanding outcomes:

– User acquisition and increased sales for the Nintendo Switch version
– 20% improvement in marketing cost efficiency compared to previous efforts
– Over 30% average daily inflow increase during the campaign period
– Improved visibility and reach to target customers
– Secured premium ad inventory in the U.S. within budget constraints
– Successful and tailored creative consulting for TV-targeted ad materials

Tata Communications Customer Interaction Suite

Tata Communications Customer Interaction Suite (CIS) enables contextual, hyper-personalized and trusted interactions at scale through the entire customer journey – from acquisition, purchase to service, retention and advocacy.

A key component of CIS is our interaction management platform (Engage) that delivers personalized interactions seamlessly across multiple channels, driving efficiency, boosting marketing ROI, and fostering enduring customer relationships across the entire lifecycle.

Key features of Engage include:

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1. Seamless and Contextual Agent Assist: Elevate customer experiences by seamlessly integrating human assistance as needed. Empower agents with contextual insights, enabling them to provide personalized support during conversations, thus enhancing overall engagement and satisfaction.
2. Conversational Brilliance at Scale: Harness the power of AI-driven and gen AI enable conversational chatbots to deliver automated interactions that mirror human conversations. This capability ensures engaging and efficient interactions, even when managing high volumes of customer inquiries and requests.
3. Personalized Omnichannel Campaigns: Unlock the potential of smart segmentation and seamless integration across multiple channels to deliver targeted messages to the right audience. By tailoring interactions to individual preferences and behaviors, Engage maximizes the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and enhances customer engagement.
4. Data Control, Security, and Compliance: With a pure-play cloud solution offering both on-premise and cloud hosting options, Engage prioritizes data control, security, and compliance with local regulations. This ensures that sensitive customer data remains protected, whether hosted on-premise or in the cloud, while also adhering to regulatory requirements in different regions.

Telin NeuAPIX

To drive the progress of cutting-edge digital services, Telin formed several strategic partnerships to support the emergence of products such as NeuAPIX, SD-WAN, NeuTrafiX, and TNeX.

Telin’s CPaaS is called Telin NeuAPIX which enables our stakeholders to respond quickly and seamlessly to their customers on different channels. NeuAPIX’s Voice and Text AI-powered Virtual Assistant is designed to help customers resolve queries in real-time across multiple channels, 24/7, with the ability to seamlessly bring in human customer service staff as needed for complex queries.

Telin NeuAPIX is a Cloud-based Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS) that enables real-time Omni-channel features with core capabilities in voice, messaging, and Intelligent services/AI, without our partners needing to build their own infrastructure.

Telin NeuAPIX’s voice and text AI-Powered Virtual Assistant is designed to help customers resolve queries in real-time across multiple channels, 24/7, with the ability of human+AI collaboration to seamlessly bring in human customer service staff as needed for complex queries. A practical solution that lets businesses digitally engage with customers on the channel of their preference, and build ‘magic’ connections with customers through meaningful responses in order to create high Customer Lifetime Value.

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Telin NeuAPIX offers a powerful suite of tools to businesses seeking to enhance their customer communication strategies. With Telin NeuAPIX, we are offering:
– Advanced AI Conversational Omni-channel. By selecting this feature, our customers are able to leverage the power of AI and human intelligence.
A combination of both of them is realized by designing a robust chatbot or voicebot on a simple no-code bot NLP (Natural Language Processing) builder and seamlessly bringing the human into the system as needed, through personalized workflows across channels ready 24/7.

– Bot Studio Flow Builder
This feature allows users to create and manage the conversational logic and decision-making processes of a bot without extensive coding knowledge.

– Campaign Manager
Telin NeuAPIX will deliver messages globally with campaign automation across channels, enabling small-medium businesses and enterprises to automate the delivery of their messages globally for better managing their user engagement over a variety of communication channels.

– Programmable API
Telin NauAPIX offers a programmable toolkit, empowering customers to send and receive SMS and WhatsApp globally as part of their communication program through APIs, unlocking the ultimate suite of powerful SMS APIs to exchange messages worldwide seamlessly; our team of experts leverages Telin’s comprehensive capabilities to recommend tailored solutions, optimizing performance and efficiency for their unique business needs.

– Agent Ticketing System
The Agent Ticketing System integrates communication features with ticketing functionalities to efficiently handle and organize customer requests. This system assigns tickets to agents, monitors their status, and facilitates smooth collaboration among team members.

– WhatsApp Business Platform
NeuAPIX’s WhatsApp Business Platform is the most recently added feature, providing businesses with a user-friendly and engaging channel for two-way conversations, ensuring quality interactions, and enabling scalable automation to meet customer demands effectively.

Telin serves as a Meta WhatsApp Telecom BSP, providing various WhatsApp Business features including WhatsApp Business API, green tick verification, sending broadcast messages for marketing campaigns, alerts and notifications, authentication via OTP (One-Time Password), and enabling rich conversational interactions.

Use Case of NeuAPIX in BATIC 2023
Telin is actively involved in telecommunications global events, including BATIC, a flagship event hosted by Telin, offering a fertile ground for fostering collaboration, facilitating knowledge exchange, and catalyzing industry-wide development.

We have effectively implemented Telin NeuAPIX for BATIC 2022 and maintained a pivotal role throughout BATIC 2023 in facilitating communication and enhancing customer engagement.

At BATIC 2023, Telin used Telin NeuAPIX to deploy AI chatbot “Briana.” It handled customer queries on multiple channels, offering 24/7 multilingual support and routing complex issues to human agents.

Telin NeuAPIX has successfully integrated all digital touch points for BATIC such as official emails ( and, website (, mobile app BATIC, Telin’s website, Telin social media, and the Whatsapp Business.

These features enabled us to achieve several goals: Firstly, it allowed us to enhance awareness by promptly delivering updated information about BATIC in real-time. Secondly, it streamlined the registration process by offering participants multiple registration channels. Thirdly, it facilitated the pre-event and on-site communication, creating an interactive channel between participants and the committee. Finally, it boosted post-event engagement by providing real-time feedback and throwback moments.

An instance of TElin NeuAPIX’s application occurred during the Conference’s session (one of BATIC’s highlight events), where all attendees had the opportunity to directly pose questions and share thoughts with speakers and panelists, facilitating prompt responses to both sides.

In 2023, BATIC achieved remarkable success, witnessing a substantial increase in participants by 50.96%, rising from 675 in 2022 to 1,012 in 2023. Company participation surged by 73.30%, climbing from 191 to 331 companies. Moreover, the number of participating countries grew by 24.14%, from 29 to 36 countries, representing the delegates.

As result, satisfaction levels for BATIC 2023 also soared from an impressive 85% in 2022 to an outstanding 93%.

The Enhancement of NeuAPIX in 2024 with NeuAPIX 2.0

In 2024, we’re enhancing our NeuAPIX with an upgraded platform featuring a comprehensive dashboard designed to serve as a command center for our partners’ omni-channel communication requirements.

This dashboard enables users to efficiently oversee communication across diverse channels within NeuAPIX messaging channels. Additionally, we’re introducing the NeuAPIX campaign manager, serving as the central hub for creating and managing broadcast messages across various channels. Lastly, we’re introducing the NeuAPIX agent ticketing system, providing users with a centralized platform for managing and resolving customer inquiries.

RCS Billing

RCS is poised to transform the enterprise market by delivering a richer customer experience with higher engagement. However, while RCS Business Messaging (RBM) is a powerful tool for brands to communicate with their customers, it also presents a significant challenge to mobile operators who want to capture a larger share of the enterprise market.

Most RBM messaging is currently handled centrally through Google, and operators have limited control over the traffic. They rely on RBM billable reports from Google with pre-defined event types, making the reconciliation process complex, especially for extended campaigns over a long period. The RBM message is charged at its delivery, and, by default, there is no time out for delivering a message.

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In addition, many operators currently perform RBM billing manually, which hinders their ability to scale up the business and limits their offering to enterprises. The billable events defined by Google are: Basic message, Single message, A2P conversation, P2A conversation, and P2A message. However, operators need a more flexible and dynamic approach to be competitive and turn RBM into a profitable revenue stream.
TOMIA Telarix is bringing its expertise in traditional SMS A2P to the growing RBM market, empowering operators to offer RBM directly to enterprises or via aggregators. Our automated billing services allow operators to define their RBM termination prices for all billable events and provide flexible offerings on top of the Google billable events, including session-based charging models, discounts, bundles, volume or revenue-based tiered pricing, and monthly active user-based pricing.

With the use of TOMIA Telarix’s RBM billing services, operators can ensure the continued profitability of their business in the evolving enterprise market while enabling their enterprise customers to reach their customers through a more robust messaging channel.

TOMIA Telarix is a leading provider of wholesale solutions enabling global operator-to-operator and operator-to-enterprise partner relationships for over 25 years. We empower operators to keep pace with voice and messaging market evolution, business pressures, and enterprise demands through flexible and automated price list management, routing, rating, and billing. We serve operators of all sizes, individuals and groups, and help them navigate the rapidly growing RBM market.

VSPAGY Personalized and Interactive Video Gamified Experience

VSPAGY is an advanced AI powered personalized video interactivity SaaS platform, trusted by over 75+ large marque enterprise customers. Since its inception in 2019, the platform has generated over 500 million personalized video interactivity streams, enhancing customer communication efforts across multiple industries as well as customer lifecycle journey.

The VSPAGY enterprise customer base includes ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, AXIS Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Union Bank of India, Yes Bank, Max Life Insurance, HDFC Life, TATA AIG, SBI Life, Royal Sundaram, Hyundai Motors, Hero Motors, IndusInd Bank, Canara HSBC, Bajaj Alliance Life Insurance, AU Small Finance Bank, ICICI Prudential Life Insurance, PineLabs, Tanishq, Titan, Fastrack, Blackberrys, amongst others.

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Campaign Name: Max Life Insurance Company Limited & VSPAGY Agent Advisors Engagement Campaign

Campaign Details: Max Life Insurance Company leveraged the VSPAGY Personalized Video Interactivity platform to create a campaign for a recruitment drive for Agent Advisors with a gamified experience.
Max Life Insurance wanted to drive requirement for their agent advisors and for that they wanted to attract people for working with Max Life. The opportunity was to leverage the VSPAGY platform and create personalized video interactive engagement with the prospective agent advisors.

The company wanted to deliver a gamified experience which would excite the individuals to join Max Life as agent advisors.

The VSPAGY Solution:

We created a lead generation campaign. With just one video, Max Life Insurance was able to distribute personalized video interactivity stream(s) at scale to individuals simultaneously via the SMS channel. The individual’s experience gets more relevant and interesting as the video starts with their personalized name and guides them through the instructions to play the game.
Through video interactivity, the prospective agent advisors were able to interact with clickable buttons which were present in the video and were prompted to initiate the game by clicking on [Let’s find out] button.

A ‘spectrum of happiness’ element appeared along side the questions as they started to play. Individuals could respond to a series of questions by choosing an emoji and were able to navigate through the previous and next question with the help of [go back] or [next] buttons.
Depending on the response given on each question, their individual spectrum of happiness displayed colors either partially or fully. The video also allowed prospective agent advisors to see how their final ‘spectrum of happiness’ looks like as when they click on [Get report].
Individuals were able to show interest for work opportunity as agent advisor by clicking on [Give a call] and/or [get a call back]. Once they clicked on any of the two a form pops up which asks to enter their Name and Mobile Number all from within the video.
Campaign Results:

Unique views have been 25% and Engagement CTAs were over 35% amongst all those who viewed the videos as 12% of all recipients interacted with [Give a call] and [Get a call] back buttons present in the video. Referrals percentage was over 30% and more than 100% amongst all those who viewed the videos.

Data is shared only on percentage basis to protect client confidentiality.


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