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Personal Data & Identity

What has been the most innovative product or in the area of Personal Data & Identity in the past 12 months?

AerPass / Military Connect

AerPass is the world’s most secure personal identity authentication system. AerPass protects your privacy, prevents fraud and identity theft, and eliminates all of the hassles around proving your identity. Our unique Multi-Party Authentication technology eliminates passwords and guarantees your security and privacy. Your personal identity information is never shared with anyone without your direct consent, putting you in control of your own data.

Your identity is the key to almost everything you do in life. With AerPass, only you can be you.

Military Connect powered by AerPass is the only digital identity network where you can verify your identity and military service once and never have to be re-verified again everywhere Military Connect is accepted.

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Military Connect allows members of the U.S. Armed Forces, veterans, and military family members to be recognized by apps and websites with a secure Military Connect account.

Military Connect is powered by the world’s most secure personal identity authentication system: AerPass. Military Connect protects your privacy, prevents fraud and identity theft, and eliminates all of the hassles around proving your identity. Multi-Party Authentication technology eliminates passwords and guarantees your security and privacy. Your personal identity information is never shared with anyone without your direct consent, putting you in control of your own data.

Your identity is the key to almost everything you do in life and Military Connect works with numerous brand partners to make access easier and safer for you.

As a member, whenever you choose to access a third-party website through Military Connect, you can assert your identity with a single tap without ever sharing any of your personally identifying information. This not only allows you to skip the basic registration steps required by most websites, but it also allows the website to know that you are a verified member of the military market, and the integrity of exclusive military offers are now protected.

Military Connect is designed as a lifetime benefit that provides access to a wide variety of goods and services for our heroes and their families worldwide.  The Military Connect Network Ecosystem includes a very wide variety of companies which offer the very best benefits, services, and products to our members. Any company who is willing to create a unique to the military offer (i.e., military-exclusive pricing, rich cash rewards) can join Military Connect with ease.

Benefit Vantage Limited


In this BBC Taster trial you can watch BBC shows with friends and family on a laptop or desktop. All you need to do is share the experience from the comfort of your own sofa.

You may be aware that your personal data is being processed whenever you use services on the web. One objective of this Taster trial, is to test how technology can be utilised by us to give you more control over your personal data. We would like to be able to promote the BBC’s purposes more effectively while continuing to process your personal data fairly.

To help you take more control of your personal data the BBC is giving you access to a personal Data Pod where your personal data will be processed securely during the trial and where you will have greater control over the purposes for which your personal data is used.

This Taster trial is part of a wider collaborative research effort to define ways in which technology can better serve people in the future – you can read more about this and the technical details on the BBC R&D Blog.

We think this technology will can make the internet a better place for everyone.

Message Authenticator


Smishing has become one of the biggest challenges for financial institutions and their customers. It is a subset of social engineering where the attack is carried out via SMS. This is an effective channel for fraudsters because SMS has an incredibly high open rate. Engage Hub worked with our client, Bank of Ireland (BOI), to identify the optimum way to support and resolve customer queries in relation to fraudulent text messages. The objective was to automate the process for customers to validate SMSes received from BOI, providing a 24/7 instant response and removing the need for the customer to contact the bank.

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Solution overview – STOP, THINK, CHECK

Engage Hub’s Message Authenticator enables BOI’s customers to quickly and easily verify any SMS they receive from the Bank. If a customer suspects an SMS might be fraudulent, they forward the message with a unique keyword CHECK to a dedicated, secure number 50365 and the solution will immediately confirm if the message is genuine or not – the solution carries out a series of real-time, automated security checks based on the SMS received and confirms its legitimacy back to the customer. If the message is found to be fraudulent, the customer will be instructed to follow a set of simple steps such as deleting the message and clear instructions not to click on the link or engage further.

Our client, BOI, has deployed Engage Hub’s pre-emptive approach to fraud management by investing strategically in technology that protects customers. With the service only being in production for just a few months, the Message Authenticator is handling hundreds of queries per day – while proactively protecting customers from fraud and driving calls away from the Contact Centre.

BOI wanted to find a solution that solved two problems – firstly, a solution that enabled customers to feel comfortable about engaging with certain SMSes and alleviating their fear around potentially fraudulent messages.

Secondly, a solution that reduced the number of inbound calls that were flooding the Contact Centre, resulting in higher call wait times, customer dis-satisfaction and increased costs. Customers, depending on their needs can still engage with an agent if they prefer. BOI, along with Engage Hub, is focused on delivering solutions that increase the customer’s options around how they want to be served.


As a new service, customer adoption of this self-service solution in just the first few months has been very good, with 1000s of customers now using the inbound channel to determine the validity of the message. 49% of messages customers have sent in are instantly recognised as valid messages from BOI and 35% of messages have been found to be fraudulent and customers are advised not to click any links or provide any personal information, successfully avoiding a smashing attempt on that customer.

The key stakeholders includes the BOI’s Head of Group Fraud, the Head of the Fraud Contact Centre and the Head of Fraud Technology – all stakeholders had a vested interest in ensuring the solution met their KPIs, preventative fraud measures, reduced call wait times and costs in the Contact Centre while improving the customer experience in an area that has proven quite tough in recent years given the negative experience it causes most customers.


The solution enables BOI to not only keep a step ahead of the cyber-criminals but to significantly reduce negative customer experience and operational costs. It is an out-of-the-box solution that can be deployed speedily and start positively impacting customers’ experience and reducing the pressure on the Contact Centre. Customer trust has been rebuilt with this simple self-service option.


Finbraine is an agile, customer-centric fintech building predictive algorithms and decision models using advanced AI and ML to power next-gen digital KYC and Lending solutions. We are powered by two service companies with huge global networks and unparalleled expertise in providing new-age Telecom and Fintech solutions with a turnover of USD 40+ million and 10+ million respectively.

FinBraine’s IDBraine is a powerful E-KYC solution that makes customer onboarding and identity verification easy, secure and smart. A risk-based solution that ensures a perfect balance of convenience and security, without compromising on identity verification requirements.

IDBraine offers features like Instant Data Extraction from documents, Instant Validation and Verification through centralized databases, Impersonation Fraud Prevention through AI/ML and others.


User consent is an essential component of commercial communication between enterprises and mobile users. TXTChain is a groundbreaking RegTech platform that utilizes blockchain technology to store user consent information in secure blocks.

By using the hash value of the stored consent data, TXTChain can scrub the message initiated by the telemarketer of the enterprise to ensure that the user’s data and identity is not accessed or modified during the communication process.

This ensures that all customer data is kept private and secure, while still allowing enterprises to effectively communicate with their customers.

Additionally, with the use of blockchain technology, users can be sure that their consent data is stored in an immutable manner, with no chance of it being changed or accessed by an unauthorized party. By ensuring data privacy and security, TXTChain helps to create a secure and reliable communication environment that both users and enterprises can trust.

Flash Call Detection & Blocking Solution

GTS TechLabs has developed a solution that aims to identify and block flash calls (missed calls from computer-generated fake numbers) originating from unauthorized third-party providers or businesses in real time.

This is done by using a combination of a traditional rules engine and advanced AI/machine learning techniques to minimize fraud in the network and improve network quality.

The solution intercepts ISUP messages of calls and takes action to block the flash calls so that they do not ring on the end-user’s mobile device. GTS TechLabs is currently working with 6 proofs-of-concept and has achieved a detection accuracy of over 98%. Our Flash Call Blocking Solution is secure and can help monetize and scale to all technology networks.

The opportunity of Mobile identity

Gupshup is reshaping identity authentication by bringing a drastic change in traditional forms of authentication with Conversational KYC.  This new form of authentication allows  banks and financial institutions to perform end to end KYC verification on WhatsApp within one minute. Gupshup’s comprehensive offering is available across multiple languages, is voice and video enabled and is instantly deployable, making it a must-have KYC tool for financial institutions.

The KYC problem is inherently a customer-engagement problem. It involves gathering information from customers while navigating through a well-defined, but complex, workflow. The current process uses offline channels which are excruciatingly painful and therefore expensive. Messaging channels make the process much simpler, along with the right workflow.

Leveraging the rich UI and multimedia shareability of WhatsApp, powered with Gupshup’s conversational bot flow design and OCR tech, the tool enables companies to collect and verify documents, do liveness check, and confirm the identity of customers at a fraction of the cost and time.

With the Reserve Bank of India requiring KYC updates at least once in every two years for high risk customers, once in eight years for medium risk customers and once in ten years for low risk customers, conversational KYC is a huge opportunity in India. The country has 456 million bank accounts and a very large number of financial institutions making the opportunity a lucrative one. Gupshup’s conversational KYC solution is already in use by India’s leading insurance companies.


IPification is building the backbone of mobile authentication of today and tomorrow.

By verifying the device, SIM & phone number via IP address, IPification patented technology is enabling secure, passwordless, zero-tap compatible mobile user authentication, registration, transaction approval and fraud prevention solutions for any mobile application. Readily available across numerous countries and regions, IPification is trusted by some of the leading telco, technology, payment, and OTT companies including ABA Bank, GBG, T-Mobile Montenegro, 3HongKong, Axiata Digital, Indosat Ooredoo.

electronic Know Your Customer eKYC

Verify that the person on the other side of the screen is who they say they are, combining artificial intelligence and biometrics with eKYC Video. The video identification system analyses different parameters of the provided ID documents and compares the ID photo to the selfie.

The whole process is video recorded and stored, so that sessions can be analysed quickly. The usability of our platform, makes video identification a fully automatic and agile process. The client can connect to the platform to carry out the video identification from any device, without the need to install any app.

Mobile Identity Solution

Mobile Identity Solution

The mobile ecosystem is evolving at a rapid pace. Telecom operators or any other enterprise venturing into the mobile app market need to gear up with the right tools to stand out among the fierce competition. mFilterIt’s Mobile Identity Solution help them do just that in a competitive mobile ecosystem by paving the way to optimize customer experience via smooth onboarding and frictionless authentication with optimum security.

Our solution is a comprehensive and secure solution that eliminates the complexity associated with OTP-based sign-ups and sign-ins, secures users from threats like Account takeover (ATO), Fake Account Creation, Identity Thefts, Transaction Fraud, Referral/Incent fraud, etc.


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Perks of mFilterIt Solution:

Smooth User Onboarding – Our solution eliminates almost 16 clicks in the current user journey and could reduce it to a single click. The use of dynamic image to replace HTML boxes and provide a swift customer experience with enhanced security.

Risk Assessment – To create Unique Hashed Device Signature, our solution read more than 50 non-PII (Personally Identifiable Information) parameters. We go deep with our solution which has access to Device Reputation Repository with more than 3 billion devices and over 2 billion transaction validations weekly and helps with actionable insights. Using these insights risk score is generated, on real-time basis. Upon identifying it as high-risk category a dynamic image is being shown.

In-App authentication – Rather than using SMS based OTPs and broken passwords which only causes incombence to the user with no security being provided. Our solution deploys Digital Token based Authentication which is unique to device and app to increase user convenience and enhance security. A token generated is used only once during its lifecycle.

The key differentiators of mFilterIt’s solution include a balance of impregnable security and seamless customer experience, use of a non-tamperable real mobile number as High Integrity Unique Identifier, tight coupling between the mobile app, SIM card, and device through a single SDK, and 100% device coverage which is agnostic to the Telco and data or Wi-Fi channel.

The adoption of our solution has resulted in our clients reaping high acquisition rates through quick and secure user onboarding. It has also helped in plugging business losses and increasing revenue through silent and secure in-app authentication. mfilterIt Mobile Identity Solution builds a secure eco-system that prevents creation of fake user profiles, financial fraud, customer data theft, identity theft, and account takeovers via Mobile App Binding &  Token Based Authentication. The solution also proved essential for eCommerce companies by validating Cash on Delivery Orders and preventing Inventory Blocking by BOTs. The solution finds its application across mobile app ecosystem.

Company Profile

We are pioneers in the space of Ad Traffic Validation (ATV), Brand Hygiene Protection, Digital Commerce Intelligence, Direct Carrier Billing Anti-Fraud, along with Mobile Identity &  Risk Assessment. mFilterIt focuses on protecting the digital integrity of Telcos & Enterprises across platforms, along with identifying fraud & plugging leakages.

mFilterIt empowers brands, Telcos and VAS aggregators with data-driven driven growth &  building customer trust with the help of their proprietary AI-based technology. The organization, along with the parent group works with more than 600 clients across 75 countries with the goal of optimizing media efficiencies, giving a boost to mobile money, and making the customer onboarding &  VAS subscription journey frictionless and secure.

Sekura API Framework (SAFr)

Our technology team truly set us apart; with a deep knowledge of Mobile Network Operators, the identity space and identity technology, no team is better placed to create and continue to develop the only platform in the world created and built purely for digital identity: SAFr – the Sekura API Framework.

With members that are industry thought-leaders holding several technology patents, others who were developing mobile solutions when the mobile industry was nascent – and indeed provided expertise and guidance to the founding body – as well as others who have worked with Microsoft and Google, the technology team has profound identity routes.

What also sets the technology team apart? It’s the philosophy that we need to humanise technology and identity, making it more for humans than for machines, this is why at Sekura, our tech team’s mission is to make the world a SAFr place.

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In its simplest form, when a user wants to log in to an account, they can be identified by their SIM card via the network operator, removing the need for passwords – this gives the end-user protection, the company the security they know the customer isn’t a scammer, prevents scams and makes for an awesome customer experience.

Sekura’s business has been supercharged by the SAFr framework; operating in ‘submarine mode’ was necessary in the first two years of Sekura’s beginning while infrastructure was put in place and regular traffic – several thousands of transactions per day – was established.

Now Sekura can spread the word, the business can take full advantage of having a unique platform that is such an attractive offering to network operators and partners who sell the service to end clients and users.

It is incredibly easy for them to connect to, returns results in under half a second and can prevent fraud in several ways. In one case study a SIM-swap was flagged by SAFr, this meant that one person would have been defrauded by £25,000.

Now running at around a million transactions per week, it is easy to see the scope of how much fraud SAFr can prevent. With plans in place for vastly increased traffic in 2023, this will only grow.

The SAFr platform allows other companies to bring their traffic to Sekura for reduced costs and this allows them to take advantage of us doing all the hard work for them in interfacing and negotiating with the operators.

DIGO Anonymize - Caller Identity Protection

DIGO Anonymize gives our enterprise customers the ability to protect their end customers’ phone numbers so that end customers can contact a call centre, delivery driver or other agent without exposing their personal phone number.

Increasingly there is a need to ensure that consumer privacy is protected and that a customers’ personal number is not exposed.

Tata Communications DIGO Anonymization not only protects a consumer’s identity, but enhances customer satisfaction & trust and is being used by two of our early CPaaS customers to provide a trusted contact solution for their customers.

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How does it work:

1) A customer initiates a standard call to a contact centre or some other agent, such as a delivery driver or taxi driver etc.

2/- The Tata Communications DIGO Anonymize soluton creates a temporary VoIP call and  bridges the PSTN and VoIP call together. the resulting masked number is what is seen by the contact centre or other agent, whenever a transaction is initiated through the application.

3) Whenever the user or the partner calls on this masking number, the call is routed through the Tata Communications DIGO platform. The platform checks the mapping of the incoming number and initiates the masked VoIP call to the relevant agent or partner.

Blockchain Based TNID-Telephone Number ID

TNID-A digitized identity solution that creates a record of business data on behalf of an enterprise and allows for distribution of a tokenized invite for subset clients in managing text campaign management connecting you and them in an immutable chain of custody.
TNID makes the sorely-needed paradigm shift our industry needs: using shared software to solve identity problems commonly experienced by just about every enterprise, service provider, and consumer.

As a modern blockchain solution, TNID (Telephone Number ID) will completely transform the way communications are identified and trusted by involving every user to claim and connect their identity.

In short, TNID restores trust in communications for all legitimate holders of local and Toll-Free telephone numbers.

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Leveraging TNID, Carriers, Enterprises, Service Providers, and everyone in the chain of custody can play its part in the creation and support of a “Golden Record” because once it’s once created its immutable. All the data, including the LOA, KYC, use cases, and all telecom features and assets associated with a telephone number, live with the enterprise and its chain of custody.

By creating an attested record of identity tied to a telephone number, hackers and fraudsters face a costly and thus-far impregnable system.

On the horizon Web3, where identity is critical. TNID powers the user to claim, identify, attest, and have others confirm its telco identity attached to a telephone number.

An example of a centralized database perfect storm is clear in the USA messaging industry where required registration endpoints currently exist in separate API connectivity for each and are currently required for Enterprise Texting.  TNID’s single API replaces the deployment and support of NetNumber, The Campaign Registry(TCR), Syniverse, and T-Mobile’s APIs.  All of which are currently required within the USA ecosystem.

This same record provided an instant solution for other business and use case registration requirements into yet more databases for Toll-Free and Short Code texting.

In 2023 will protect texting rights and register the Enterprise into the myriad voice registration databases including MEF’s DNO and many others using the same record.

By "Creating a single record to solve them all," is our mantra and can only be accomplished with a community of willing users.

Upstream Mobile Identity - Seamless user identification in a post cookie world

Upstream’s Mobile Identity makes a game-changing stride in mobile identification with the ability to identify up to 85% of a websites visitors using first-party data, provided with consent, to allow for accurate and efficient mobile marketing in a fully private and compliant way.

Launched in 2022, brands and MNOs deploying Mobile Identity to accurately ID visitors using first-party data via the open-web can expect to substantially boost digital sales, increase opt-in conversions and recover lost revenue resulting from cart abandonment. The solution is software-based and is implemented by Upstream, requiring minimal integration – just a few days of a network engineer’s time and no upfront investment.

Importantly, by leveraging on an asset unique to MNOs – the MSISDN of a mobile connection which acts as a global unique marker of each user’s identity – Mobile Identity can push mobile operators up the digital advertising ladder. The technology enables MNOs to lay claim to their space within the digital marketing ecosystem by providing a service to brands that addresses the advertising industry’s search for new identification methods, necessary due to the upcoming demise of third-party cookies. Furthermore, Mobile Identity creates an opportunity for telcos to use the technology themselves to enhance their own security, user experience and marketing efforts.

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Within 15 days of adopting Upstream’s Mobile Identity, a leading Brazilian MNO secured 13x more user identifications on their website than they had in the previous 3 months using their own solution. In fact, after a further 1.5 months, they made over another 26x more identifications. This is equivalent to 86.4k total users per day and 1.3 million unique users identified during the said period.

Of those users visiting through the operator’s mobile network, Mobile Identity was able to identify 99% of visitors, in addition to more than 30% of those who visited the website via WiFi. This is because the technology can identify users even via WiFi, if they have already been identified once via the mobile network.

The solution was also able to identify over 1,000 unique users per day interested in the operator’s fibre proposition, that would otherwise be just guest web visitors. Recognising their mobile phone numbers though, means that these became known users that can be reached with personalised promotions for fibre internet via mobile messaging channels such as SMS and RCS or even via call centres. With similar identifications taking place for users interested in other products, such as mobile phones, OTT services, mobile plans etc. it is estimated that Upstream’s Mobile Identity could provide an additional revenue opportunity of €6.4m EUR annually for the MNO.

Mobile Identity’s method of first-party data collection enables brands to quickly build-up their CRM databases, and is capable of exceeding a 10x increase in opt in conversions. Designed to work on any browser, website or application, all that’s required is for the user to give their consent via a simple tick box, ensuring user privacy and control.

Upstream’s Mobile Identity enables brands to act directly upon the data they collect. Marketers acquire the ability to manage different audiences and reach them through a wide variety of channels, with emphasis placed primarily on mobile messaging channels. Cart abandonment retargeting campaigns via mobile messaging by Upstream have been proven to recover over 10% of revenue that would otherwise be lost.

For the consumer, the benefits are also multifold. Mobile Identity simplifies user journeys, eliminating the need for sign-ins or logins. With brands able to personalise content on their websites, and make for smoother check-out processes when completing a purchase, users simply provide their consent once, for a better, more engaging, experience.

Mobile Identity can also replace and improve upon older verification technologies, such as one-time passwords (OTPs), using a mobile phone number to automatically verify users in the background without any effort involved. With 20-30% of users dropping-off when asked for an OTP password, it is considered that silent mobile verification via Upstream’s Mobile Identity can significantly improve conversion rates.

Going into 2023, Mobile Identity provides a practical, and powerful, solution addressing the growing problems faced by advertisers in building accurate profiles of their customers. By unlocking the power of first-party data, which many advertisers previously considered out-of-reach, Mobile Identity enables operators to help marketers answer who their customers are, build CRM databases, simplify authentication experiences, provide personalized customer journeys and engage with their audiences through highly effective mobile messaging campaigns. The potential uplift in digital sales through the application of Mobile Identity is estimated between 20-40%.

Vodafone Identity Hub

Vodafone Identity Hub is an open-standard, secure platform that allows businesses to protect their end users.

The Hub leverages APIs to help customers with identity verification, registration on mobile applications, and account takeover detection, by using real-time data from our network to help stop fraud before it happens.

And now, the Hub enables service providers to offer our SIM-based authentication solutions across millions of subscribers.

More information:


VOX 360

VOX 360, our anti-fraud solution, offers MNOs a simple & powerful approach to stop Voice & Messaging fraud over a single omni-channel platform (unique in our industry), enabling the ability to identify, predict & mitigate fraud in challenging markets, such as Voice, where margins are critical. VOX 360 also tackles the growing problem of A2P fraud, removing the need for multiple anti-fraud solutions.

VOX360 is unique from a perspective of Personal Data & Identity for two main reasons. First of all, our solution is the only one capable to protect A2P SMS & also monetise Flash Calls (authentication via OTT missed call) as a new revenue channel, applied to multiple clients in the past 12m. As the industry is aware, operators do not have the ability to identify or bill flash calls.

While aggregators charge OTTs per flash call, they retain all the profit and share non with MNOs, having a zero termination cost for normal missed calls. Ultimately, that makes the channel unsustainable, as MNOs must either get their share of the pie or at least protect A2P SMS revenue.

By utilizing VOX360, we bring MNOs create an entire end-to-end official channel for A2P Voice, from identification to pricing & billing, turning the channel to a sustainable method for 2FA (as MNOs can only block flash calling traffic with other technology available in the market). This brings an added security advantage – as flash calls contain no content, they cannot be manipulated, turning the channel to a more secure one, which is particularly appealing to financial institutions / fintechs.

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Second, VOX360 is the only antifraud technology available to eliminate SPAM / artificial traffic. As the industry rightfully points out, the A2P space is currently seeing increasing attacks of unsolicited traffic towards users (generated by industry fraudsters to bill OTTs – as the recent Twitter scandal suggests). The effect is twofold on users: in the case of SPAM, users are at security / privacy risk, while in the case of artificial traffic, they may receive OTP codes they did not solicitate. Example of the later can include a user receiving an OTP code for any financial application, putting the user in alert (thinking somebody is attempting to enter his account) and generating a highly negative experience that is usually taken up with the operator. In both cases however, such unsolicited traffic generates distrust of users with the SMS channel. To this end, VOX is grateful to be apply its innovation to ensure the continued use of this ubiquitous channel.

So far, VOX360 identified & mitigated more than 99% of fraud instances in Voice & SMS, incl. cross channel threats. Vox Solutions has invested a total US$14 million in its anti-fraud solution. Out of that US$5 million was invested in the last 12 months. Research and Development was spread across three global centers to perfect the solution’s algorithms, AI, machine learning and global database technologies:

  • AI algorithms development for Voice, Flash-call and SMS patterns
  • Research into data and metadata mining techniques with specific focus on Voice, flash-call and SMS traffic
  • Intelligent automation and tool development for robust and scalable operations
  • Flash-call monetisation module improvement
  • SMS and VOICE firewall capabilities improvement

The results relating to our anti-fraud solution are very impressive. So far 21 customers are using our solution, for which we have managed to reduce voice and messaging fraud by 98%, to increase monthly messaging revenue by between 4-17 times and to double their SMS traffic. We are currently onboarding over 30 new customers in 25 countries. To date this year, new revenue generated reached US$30+ million vs US$13 million, compared to last years period.

IoT Trust for Data Privacy

IoT Trust innovates data privacy through SIM-based peer-to-peer (application to application) encryption of all IoT/M2M data. It is a collaborative solution with the Kigen SIM acting as a tamper-resistant host (and can be used as such in devices that do not have a TPM), where ZARIOT writes Atsign encryption keys to a specialised SIM applet, protecting data transmitted to and from the device.

Atsign underpins the solution with their unique opensource technology. Their system uses an innovative design proxying encrypted data via a secondary server creating a peering relationship rather than Client/Server, meaning devices retain complete control while data is never exposed.

IoT Trust encrypts all data transmitted from any cellular IoT device to the final system, user application, or other peer devices. As the private keys only exist on the SIM particular to a device and nowhere else, only that SIM (or device or owner) can provide access to data. In this way, only an end device, be that central server or individual IoT unit, can administer its access control or give real-time consent to data, therefore giving the end user or solution owner the right and power to privacy.


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It comprehensively secures the data plane in addition to the security provided by ZARIOT on the cellular control plane. From sensitive patient data to household electricity usage patterns, data gathered and shared is encrypted from device to cloud and all the way to the users application.

Data is not visible or available to any 3rd parties without the owner’s consent, and access to subsets of data can be tightly audited and controlled thanks to verification of unique identifiers. The device itself is also protected from cyberattacks as IoT Trust eliminates the need for open IP ports and reduces complexity by reducing reliance on firewalls, VPN, and other security architecture. This allows service providers to offer complete GDPR, CPRA or industry specific (e.g. HIPPA) compliance to their end users, as well as protect business-critical and other sensitive information.

It is highly accessible and economical as it doesnt require added device hardware, can be retrofitted to almost any device with an eUICC SIM, and simplifies secure access to devices for configuration and maintenance, making projects more effective, faster to deploy, and lowering operational costs.

Virgin Media O2


Virgin Media O2 aimed to reduce cost per order and increase conversion rate and customer acquisition efficiency in its digital advertising campaigns to significantly reduce their media wastage. They wanted to  improve their paid acquisition strategy by:

  • suppressing irrelevant customers (existing customers, who have already purchased, or cannot purchase) from its campaigns;
  • acquiring new customers;
  • upselling or cross-selling to the existing ones.

To achieve this goal, the company worked with Zeotap to identify the right audiences to target by suppressing existing customers from its campaigns.
The process followed 3 main steps:

  • Zeotap CDP unified first-party customer data from 3 key Company data silos: Web, Mobile, Cable.
  • Zeotap CDP stitched together the available data to identify unique customers’ profiles on activation platforms
  • Zeotap CDP created audience segments to be suppressed from the designated activation channels in order to exclude existing customers from digital advertising campaigns on Google Search and Facebook; and from retargeting campaigns on Facebook and Instagram

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Thanks to Zeotap CD’s impactful suppression capabilities to spend smarter on acquisition campaigns, Virgin O2 reduced cost per order (CPO), while freeing up budget for other prospecting campaigns. Through the use of Zeotap’s CDP, Virgin Media O2 was able to save £1 million in direct budget and increase its conversion rate by 43%. Additionally, the cost per order was reduced by 37% by suppressing 70% of existing customers from its digital campaigns.

This case has been presented at the DTW, Digital Transformation World, in Copenhagen the 20th of September 2022 in a panel entitled Unleashing the power of first party data: How breaking data silos is making customer acquisition more efficient at large scale for telcos and to the DMEXCO, Digital Marketing Exposition & Conference, in Cologne the 22nd of September 2022,  in a lecture, entitled CDP made easy: how suppressing existing customers from paid media, saved Virgin Media O2 £1M, and brought more new customers in return.


Personal Data & Identity

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