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Enterprise Communications

What has been the most impactful Omnichannel enterprise comms campaign this year?


We are proud to submit our entry on the Power of USSD in Solving Challenges for Ifakara Research Institutions. Beem has been instrumental in helping Ifakara Research Institution overcome significant challenges, including limited internet access, remote rural locations, language barriers, and limited dedicated devices and manpower.

Recently, we worked with Ifakara Research Institution on a project to collect data on how many citizens in Tanzania have received and perceived COVID-19 testing. This research was targeting  10,000 people in a remote rural area. The institution faced multiple challenges, including limited internet access, language barriers, and the need for a cost-effective solution.

USSD was the solution to these challenges. By leveraging its ability to operate without the need for an internet connection or dedicated devices, we were able to reach remote rural villages and engage with a diverse audience, regardless of language barriers. The use of USSD allowed us to deliver the project under budget and effectively communicate with participants to ensure the successful completion of the testing.

Our experience in utilizing USSD to solve these challenges and successfully deliver this important COVID-19 research project makes us a deserving candidate for this award.

We are proud to submit our entry on the Power of SMS in Delivering Tokens to Angaza Solar Users Across Africa. Beem has been at the forefront of providing innovative and impactful solutions to the underserved market of pay-as-you-go solar users in Africa.

By leveraging the power of SMS, we have been able to overcome significant challenges, including limited access to dedicated devices and manpower, remote rural locations, and language barriers. Our solution has allowed us to reach millions of solar users across Africa, delivering tokens quickly and efficiently, regardless of their location or language.

Every month, we send on average over 2 million SMS to solar users, providing them with the ability to access and manage their pay-as-you-go solar systems. Our solution has improved access to energy for those in rural villages who may have previously been without power, bridging the energy gap and improving the quality of life for communities in need.

We believe that our experience and expertise in delivering tokens via SMS make us a deserving candidate for this award. Our commitment to serving the underserved market and improving access to energy in Africa is a testament to the positive impact of our solution.


We are thrilled to submit our application for recognition of our solution to product authentication. Our company is passionate about providing secure and trustworthy services to guarantee that our clients and their customers receive genuine products.

Our solution was designed to address the critical problem of counterfeit products and ensure the security of Assa Abloy products. We introduced a novel system of authentication through the use of SMS stickers.

This solution offers a convenient, yet secure method of verifying the authenticity of products. By sending the code from the sticker via SMS, customers can easily confirm the legitimacy of their purchases. This not only safeguards the brand and reputation of Assa Abloy, but also gives consumers the confidence that they are obtaining authentic products.

Our solution has been widely adopted and has already made a significant impact in combating counterfeit products. We believe that our dedication to security and innovation makes us a deserving candidate for this award.

Thank you for considering our application. We are proud of the work that we have done to improve the security and trust of our clients’ products and to fight against counterfeit products.

BlackBerry AtHoc

BlackBerry® AtHoc® is a networked Critical Event Management System trusted by over 2,000 organizations globally to unify their crisis communications. It delivers comprehensive protection for personnel and provides leaders with the information they need to make critical safety decisions. It combines a secure emergency notification system with incident response tools and capabilities—so organizations can quickly deploy their response teams and enable them to better prepare for, respond to, and recover from critical events faster.

BlackBerry AtHoc is recognised as the most secure critical event management solution on the market, and for its superior communication and collaboration capabilities, ability to integrate with any endpoint and excellence in providing situational awareness and actionable intelligence.

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The BlackBerry AtHoc platform connects employees, the public and essential services—so they can deliver critical information quickly and reliably. Send official notifications from wherever they are to reach everyone within a specified area. Members of the community can also sign up for enhanced notifications about potential events that may impact them.

BlackBerry AtHoc is integrated with FEMA’s Integrated Public Alert & Warning System (IPAWS) and Canada’s National Public Alerting System (NAAD).

A long-trusted, secure vendor to local, state and national governments worldwide, BlackBerry AtHoc is a FedRAMP-authorized vendor and the first mass notification and public safety communication solution on the StateRAMP-Authorized Products list and is trusted by organizations around the world such as Greater Manchester Police, the American Red Cross and the Civil Nuclear Constabulary.

BlackBerry AtHoc critical event management software protects 85% of U.S. federal government employees, allowing a majority of U.S. agencies to meet requirements and communicate with each other and commercial entities.

Consentica - Consent Management Platform

Consentica – The Consent & Preference Management Platform, It is a Blockchain based platform which helps Enterprises to Collect, Document, and Manage the Consents of their customers, in accordance with the Global and Indian  Unsolicited Commercial Communications and Data Privacy regulations.

Consentica helps in collection of Consents via various offline and Online touchpoints of an Enterprise such as Website, Mobile App, QR Code, Web Forms, etc. It will also help in managing the entire consent life-cycle from collection to renewals to opt-out/expiry.Consentica is a Unified Consent management platform and acts as a Source of Truth for all the consent subjects. Consent Insights helps in getting a 360 degree view into the customer consent footprint across collection methods, geographies and demographics.

The Preference manager helps in delivering the customer communication on the right channel, right time for right product.

Comviva NGAGE

Comviva and Orange Morocco join forces to offer Ngage, an omnichannel CPaaS platform

Problem statement:

Orange Morocco, headquartered in Casablanca is one of the leading telecom operators in Morocco having more than 15+ million subscribers.  Orange needed a CPaaS platform to enable its enterprises with contextual and effective ‘communication’ with their end customers and also manage E2E message delivery across all operators.

Sending A2P traffic from one operator’s SMSC to another operators SMSC was a challenge owing to the regulations. Billing / reconciliation, charging of messages and high delivery failures were concerns which demanded for a robust platform solution as the erstwhile platform could not segregate traffic from different networks.

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To cater to Orange’s need, Comviva NGAGE An Omnichannel CPaaS Platform was deployed. Ngage helps the enterprises engage with their end customers over a secured, reliable, highly available and scalable cloud communication platform. It is a proven solution, handling close to 80+ billion messages in a year. It enables operators to manage services, updates and communication across various channels and handle varied forms of messages from multiple enterprises and partners with easy to use APIs.

It provides a single window for management, ensuring reduced TCO to enhance the revenues for the operator. Ngage integrated with INWI SMSC and Maroc Telecom SMSC seamlessly to delivery messages to respective network directly.

Impact and highlights:

  • 300+ enterprises on boarded on the platform for various use cases like brand promotion and offers for customer acquisition and loyalty, transaction messages, OTPs, etc.
  • Reduction in failure rate as Ngage identifies absent subscribers and memory full handsets beforehand
  • More than 7 million messages delivered every month with an accuracy of 99.9+ %
  • Savings on network and capacity expansions at SMSC for host operator
  • Higher success in delivery rates results in enterprise stickiness

Business messaging and communications solutions

We at Dexatel want to apply for the Enterprise Communications award because we believe that our communication practices and technologies are best-in-class and deserve recognition.

We have implemented a variety of cutting-edge customer service and strategies that have enabled us to effectively communicate and collaborate with our employees, partners, and customers.

Additionally, we have developed a strong culture of open and transparent communication within our organization, which has led to increased productivity, employee satisfaction, and customer loyalty. Winning this award would be a great honor and recognition of our company’s commitment to excellence in enterprise communication.

RCS and WhatsApp business solution

GreenAds Global has provided service to its customer for both RCS messaging and WhatsApp Business solution and has helped 300+ brands to channelize there enterprise communication through RCS and WhatsApp business Solution.

We help our customers with customized solution to use the latest messaging channels such as RCS and WhatsApp for there Enterprise communication.

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GreenAds Global serves above three thousand businesses to solve their problems in reaching their target audiences through cloud-based communication platforms such as SMS, Google RCS messaging, MiRCS, and WhatsApp Business Cloud API. Our services are not limited to a single vertical but are spread over many verticals including financial services like banks and financial institutions, automobiles, education, retail, and healthcare. Businesses can reach their customers using one or a combination of different mobile communication channels and for that, we have launched Telinfy, a multi-purpose platform for business communication in which customers can reach their target audiences through different messaging channels under one roof.

Conversational marketing is changing the way of business communication and this opens up various opportunities for GreenAds Global, as our services can be used by any business of any size. Currently, the customer base includes Retailers, Banking Entities, NBFCs, Consumer Durables, and Hospitals and Laboratories. In near future, we are expecting to make our presence in all industries, especially for those who need frequent communication to build a more personalized relationship with their clients. We are well equipped to make customer engagement to a new level, hence better CX. We plan to expand globally in the nearby future so that the business of the company is growing overseas with UAE being the primary market.

We have grown consistently, and looking forward to meeting our targets each year, empowering our team and products. We expect to make more investments in each area of our business.

Conversational Engagement solutions

Gupshup’s Auto Bot Builder is a powerful tool that harnesses the power of GPT-3 to automatically and effortlessly build advanced chatbots tailored to enterprise requirements. Auto Bot Builder leverages the GPT-3 LLM (Large Language Model) and fine-tunes it using proprietary enterprise knowledge base and domain expertise – resulting in a chatbot specialized to an enterprise.

With the Auto Bot Builder tool, a business user can instantly build a chatbot using content from their website, documents, message logs, product catalogs, database, and other corporate systems of record. The tool accepts content of any size, processes it and fine-tunes the Large Language Model (LLM) to the specific context.


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The chatbots built with the Auto Bot Builder demonstrate an exceptionally high degree of language capability that truly engages the end user. They can handle virtually any natural-language query posed by the user and provide meaningful responses in almost all scenarios. Businesses can build these chatbots for each stage of the customer lifecycle including marketing, commerce and support. Use cases include marketing offers, lead gen, product discovery, product recommendations, shopping advice, troubleshooting, customer support, etc.

The launch initiative saw 2000+ enterprise and mid-market companies requesting for early access and is in deployement stage for a handful fortune 500 brands within 1 week of launch, proving the market’s need for such innovation and adoption.

Southwark Council RCS Campaign

Southwark London Borough Council is a local authority in the UK with responsibilities for council tax and local services such as housing, education, environment and more. They had faced issues when sending communications via SMS and email, with customers often unsure of the legitimacy of the message they are receiving.

See how we worked with their existing technology partner, Telsolutions, to use Webex Connect and RCS Business Messaging to improve the communications experience. Download the case study to find out how:

  • RCS build consumer trust and increased engagement rates for payment collection.
  • That 90% consumers felt more reassured and better served than before.
  • Southwark are planning to use the channel for more use cases across their teams.

NetSfere Enterprise

NetSfere, a global provider of next-generation secure and compliant messaging and mobility solutions, has elevated its enterprise-grade communication and collaboration platform with the addition of SecureMeet, a secure and engaging new virtual meeting experience.

SecureMeet extends NetSfere’s industry-leading enterprise communication platform to allow employees to engage internally or externally in a secure collaborative environment without sacrificing productivity or compliance requirements.

Companies in banking, healthcare, legal and more are paying billions of dollars in fines due to their use of non-compliant consumer-grade messaging apps like WhatsApp that continue to violate regulatory requirements. The problem doesn’t lay only in monetary risk but also exposes the sensitive data to data breaches and cybersecurity threats.

NetSfere’s industry-leading secure messaging platform provides all preferred means of communication anytime, anywhere with any device via text, voice and video, in addition to emergency alert capabilities to present the most holistic, compliant, all-in-one enterprise-grade communication solution. Created with end-to-end encryption and full IT control, the platform is compliant with global regulations and provides users with a private, highly secure and reliable, centrally managed and controlled, cloud-based messaging and collaboration service.

Life Insurance Department at Covea Group: Conversational marketing

Life Insurance Department at Covea Group

Covea Group is one of Europe’s largest insurance providers specializing in motor, home, health and protection, savings and pensions, reinsurance, and life. Their activities in the savings and retirement market forms part of a rational diversification that respects the interests of their members and customers.

Challenge: Low conversion rates and need for an end-to-end conversational customer experience

Digital transformation is central to the Covea Group, France’s largest insurance company, to provide the best possible customer experience across channels and platforms.

The Life Insurance Department at the Covea Group wanted to stand out in the marketplace by enhancing their existing SMS and Email marketing campaigns. Their goal was to move away from transactional and product-based communications and adopt an advanced conversational approach to engage with customers.


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The Life Insurance Department at the Covea Group, for the brand MMA CAP, had previously run a campaign over SMS and Email for their life insurance products in 2020 and were looking to improve it further with a conversational marketing campaign over a single channel that would increase the conversion rate. The previous campaign saw customers receiving an email or SMS with a link to the landing page. Customers then had the option of interacting with a chatbot on the landing page. However, jumping between different channels led to low conversions rate and Life Insurance Department of Covea Group wanted to enhance this conversational experience by delivering it over one single channel.

The focus was to:

  • Move from transactional to conversational communication channels
  • Make the messaging around their retirement products more attractive to existing and prospective customers
  • Increase awareness and appointments for their retirement products
  • Move from a multichannel approach with SMS, email and landing page to omnichannel with the inclusion of RCS Business Messaging

Solution: An end-to-end conversational marketing campaign with omnichannel capabilities

To create a conversational marketing campaign across a variety of channels, Life Insurance Department of Covéa Group needed a communication platform that could:

  • leverage their customer data to create personalized campaigns,
  • integrate a lead generation chatbot,
  • and automate messaging flows.

That’s where Infobip’s omnichannel cloud communication platform came in. Our expertise in RCS, email and SMS, powered by our customer engagement solution Moments, customer data platform People CDP and chatbot building platform Answers, gave Life Insurance Department at Covea Group the perfect environment to experiment and build an effective campaign.

The conversational marketing journey

Life Insurance Department at Covea Group found a simple solution with Infobip, empowering them to experiment with maximum agility in the construction of the campaign.

  • Personalized messaging: Life Insurance Department had already segmented their customers based on age, income, and current packages. People CDP fed this segmented data into the platform and allowed them to create automated flows within Moments that delivered personalized messages.
  • Omnichannel setup: Infobip helped Life Insurance Department of Covéa Group implement RCS Business Messaging, giving them a channel that had the same conversational interface of chat apps. RCS provided an unobtrusive conversational experience over Android devices. It allowed the target audience to engage with the message via an interactive quiz to educate them on the product, assess their needs and enable them to show interest and get contacted by an agent – all within the same channel.

Customers could choose answers that were displayed via a carousel and were sent through an appropriate flow dependent on the option they chose. For customers who reached the end of the quiz and were happy to be contacted by an agent, an email was triggered via Moments to an advisor, prompting an immediate call back.

The interactive quiz over RCS was setup via our customer engagement solution Moments that triggered the questions based on customer intent and replies.

For those who could not receive RCS messages or opted out, a seamless switch over to SMS was triggered via Moments along with an email notification.

• Conversational chatbot: The SMS and Email campaign directed customers to a landing page where they could show interest in subscribing to the insurance plan. A conversational chatbot guided them through the process thanks to Infobip’s Live Chat powered by Answers.

Results: 11% conversion rate with a conversational marketing approach

The campaign targeted 15,000 customers, of which 20% were reached via RCS. The omnichannel setup ensured that undelivered RCS messages were sent via SMS, and for customers that didn’t have a mobile number an Email was sent. This ensured high deliverability of messages.

A similar campaign in 2020 over email resulted in a 44.74% open rate and a conversion rate of only 0.05%. While Email worked well for transactional communications when it comes to lead generation, a conversational experience across the entire customer journey delivered better results.

With an objective of nurturing leads, Life Insurance Department at Covéa Group saw an increased conversion rate via RCS’s conversational experience – with 11% of customers asking for a call back and only one unsubscribe request.
The rich media capabilities of RCS allowed for the insertion of the brand logo that provided reassurance, trust, and increased brand awareness.

Creating an end-to-end campaign on a single channel allowed the Life Insurance Department to provide enhanced conversational experiences and reduced the chances of losing a customer midway through their journey.

In addition to providing the channels and the technical know-how, Infobip was also able to provide customer experience consultancy and implementation services, thanks to a local team that had hands-on insight into the customer’s needs and was able to provide a dedicated consultant to deliver a personalised and cost-effective solution.

Infobip’s communication platform empowered Life Insurance Department’s team to implement RCS with maximum agility. The portal made it easy for them to make real-time adjustments during the campaign with our intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

beIN Media conversational commerce

beIN Media is a global sport and entertainment network headquartered in Doha, Qatar. beIN distributes entertainment, live sports action, and major international events across 5 continents, in 43 countries, and 7 different languages spanning Europe, North America, Asia, Australia and the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), with over 55 million subscribers. In addition, beIN Media was the official broadcaster for the FIFA World Cup 2022 held in Qatar.

beIN Media was looking for a way to harness digital channels to engage with existing and new subscribers, and automate the subscription purchase journey using bots. In addition, they were looking to support the digital user experience in account management and for resolving technical inquiries. Lastly, the solution needed to provide the capability of onboarding new customers with the verification process included.

Infobip was able to provide beIN Media with a wide range of services available via its CPaaS platform, along with its business messaging tools and ML-powered chatbot technology.

The Infobip Answers chatbot solution was used to build 10 separate chatbots for multiple queries, and was made available over WhatsApp, Apple Messages for Business, Instagram Business, Facebook Messenger and Twitter Direct Messages.
Chatbots were used for the initial engagement with the subscriber over a messaging app, handling the main questions and clarifying the main requirement of the customer through multiple questions and reply options.

Once the chatbot determined the requirement of the user and whether the user was an existing or new subscriber, a human agent took over the conversation with the user. This is where the Conversations contact centre solution came into play, and through the combination of chatbots and the cloud-based contact centre, Infobip was able to deliver the capabilities and the results beIN Media was looking for.

The campaign registered over 22.5 million customer interactions from November 1, 2022, up to end of January 2023, with the bulk of the interactions coming in during the FIFA World Cup held in Qatar. The partnership between beIN Media and Infobip continues and is expected to continue producing good results for the client.

Xenioo Conversational Platform

Link Mobility is one of world’s leading CPaaS provider, and we specialize in mobile messaging services and mobile solutions.

Our Omnichannel Chatbot platform Xenioo capables to automate conversations between companies and people across a wide range of different text and voice channels:

WhatsApp for Business, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Live Chat, RCS, SMS, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Discord, Voice, Alexa, Google Assistant, Custom Channels (i.e.App)

Across sectors, industry leaders are employing conversational platforms to streamline and scale operations.

In the wake of the digital shift, it is more important than ever to provide a conversational, high-quality, and personalized customer journey on the right channel at the right time. That’s where Xenioo, powered by LINK, comes in.

The Kooples- Christmas RCS campaign

Elevate client’s interaction with RCS campaign- The Kooples 

Founded in 2001, Link Mobility is Europe’s Leading Provider of Mobile Messaging and CPaaS Solutions Primed for Global Scale.  ​

In December 2022, Link Mobility help The Kooples, one of the most established French brands, to launch Christmas campaign with RCS solution.

The campaign successfully reached the target of engaging more mobile end-users, boosting the brand awareness and bring more sales from RCS to offline retailed stores.

SMS CallBack (by MessageWhiz)

Engage Hot Leads with SMS Callback

Boost call center efficiency and ROI with dynamic load management.
Engage and convert hot leads when they’re anxious to speak to you with SMS CallBack from MessageWhiz. They keep the phone ringing and your agents talking to potential customers at the most opportune time- when they want to know more about your products and services.

Driving Value with SMS CallBack

Transform messaging campaigns into automated conversion machines. CallBack SMS messages include a link for potential customers to click on. Once they do, it triggers a return call from your call center. Your customers don’t have to fill out forms and wait for a response. Your sales agent will have them on the phone in seconds, answering their questions and pushing that next sale.

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SMS CallBack with Load Management

When MessageWhizz’s messaging platform is connected to your call center, the platform automatically regulates sending messages based on operator availability. When the lines are full, the flow of messages slows down until operators are available.

E-commerce companies from many verticals have implemented SMS CallBack and reaped the benefits of converting hot leads with efficiently engaged sales and contact center teams.

The Benefits:
– Engage hot leads at the most opportune time.
– Significantly improve your engagement and conversion rates
– Increase call center ROI
– Customizable for all customer segments

Strengthening Enterprise Communications with Omnichannel Capabilities

Route Mobile is a publicly listed company and among the leading Cloud Communications Platform service providers that offer Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS) & SMS firewall solutions. Our solutions enable MNOs, enterprises, and OTT players in delivering efficient communication services to all their customers. Route Mobile has excellent domain expertise, innovative technology, and consultative approach solutions to enable businesses to improve their engagement, drive, and superlative customer experience. We are a global organization with a presence in 18 locations across the Asia Pacific, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and the Americas.

A business cannot solely survive by focusing just on one communication channel with multiple APIs. That’s why our CPaaS solution exists. We aim to simplify the communication experience of customers. We strongly believe that no matter which platform the customers are on, they should experience seamless communication with brands. Enterprises are trying their best to strengthen their relationship with end-user customers and stakeholders with advanced messaging. Advanced messaging includes WhatsApp, Google Business Messaging, RCS, etc., which enables richer communications, adding bots, video, carousels, branding, geolocation tagging, QR code scans, and payment taking.

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With omnichannel workflows and a data-centric approach, our comprehensive omnichannel solutions help businesses to create real-time, smart, and conversational customer experiences.

Enterprises can club two or more services as per their requirement and create a customized solution for your business. All of our products and services offer robust security and compliance. Being the market leader and offering the best expertise, Route Mobile provides the most reliable APIs which businesses can integrate at scale. Enterprises can deploy multiple solutions using a single API. Our customized plug-and-play solutions allow companies to create a personalized package for their business and gain the most from our cloud-based solutions. All of our products are GDPR compliant, offering the best-in-class communication platform for companies and enterprises to leverage.

Below are a few challenges that we are addressing:

Businesses are struggling to find IT resources capable of developing applications for end-to-end customer journeys across multiple communication channels, integrating communications with existing applications and processes, and simultaneously maintaining existing systems.

The diverse set of resources requires appropriate backend infrastructure to optimize their operational efficiency.

The legacy systems lack the flexibility and agility to accommodate newer digital channels based on changing customer needs, slowing the digital transformation of businesses.

Lack of connectivity can complicate things in terms of quality and coverage, wasting message delivery time.

Lack of encryption is a target for malicious content, and the risk of phishing, smishing, voice abuse, and spam attacks. This security breach can significantly damage a company’s reputation.

Lack of encryption is a target for malicious content, and the risk of phishing, smishing, voice abuse, and spam attacks. This security breach can significantly damage a company’s reputation.

SHAREKEY is a new Swiss Collaboration App

  • All-in-One (messaging, drive, video conf, online collaboration)
  • Easy to use
  • App-to-App encrypted
  • Designed to secure Business Privacy

It is the solution for Executives, Board Members, Legal & Finance to share highly confidential information inside & outside an organisation, from any location on any device.

Built as an open source crypto wallet, with SHAREKEY, the encryption keys are fully decentralised, always on the users’ devices, never in the Cloud. No one except the account owner can access data. All data are heavily encrypted and stored 1000m under a Swiss mountain. We are setting up a new norm in Privacy.

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As Business is becoming increasingly digital, where remote work is the new norm and where we are witnessing an explosion of cyber-attacks and economic espionage, SHAREKEY has the firm ambition to become the European reference for the exchange of confidential data and for the collaboration within and outside the enterprise (zero-knowledge, zero-trust).

Protect all confidential and sensitive data (privacy by default) and change the way we work, collaborate, and communicate in business.

With SHAREKEY, you own your key, you own and control your data from anywhere, from any device.

Problem & Secure Business Privacy

How to bring business parties to interact seamlessly on a common workspace they don’t need to trust and through which they can communicate, collaborate and exchange sensitive data privately?

Solution & Swiss Collaboration App

  • All-In-One: messaging, drive, video, online collaboration
  • Easy to Use
  • App-to-App Encrypted: no backdoor, no metadata
  • Swiss Privacy Laws: no CLOUD Act

Why Sharekey is unique?

  • Swiss & Private (you have the key)
  • On Invitation Only (invite/revoke contacts)
  • All-in-One multi device, one single app for all your business collaboration
  • Designed Enterprise-grade (CIO friendly, low touch on IT)
  • Drastically reduces carbon footprint
  • Open source

Telefónica Global Solutions Omnichannel Campaign

Telefonica Global Solutions Omnichannel messaging solution is an advanced cloud-based platform that bridges the gap between an organization’s enterprise business applications and their customers, on multiple devices and channels, making omni-channel orchestration fast and easy. The platform allows enterprises to automate and orchestrate customer journeys and associated workflows across multiple customer touch points and channels. It provides middleware sitting as a unified layer in between millions of customers (on multiple devices and channels) on one side and enterprise business applications on the other side. The messaging API and orchestrator include the following channels – SMS, Email, Voice, App Push, In-app messaging, Facebook Messenger, Twitter DM, WeChat, WhatsApp for Business and Apple Business Chat.

QueroQuitar is a Brazilian Fintech that provides Credit Recovery and simplifies the negotiation between debtors and creditors. More than a platform for Credit Recovery, QueroQuitar is a platform for Customer Recovery, as not only does it bring money back to the companies, but it also brings the customer back, treating them well and being respectful, giving them the power to make the negotiation, whilst also providing them with financial education.

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TGS Omnichannel messaging solution allowed QueroQuitar to launch and interact with their customers through multiple channels (RCS and SMS)in a coordinated and consistent manner. The goal was to offer the user a seamless and consistent experience, regardless of the channel they chose to communicate through. This solution also collected and used information about customers’ interactions through the different channels, allowing them to offer a more personalized and relevant service,

TGS solution was integrated with QueroQuitar systems to extract real time information to create a personalized offer (using several connections with Banks). Using the MSISDN, the system extracted information from different databases and systems to generate a fully personalized offer in real time.

The offer was immediately sent to the user by RCS or SMS (although the platform also allows the use of different channels such as email, MMS, OTTs, etc).

Once the customer accepted the offer, the system  sent an invoice document using RCS. In this way, it ensured that the user remained within the messaging channel from the first message until the point of receiving the invoice.

The campaign achieved amazing results:

RCS Users Impacted 9,737
RCS Delivered Rate 99.41%
SMS Users Impacted 9,176
SMS Delivered Rate 67.86%
Only in the RCS channel 11 agreements were signed within the first hour. RCS technology presented an increase of 108% of agreements signed over the SMS campaign.


How does CPaaS omnichannel platform create a seamless attendee journey at the BATIC event?

About NeuAPIX

Telin’s CPaaS is called NeuAPIX which enables our stakeholders to respond quickly and seamlessly to their customers on different channels.

NeuAPIX’s Voice and text AI-Powered Virtual Assistant is designed to help customers resolve queries in real-time across multiple channels, 24/7, with the ability to seamlessly bring in human customer service staff as needed for complex queries. A practical solution that lets businesses digitally engage with customers on the channel of their preference, and build ‘magic’ connections with customers through meaningful responses in order to create high Customer Live-Time Value.


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Activating NeuAPIX in BATIC 2022

The success story of NeuAPIX that we want to share in this nomination is how it successfully integrated all communication into a single platform in our annual global telco event, Bali Annual Telkom International Conference (BATIC) 2022.

The event took place at Hilton Bali Resort, Nusa Dua, Bali on 21-23 September 2022 with the theme of Reconnecting Regions, Reviving Digital Ecosystems.

We oversaw the needs of using Telin NeuAPIX with consideration of the significant growth of internet and social media users. People become more accustomed to using social media or instant messaging to communicate in an effective way. We need to provide omnichannel communication for more availability, drive event participation, and integrate digital touchpoints.

Previously, especially before the pandemic, communication for an event mainly depends on the website and email marketing. But now, there is an increasing demands from audiences to communicate through their preferred channels. By providing omnichannel communication, it was by far proven to improve customer experiences and engagement with the delegates and be a success story how omnichannel communication worked for event management.

For BATIC 2022, we divided the communication channels into three groups which are basic (website and email marketing), social media, and mobile app. By leveraging Telin NeuAPIX, we added more channels in social media, they are WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram; and integrated them all into a single platform.

We considered these three social platforms since they are the most popular social media platform, including in the Indo-Pacific region as BATIC’s target audiences.

By using Telin NeuAPIX, we provided a single built-in AI chatbot for BATIC 2022, named "Briana". We leveraged human + AI capability in Telin NeuAPIX to provide a better customer experience for BATIC’s audiences. This persona was presented on BATIC website ( and Telin’s official social media (WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram).

Briana’s role during the three phases of BATIC events which include Pre-Event, During Event, and Post-Event were:

(1) Answered any inquiries through any channels,
(2) Supported multiple customers inquiries simultaneously on different channels,
(3) Presented and being active 24/7/365 in multiple languages supported by Natural Language Processing (NLP), and
(4) Conducted seamless handover to human agents as necessary.

Implementation and Results

BATIC 2022 has successfully attracted 675+ delegates, and 190+ global companies from 30+ countries.


Leveraging email marketing and Telin’s social media, the team has built a healthy buzz and excitement toward BATIC 2022.


–  Massive promotion before event
–  Answering any inquiries through any channels such as website bot, email marketing, or social media bot as well as live agents

Result: 16K total interactions during pre-event.

–  Registration and payment process through multi-channels (website, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram).

Result: Growth BATIC 2022 delegates by 23% to 675+ delegates in BATIC 2022. It was the biggest BATIC delegates ever.

During Event
Utilizing all communication channels, the audience engaged with live updates and information broadcast about what happened in the event.

Live Updates
–   Real-time updates through the Instagram Story channel
–   Semi real-time event photos through BATIC mobile app
–  Answering any inquiries through any channels such as website bot, email marketing, or social media bot as well as live agents

Result: 25K+ total interactions during the event.

Information Broadcast

–  Broadcast important information to all delegates through WhatsApp Push Notification and BATIC mobile app.
–  Collect delegates’ feedback from WhatsApp poll and BATIC mobile app survey during the event

Result: More than 400+ session engagements from 675+ delegates during the event.

Utilizing all communication channels, the team has built an engaging relationship with delegates and collected feedback after the event.

Thank You Message
– Broadcast thank you message for everyone involved and conclude the event with recap photos and videos


–  Collect delegates’ feedback from WhatsApp poll and BATIC mobile app survey after the event.
–  The team was able to create seamless delegates journey from pre-event to post-event, resulting in satisfied delegates as shown in the post-event survey.

Result: A total of 675+ delegates attended in person, and 85% of them feel very satisfied with BATIC 2022.

When pandemic brought the world to a screeching halt in early 2020, the event industry’s prospects appeared uncertain. But always resilient and innovative, the event industry is already adapting. The successful implementation of omnichannel communication in this big global event has opened new opportunities to offer Telin NeuAPIX to a new industry, which is the event industry and become the revolutionary improvement in how the event organizer provides a better participants’ communication handling.

telXira Enterprise Platform

telXira’s Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) platform provides an intuitive and user-friendly way to deliver, manage, optimise and grow business messaging in any enterprise. It makes it simple and efficient for all kinds of businesses to boost their operations with messaging services and deliver seamless omnichannel services.

telXira actively listens, supports and understands different business needs to help customers achieve their goals with messaging.

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Enterprise Benefits:

– Manage inbound and outbound communication in real time – Unite communications across platforms and channels into one simple interface, for fast and seamless results.

– Successfully execute, track and optimise campaigns – Gain the tools and insights needed to reach key target audiences and make SMS campaigns a success.

– Tailor the platform according to unique requirements with expert support – Customise the platform to specific requirements and meet different business goals with the help of telXira’s messaging experts.

Use cases:

1. Marketing Campaigns

– Marketing activities
– New product launch
– Customer acquisition
– Promotions
– Information Updates

2. Transactional SMS

– Two-factor authentication
– Track & trace delivery
– Calendar booking systems & reminders
– Alerts, traffic updates & weather warnings
– M2M sensors and temperature gauges

3. Two-Way Messaging

– Customer surveys
– Customer service/communications
– SMS voting


– Campaign Management Tools – Create and execute the perfect campaign step-by-step.

– SMS Chat – Effectively communicate with customers across channels in a single unified platform.

– WhatsApp for Business – Level up communications with customers with the WhatsApp Business API. Other channels are also available.

– Bots – Increase the productivity of sales teams by setting up a Bot to free up time for simple customer queries.

– Text to Call – Meet different customer needs by offering them the option to have texts read aloud to them.

– Inbound Virtual Numbers – Protect privacy while communicating with customers effectively via voice calls and SMS.

– Audience Filtering – Advanced filtering options so that campaigns can be targeted to the right audience every time.

– Contact Database – Organise and manage all contacts and data in a user-friendly database.

– APIs – Connect the platform directly into an existing CRM without needing to transfer contacts into a new system.

– Email to SMS – Convert emails to SMS and SMS back to email for convenience across platforms.

The telXira CPaaS platform is solving industry challenges and bringing innovation to the marketplace by helping enterprises to manage their inbound and outbound communication in real time, with a tailored experience end-to-end.

Customers can unite their communications across platforms and channels into one simple interface, for fast and seamless results.

TOMIA's A2P Messaging

The global A2P business messaging presents one of the most powerful communication channels to connect enterprise businesses to consumers. Although this market is growing yearly, MNOs are still struggling to monetize their full potential, while experiencing a decline in the traditional revenue sources of P2P traffic. In addition, they are facing steep competition from messaging aggregators, who can offer enterprise customers more comprehensive messaging support through CPaaS platforms. MNOs are not only losing new business, but the retention of key accounts is also under severe threat.

TOMIA A2P Messaging service enables MNOs to reclaim ownership of the messaging ecosystem to potentially generate 2-digit revenue growth. MNOs can leverage their unique access to their subscriber base, identify core network advantages and formulate commercial strategies to attract enterprises directly. TOMIA A2P Messaging solves the business complexity and operational inefficiencies inherent to this market, which allows seamless onboarding of enterprises and easy access to service. The A2P Messaging platform usually starts by solving the A2P business relationships and then, extends it to the messaging routing to allow the termination of more SMS messages to their subscribers and trading with key partners’ MNOs for the off-net traffic.

Upstream's all-in-one mobile marketing platform

Grow, Upstream’s powerful mobile marketing automation platform, enables mobile network operators (MNOs), advertisers and ecommerce brands to drive five times (5x) higher customer conversions with 30% less effort and a three times (3x) ROI.

With 75% of consumers expecting companies to use new technology to create better experiences, 63% expecting personalisation as standard and 90% of marketers reporting omnichannel marketing results in higher customer retention, Grow supercharges new customer acquisitions, raises customers’ lifetime value (LTV), minimises marketing team’s efforts and reduces costs through cutting-edge automation and artificial intelligence.

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A leading Brazilian mobile network operator (MNO) deployed Grow as a managed service to increase the LTV of subscribers by upgrading users from pre- to post-paid plans. This had to be done cost-effectively, decreasing overreliance on call-centres and physical stores. With great customer experience a core value for the MNO, it also needed to avoid being viewed by subscribers as spam.

In response, Upstream introduced a multi-channel strategy mostly through channels owned by the operator, which would involve no cost to deploy, such as SMS, RCS, email and the operator’s zero-rated data rewards platform (also built by Upstream).

Upstream also deployed automated same-day retargeting requiring zero manual effort and managed through Grow. With Grow, the MNO could send automated RCS and SMS messages or emails, at the right time and through the preferred channel of users who had dropped out of the funnel but had already shown interest with incentives to upgrade plans. Through this, the mobile operator secured 785,000 plan upgrades in just 6 months, with 49% of them via automated retargeting messages. For the period under review, Upstream’s campaign contributed 25% of total post-paid sales.

Automated same-day retargeting increased campaign efficiency by 90% compared to manual retargeting, resulting in 386% more orders. Grow also enabled the MNO to deep dive into performance. Upstream ran hundreds of A/B tests across different channels for the MNO to optimise customer journeys and use the creatives (copy & design) that proved to be the most engaging and likely to lead to a conversion. Messaging spam was also significantly reduced, with the MNO sending 47% fewer messages to achieve the same results as manual retargeting.

Upstream’s mobile marketing platform explained:

From just one platform, Grow enables MNOs, advertisers and ecommerce brands to orchestrate a highly effective mix of push and pull channels, text-based and rich-media, to achieve an omni-channel strategy of consistent, targeted and personalized messaging. Grow makes it possible to set dynamic user journeys according to individual user profiles and behaviours. Its key features are:

1. The Campaign Studio where clients can create dynamic, multi-channel journeys, without any coding experience, in drag-and drop fashion
2. The Marketing Automation capability allowing advertisers to automate marketing flows per customer to achieve customized purchase paths
3. The Audience Management feature allowing businesses to source, manage, define, analyze and activate customer data for more accurate campaign execution
4. The Channel Orchestration tool giving advertisers the power to create flexible channel strategies that meet their goals and deliver customer value.
5. The Insights and Analytics features putting massive amounts of data to work so businesses can hone campaigns to make them increasingly efficient over time
6. The Ad-fraud Prevention feature protecting advertisers’ budgets by reducing ad fraud

The platform invests in building one-on-one relationships between brands and their customers, without reliance on third parties. As such, Grow, helps Upstream’s clients build up their contactable opt-in base, in several ways, like through its online user identification feature technology, Mobile Identity, or pop-up campaigns, which incentivize users to share their details with rewards. These opt-in bases can then be used to send broadcast or personalized messages, retargeting messages or show personalized banners.

New platform features include AI-enabled optimisation, so that ads are automatically served with the best performing message (through automated split testing), via the best performing channel, during the moment that is most likely to trigger a conversion. Also, a fallback mechanism is now included. This serves the user with a next best offer or a next best channel, in case the user doesn’t engage with a particular channel or doesn’t seem interested in a specific offer. The platform also allows for real time, event triggered communications, every time a user interacts with a brand.

In addition to the strength of its ad-serving and channel orchestration capabilities, leading brands choose Grow over other CRM, CEP and CPaaS competitors due to its flexibility, intuitive UX, ease of integration with existing data managements sources and economical pricing.

The Container Store - Back to College 2022

The Container Store is the United States’ leading specialty retailer of storage and organization products and solutions and custom closets – a concept they originated in 1978. Today, with locations across the U.S., the retailer offers more than 10,000 products designed to transform lives through the power of organization.

The back-to-school season is a pivotal time for The Container Store. To stay ahead of the competition in this space, the company focused on amplifying its digital-first strategy and updating its loyalty program to target college-aged students and parents. It decided to create an app to attract and retain more of these customers through push messaging and Mobile Wallet.

The team at Container Store wanted to enable SMS & MMS messaging to ensure that the app and promotional offers would be used by customers during the three-month campaign. Specifically, it looked to guarantee that the new app would be a channel for purchases and communication. In addition, the Container Store hoped to attract and retain omnichannel shoppers, where the message follows users from the device to the channel to in-store purchases.

Overall, The Container Store wanted to elevate the mobile experience for college-aged students by expanding mobile channels, and also increasing mobile attributed revenue for its program.


Enterprise Communications

Voting ended! The winners will be announced at the MEFFYS Ceremory in Barcelona, 27th February

Personal Data & Identity

What has been the best innovation in the area of Authentication in the past 12 months?

Enterprise Communications

What has been the most impactful Omnichannel enterprise comms campaign this year?

Content & Advertising

What has been the most innovative content or advertising service for mobile users in 2021?

Global Connectivity

What has been the most innovative solution for connectivity or global roaming this year?

Mobile IoT

What has been the most impactful use case of an IoT solution across 2021?


What has been the most innovative Mobile Payment service showcasing usability and security?

Personal Contribution to the Mobile Ecosystem

Who has been a champion for the Mobile Ecosystem?

The MEFFYS 2023 @ MWC Barcelona

The 18th Annual MEFFYS Awards will be held in Barcelona with the winners of 7 categories announced LIVE on the night. The glitz, the glamour, the red carpet – it is once again time to scrutinise the latest ideas and trends across the mobile ecosystem.