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What has been the most innovative content or advertising service for mobile users in 2021?

Founded in 2019, VSPAGY is a leading Personalized Video Interactivity Platform, that enables enterprises to create and monitor cost effective Personalized Video Interactivity, for their customer engagements, and simultaneously distribute Individualised video streams via any communication channel at scale. The platform over the years empowered banks, insurance, fintech, e-commerce, retail, automobile, telecom, travel and hospitality brands to improve their customer engagement using a suite of personalized video interactivity solutions.

The platform helps enterprises create large scale individualised video conversations and engagements with their customers with secured API protocols as well as real time performance analytics dashboard reports for tracking and monitoring the campaigns. The platform recently crossed over 500 million personalized video interactive streams since its inception in 2019. VSPAGY works with almost all major leading banks and insurance companies in India. VSPAGY is a registered trademark of Acadian Technologies Private limited. The company is ISO-27001:2013 compliant, and is also DPIIT/ DIPP certified as part of the Startup India Program.

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Call Monetization Platform

In today’s environment, given the capital expenditures required to expand the networks to cater to 5G, higher bandwidth, increasing subscriber base and dwindling returns, telecom operators are looking at avenues to Increase revenues while lowering their Marketing costs. This in turn ensures ROI in a relatively compressed time frame than they would under normal circumstances.

By virtue of the fact that over 20% of daily calls on the operator network do not generate any revenue as they cannot be completed (for a myriad of reasons), this offers a great opportunity to monetize through the offering of products and services that are pertinent to customers.

The fact that these offers are pull-based and non-intrusive also means reduced customer complaints, instant reach for new products, the ability to overcome literacy barriers among other advantages.

This is where BlackNGreen’s Call Monetization Platform comes in. Completely integrated with the telecom operators’ network and if required, their downstream systems (CVM, Campaign Management etc.), it provides a brand new avenue for operators to generate revenue by providing services that are personalized to callers at their time of need. Whether it is a loan, or voice/data pack etc. any existing service can also be integrated with the platform.

Furthermore, in locations where regulators have placed restrictions in types of marketing, this also serves as a great Marketing channel which ordinarily would not exist. This has resulted in increased ARPU for the operator, reduced churn and complaints.

Glitch - Esports platform

Clipfeed is a leading global gaming and esports entertainment company that leverages award-winning technology to empower esports communities. With a strong track record of success, Clipfeed has delivered world-class gaming and esports entertainment to hundreds of millions of consumers worldwide.

By collaborating with key industry partners such as telecom operators, DTH providers, ISPs, and OEMs, Clipfeed has continually developed innovative and engaging gaming destinations that meet the evolving needs of consumers.

In the past 12 months alone, Clipfeed has been at the forefront of the esports industry by being the first to market with esports on mobile VAS and content.

Additionally, the company has cemented its position as a leading player in telco esports, launching over 9 mobile operators into the esports space. With over 200 platform version updates launched and consistently the top-performing VAS service in 7 markets and growing, Clipfeed has also seen over 1 million users registered on its esports platform in the last several months.

Direqt’s innovative Chat for Publishers platform unlocked the adoption of RCS from an industry that’s never been part of the messaging ecosystem: content companies.

In 2022, Chat for Publishers launched RCS chatbots for the over 30 of the world’s leading media brands including The Independent, LADBible, UNILAD, and

New Ad formats

Click-to-Chat ads are the latest innovation in digital advertising, bringing higher click through rates and conversions for brands.Once a user clicks on the message button in the ad, a chat interface opens on either of the channels- WhatsApp, Facebook DMs or Instagram DMs, engaging users through a chat. Out of the three, Click to Chat ads on WhatsApp have become the most popular tool to reach out to users across the consumer funnel- from awareness to post purchase.

Click to Chat ads on WhatsApp bring high intent users—those who reach out on their own to enquire about products and offerings and thus have a high propensity to convert. Today, brands are using Click to Chat ads on WhatsApp for a wide set of marketing objectives right from lead generation, awareness creation for new products, advisory led sales for high end products to abandoned cart recovery.

Gupshup’s Click to Chat ads on WhatsApp solution allows brands to go live quickly thanks to pre-built and customized templates. With integrations across commerce platforms and one click payment, brands are able to build frictionless customer journeys.

Its huge adoption can be gauged by the fact that Click to Chat ads on WhatsApp have already crossed $1.5 billion run rate and are growing at more than 80% year-on-year.

Ad Traffic Validation Solution

mFilterIt is a new-age company that caters to protecting digital integrity across platforms and helps media verification thereby helping brands and agencies, and publishers to activate and optimize digital media campaigns. By providing its measurement and validation services, we aim to bring advertisers, publishers, affiliates, and other related parties on the same page by acting as a neutral third-party reconciliatory partner.

We offer extensive coverage of the detection and real-time prevention of invalid sources based on Device Signature Solution (DSS), behavioural and heuristic checks across the sales funnel. Our broad portfolio safeguards advertisers across the walled gardens like Google, Facebook, DV360 and affiliates using methods like active blacklisting. The real-time reporting and analysis ensure that the advertiser’s spending is protected from wastage against fraudulent traffic provided by affiliates.

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By validating the ad traffic and providing clean data, we ensure the Telcos are making effective business decisions and protect their ad spends from wasting on invalid traffic. Our advanced solution driven by AI, ML and Data Science bridges the gap in the advertising funnel and provides visibility and transparency in the digital ecosystem. With the help of our advanced and holistic solutions, we are on a mission to enable advertisers to advertise fearlessly by targeting genuine traffic sources and improving the efficiency of the overall ad campaigns.

Company Profile

We are pioneers in the space of Ad Traffic Validation (ATV), Brand Hygiene Protection, Digital Commerce Intelligence, Direct Carrier Billing Anti-Fraud, along with Mobile Identity & Risk Assessment. mFilterIt focuses on protecting the digital integrity of Telcos & Enterprises across platforms, along with identifying fraud & plugging leakages.

mFilterIt empowers brands, Telcos and VAS aggregators with data-driven driven growth & building customer trust with the help of their proprietary AI-based technology. The organization, along with the parent group works with more than 600 clients across 75 countries with the goal of optimizing media efficiencies, giving a boost to mobile money, and making the customer onboarding & VAS subscription journey frictionless and secure.


Today’s hyper-connected era requires broader visibility, strong and trusted advertisement capabilities, secure multi payment channels with advanced data visualisation and business intelligence.
Mobibox – OUT OF THE BOX TECHNOLOGY – is a “ALL CONNECTED” state-of-the-art turnkey monetization solution platform for enhancing the overall Mobile VAS monetization experience combined with up-to-date technologies in one place.

MobiBox products suite speeds time to market for companies to build their online payment and advertising business and achieve their turnover goals with flexibility, scalability, and reliability.

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Mobibox products overview for:

1 – Telecom Operators and Payment Providers to set up their mobile payment platform combined with a fraud prevention advertising solution for monitoring campaigns fraud rate, performance and compliance including media creatives and landing pages with advanced analytics reporting.

2 – Marketers and Advertising Agencies access to Mobibox Marketplace Offers to create and launch their marketing smart link campaigns directly on Mobibox via using built in Google ads accounts with Credit Line or integrating their own social media ad accounts to host ad campaigns at their end via Mobibox WEB SDK with an option to use directly Mobibox tracking link.

3 – Product owners or merchants to monetize audiences and services through Mobibox IN-APP monetization SDK via its multi-payment wall and its customized conversion funnels, that can be configured seamlessly with any or all payment types (carrier billing , credit card billing , app store billing)  with fraud prevention and advanced reporting that identifies which advertising channels are generating the most revenue with the best conversion rates and ROI.

Mobibox / Mobile Arts contribution to the mobile ecosystem

– Building with Evina the first IN-APP DCB Protect SDK for native apps on stores

– Listed technology partner with Adjust for tracking carrier billing notifications 

– Provide genuine user acquisition campaigns through Google and other social media , catering the landing pages and banners compliance combined with Evina’s fraud prevention solution – DCB Protect

Case Study video :

A creative Rich Messaging campaign designed to raise awareness for Knorr’s “Eat for good” campaign in South Africa. The key aim was to inspire users to eat better for their own health benefits, while there was a clear sustainability message: to respect our planet.

The campaign was rolled out in July 2022 and its target audience were women between the ages of 18 and 45 of high income

The campaign results were very impressive and included: Engagement rate of 43% and Attention-based value of 19 seconds

Dove Men+ Care (Unilever)

An imaginative Rich Messaging campaign designed to position Dove as “The Champion of Care” through a competition featuring its “Men+ Care” range in South Africa. The aim was to inform consumers about the competition and drive them to enter the competition, as well as to the brand’s e-commerce channels.

The campaign was rolled out in July 2022 and its target audience were men and women (50-50) between the ages of 25 and 45 of high income

The campaign results were very impressive and included: Engagement rate of 51% and Attention-based value of 23 seconds

A successful Rich Messaging campaign designed to promote awareness on oral care and build a strong association with Unilever’s CloseUp brand in Nigeria. The aim was to inform consumers about the 5 important oral care needs, as well as to drive them to the brand’s e-commerce channels.

The campaign was rolled out in July 2022 and its target audience were men and women between the ages of 18 and 45 of medium and high income

The campaign results were very impressive and included: Engagement rate of 60% and Attention-based value of 27 seconds


A highly effective Rich Messaging campaign designed to boost awareness on 4 upcoming major film releases by FilmOne in Nigeria. The aim was to engage users by giving them the opportunity to watch the trailers for the new films, as well as to convert them into purchasing tickets.

The campaign was rolled out in July 2022 and its target audience were men and women over 18 the of medium and high income, in specific regions of Nigeria

The campaign results were very impressive and included: Engagement rate of 60%, Attention-based value of 29 seconds and Ticket Purchase Conversion Rate of 32%

Budweiser "The World is Yours to Take"

A creative Rich Messaging campaign designed to boost the profile of Budweiser in South Africa as a sponsor of the World Cup. The campaign called for participants to show their support for their teams and offered them opportunities to win World Cup goodies.

The campaign was rolled out in December 2022 and its target audience were male football fans over the age of 20 years

The campaign results were very impressive and included: Read Rate of 47.4%, Response Rate of 26.6% and Sign-up rate of 27.9

A Rich Messaging campaign of very high importance, designed to educate users on how to prevent the spreading of Covid-19 in Nigeria. The campaign featured the dissemination of essential information by the World Health Organisation, engaging users and inviting them to stay educated and up to date.

The campaign was rolled out in June 2022 and its target audience were all opted-in users with RCS-enabled phones

The campaign results were very impressive and included: Read rate of 57.9% and Response Rates ranging from 70.7% to 90.9%


A creative Rich Messaging campaign for Netflix in Nigeria, aimed at existing, new, as well as un-subscribed users. For existing users, the aim was to inform them about new releases; for new users, the aim was to drive them to subscribe and enjoy the new releases and all Netflix subscriber benefits; and for un-subscribed users, the aim was to motivate them to re-subscribe and enjoy the new releases and all Netflix subscriber benefits.

The campaign was rolled out in autumn 2022 and its target audience were men and women between the ages of 18 and 45

The campaign results were very impressive and included: Engagement rate of 51%, Attention-based value of 32 seconds and “Watch Now” Conversion Rate of 12%

PM Connect is both a pioneer and an innovator within the mobile ecosystem. The company is spearheading transformation by introducing world-leading content to the DCB market and MNOs – pairing it with powerful mobile advertising.

This is showcased by its landmark deal for the NBA League Pass, a product that has changed the game for DCB in the sports market.

Often the first mover to anticipate the next growth opportunity, this strategic vision offers unparalleled value to PM Connect’s carrier partners.

2022 was no different – with PM Connect further strengthening its strategic partnerships in the high-growth sector of Sports OTT and acting as a trailblazer for bringing DCB into the mainstream.

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The company’s exciting content offering is not just driving revenue through DCB subscriptions, PM Connect’s strategies have been instrumental in generating data usage and providing use cases for 5G adoption.

This game-changing content is enhanced further by the PM Connect’s digital advertising, serving as the growth engine for its brand and MNO partners – driving subscription acquisition and commercial results.

PM Connect runs highly targeted and inclusive campaigns across Google and socials, with incremental and innovative 360 marketing spend – with a bespoke approach taken on the merits of each product, territory and key target demographics.

The company’s flagship partnership with the $8.5 billion (pa) National Basketball Association (NBA) is going from strength to strength. This was a game-changer for the DCB ecosystem as PM Connect is directly advertising and handling momobile payments for its direct-to-consumer (D2C) over-the-top (OTT) product, NBA League Pass. League Pass is one of the hottest D2C sports properties in the world, which is seeing huge growth outside of the NBA’s core US market.

The partnership has expanded the reach of NBA LP to millions of consumers in Europe and Africa – with more territories set to be launched, enabling the NBA to monetise basketball fans it otherwise might not be able to reach, and for consumers, it gives them access to the world-class content they crave.

The League Pass provides the most comprehensive live and on-demand access to an entire season of NBA games in high-definition with live stats, alternative audio and multiple viewing options. Subscribers gain access to League Pass’s Next-Generation game viewing enhancements, including new camera angles, multiple in-language streams, celebrity influencer commentary, in-depth analytics and statistical graphics, and social media integration.

The Sports OTT market is booming, as more consumers migrate to digital media consumption and linear TV declines. This is particularly poignant in Africa, a continent that PM Connect is revolutionising – something we have led the conversation on in the sports world, including editorial placement in leading sports business title, SportsPro.

Kev Dawson, Group CEO at PM Connect, highlights this:

“Africa is the new frontier for sports OTT and mobile is the gateway. With mass consumption happening on mobile devices, coupled with a growing appetite for international and domestic sport, the last piece of the jigsaw is monetisation in order for rights holders to unlock potential fans and turn them into paying subscribers – while also democratising access. That is what PM Connect offers its content partners in Africa, connecting them to leading MNOs on the continent.”

Sports OTT will be worth $85 billion by 2024, and basketball is the fastest growing sport globally for millennials and Gen Z – with 43 million NBA fans outside of North America – many of whom use mobile as their first, and in some cases, only screen. Through its NBA League Pass partnership, PM Connect’s MNO customers are set to reap the rewards – including major groups Orange, Vodafone and MTN.

This is proven in Africa where PM Connect’s advertising has already generated more than 1.5M new subscribers to the NBA League Pass product, with similar success in Belgium and France in Western Europe.


Holozonia is the first service that offers a wide range of VR and AR content in one place. One single subscription will enable end-users to enjoy premium VR Streaming, AR games, spatial music, 360 fitness, and education in 3D, VR, and AR. All of this is offered in one metaverse and can be accessed from a smartphone’s browser anywhere and anytime. It is compatible with all mobile web browsers. Users can explore Holozonia using the joystick on their smart phone’s screen.

They can create their avatar, hang out in the Holozonia world and access different AR and VR experiences without the need for a headset. Users can play games, learn, listen to music and watch their favourite VR shows on the  spot.

This virtual world is also open to external products and services. A mobile network can open a store in Holozonia, for example if an end user needs more data they can go to the operator’s virtual shop and upgrade their data bundle.

But that is just an example, because any service can be represented in this virtual world, as long as it offers added value to subscribers.

Summit Tech’s Odience is an immersive VR 360° live-streaming ecommerce-enabled platform that delivers a high-quality interactive event experiences to virtual audiences. The platform enables content creators to send high quality live 360 video in real time to enable engaging two-way remote participation experiences for live events. Odience brings live events into the Metaverse!

With Odience, brands can engage audiences with hyper-personalized experiences. By using integrated micro services for interactivity, e-commerce, in-stream advertising, and social networking, Odience delivers engagement and monetization to brands and content creators. Real-time 8k 360 video streams enable remote participation through interactive video walls, adding value and excitement to the event.

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Immersive Experience:

– 360 VR means "you are the cameraman" — You are free to explore the environment as if you where there in person

– 8K/4K means everything is always in full HD no matter where you look, even when you zoom in!

– Other streaming platforms don’t provide such an immersive and high quality experience – they don’t even come close

Integrated Ecommerce:

– Easily plugs into your existing ecommerce platform for event product placement and purchases

– In-stream shopping with chatbots and product selection via live QR codes or AI powered product recognition.

Truly Interactive and Social:

– In-platform chat and video call: Experience the event together with friends and colleagues, or get instant help from a personal shopper or store staff

– Real-time two way engagement: Virtual participants and presenters can video call into the event, appearing on a video wall or "front-row" tablets at the event

– Social: Take virtual photos of the event and share socially

Hybrid Events:

– Interactive video wall brings remote participants into the live event, bridging the virtual with the physical

– The video wall adds dimension to the physical event, while brining engagement and excitement to the remote participants

Easy Event Management:

– Whole event can be easily produced and moderated on a tablet/iPad via the Odience Director cloud portal

– Video wall content, product selection and corresponding QR codes, polls, public chat scroll display, and event moderation, all done through a web portal.

Branding and Advertising:

– Event pre-roll, screens and images customized to match then host’s branding

– 3rd party branding and product placement allows for event monetization through advertising and sponsorship

Restreams = Digital Asset:

– Archived Odience events, aka "restreams", have ecommerce enablement and many of the interactive features, making them valuable digital assets for long-tail monetization.

Woman Today

Women have never played such an essential role as they do today. In recent years, the conversation has been about women’s empowerment with celebrities and ambassadors promoting the social transformation of women.

In business and economics, the female voice is also gaining ground. Women’s economic empowerment increases productivity, economic diversification, and equity. Women have become a profitable market for different industries. Regarding their family life and finance, women have more power and influence on purchasing decisions.

Modern women have modern habits. They are mobile-first, social and multitask, so they need to be connected and informed. To support this extraordinary growth, Telecoming has developed Woman Today, a women-oriented mobile service that offers content on different topics to boost women’s community and satisfy the curiosity of this new and exigent audience questioning the status quo. It is an innovative mobile service to inspire, support and empower women.

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It is the first service based on a subscription model using DCB technology with a strong focus on inspiring women with personal stories where the protagonists have overcome adversity and are leading the change around their communities. It is the perfect example of how Direct Carrier Billing can empower women. It delivers the latest trending topics such as politics, well-being, health and beauty, entertainment, fashion, fitness, gastronomy, and much more.

Woman Today is the first DCB service to offer NFTs to its community of subscribers. NFTs operate through blockchain technology, which ensures their traceability, and are assigned digital certificates of authenticity that cannot be modified. The "Empowering Style" collection, exclusively designed for Woman Today, contains 36 NFTs spread across 6 categories to offer unique items to users.

The incorporation of NFTs in the service wants to reward subscribers’ loyalty with original and unique NFTs. Thus, one free NFT is available for every registered user. If the user doesn’t own a wallet, Woman Today safeguards the NFT, but if he already has a wallet, like MetaMask, Woman Today transfers it directly. Once users have the NFT in their wallet, they can sell it in the leading marketplaces like OpenSea, by leveraging the digital art secondary market.

Other state-of-the-art technology included in this service:

·      Augmented Reality applied to the creation of original filters for women.

·      Augmented audio technology to transform mobile content into playlists.

·      Technology for transforming any streaming signal of a show to be consumed in a web browser.

·      Personalization features with original assets for users to create with their mobiles and enjoy a unique experience.

This mobile service is an example of content innovation with a high global impact.


According to Eurostat figures, the cultural and creative industries employ 7.3 million people in the EU, France being the second highest cultural employer with more than 1 million professionals. Before the pandemic, the cultural industry generated in the EU more than 400B euros per year. 2020 changed everything, and the digital cultural offer skyrocketed.

Two years later, this market, like many others, has understood that the digital channel is not an alternative but a need. The cultural industry must find a monetization model that helps it be profitable online. In addition, new consumption models have also impacted the world of culture, which must move to the digital environment with the utmost urgency.

To contribute to the consolidation of the digital cultural market, in 2022, Telecoming created the first mobile cultural subscription with DCB technology that integrates the best music, theatre and cinema services.

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It is a model that arises from the alliance between Telecoming as a monetization tech partner and the best cultural producers:

QWest TV: The global hub for music and culture by Quincy Jones. It features 1,300+ hand-selected concerts, interviews, archival gems and documentaries. It is a world of curated musical excellence with jazz, soul, funk, blues, hip-hop, global sounds, electronic and classical.

Opsis TV is an SVOD platform specializing in live performances. This streaming platform, dedicated to live performance, offers a catalogue of over 500 recordings of shows, plays, opera and dance.

Finema: All the entertainment of the best French-speaking cinema, gathered in a single collection. More than 3,000 titles consolidate this service as the world’s most extensive French cultural offer in digital format, with award-winning works recognized throughout Europe: British Academy Film Awards, Emmy Awards, Goya Awards, Ministère De La Culture.

This project deserves to be recognized at the MEFFYS for its innovative character, social commitment and contribution to the mobile ecosystem with an absolutely different product for all users in France.


Content & Advertising

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What has been the best innovation in the area of Authentication in the past 12 months?

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What has been the most innovative content or advertising service for mobile users in 2021?

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What has been the most innovative solution for connectivity or global roaming this year?

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What has been the most impactful use case of an IoT solution across 2021?


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Who has been a champion for the Mobile Ecosystem?

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