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Global Connectivity

What has been the most innovative solution for connectivity or global roaming this year?


In November 2022, BICS achieved the world’s first live intercontinental 5G Standalone roaming connection in a non-lab environment.

2022 saw a 279% YoY increase in 5G-enabled devices according to BICS. As that number increases, 5G Standalone – or ‘pure 5G’ as some call it – will become more and more important for powering next-gen services like cloud gaming, immersive media, and autonomous vehicles.

The roaming aspect of 5G SA will be just as important for customers and enterprises. But rollout of 5G SA has been very slow, marred by immense complexity. In November 2022, BICS began to change that in a major milestone for global 5G adoption. On 24th November, BICS became the first company to complete the world’s first live intercontinental 5G Standalone roaming connection.

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Up until that point, operators around the world had only delivered 5G Non-Standalone roaming that routes traffic through 4G/LTE core. And none of those trials had ever been conducted in the real world – only in labs. By achieving a live connection between Belgian mobile operators Proximus and Middle-East-based telco provider stc Kuwait, BICS has made a breakthrough for making 5G Standalone a real and viable standard for roaming connectivity. It’s the first major step to breaking down the barriers for bringing the power of this technology to international communications, including consumers and enterprises.
Connectivity between the visited and home network was set up via secured gateways (SEPP) – a next-level security protocol mandated by roaming regulators GSMA, and which can be hosted on BICS’ IPX network – for faster and more efficient implementation and management.
In tandem with this announcement, as mobile network operators face the challenge of complex 5G roaming agreements, BICS has been working to simplify their path to 5G connectivity, allowing them to benefit from one connection, one invoice and full managed service modules to reduce overhead on existing teams.

Crisis Communications Technology

Both during and in the wake of a crisis, effective communication is priority number one. It’s necessary to stay connected with relief teams. It’s required to keep volunteers out of harm’s way. And it’s a cornerstone of coordination between emergency responders, partnered agencies, and the community.

It was with this in mind that the Red Cross began searching for a crisis communications platform – a search which would eventually lead it to its ongoing partnership with BlackBerry® AtHoc®. A software-based solution that can be deployed either behind an organization’s firewall on-premise or in the FedRAMP Cloud. BlackBerry AtHoc enables customers to reach people instantly via multiple communications channels. It features robust message tracking functionality, real-time feedback and response tracking, and the ability to quickly account for staff during an emergency.

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Since the deployment of BlackBerry AtHoc, it has become an essential part of the Red Cross’s day-to-day operations. The organization primarily uses it to provide arrival instructions to responders deployed to disaster relief operations. Each worker that deploys receives an automated email and voice call providing them with details of what to do upon arrival. Throughout the course of their deployment, the Red Cross uses AtHoc to conduct workforce care surveys with these volunteers aimed at ensuring each one has the best possible humanitarian experience.
The Red Cross also uses the platform to send safety messages to workers deployed on relief operations experiencing additional impacting events. The organization first used the system in this way during its response to Hurricane Harvey. At that time, severe weather struck an area in which relief workers were deployed – through BlackBerry AtHoc, those employees were kept out of harm’s way.
Finally, several of the Red Cross’s disaster teams have static distribution lists that automatically connect them to recurring conference calls. The organization also has a distribution list for its Disaster Operations Coordination Center in case there’s a large-scale event for which all leadership needs to be present.
“We use BlackBerry AtHoc for every single deployment, and we do at least 20,000 deployments a year,” says Vice President of Disaster Operations and Logistics Brad Kieserman. “Over the last few years, we’ve sent out an average of 2000+ alerts and 100,000+ unique messages on an annual basis. It’s safe to say that without BlackBerry AtHoc, it would be challenging to achieve our mission on the scale that we have.”
Currently, BlackBerry AtHoc covers about 36,000 people in the Red Cross. That said, there are plans in the works for expansion. The American Red Cross is, after all, part of a global network – and to that end, BlackBerry is working with the American Red Cross to leverage and apply its success with BlackBerry AtHoc on an international scale.

Enhanced Connectivity


Our business model is focused on providing the latest telecom solutions while expanding its global connectivity by offering seamless omnichannel communications support worldwide with tailored solutions.

BTS Group has evolved to enable digital transformation in the telco world, bridging the gap between digital customers’ needs and solutions provided.

The determination and focus to participate in the natural evolution of our customers and partners have inspired the organization’s direction.

We are comitted to providing seamless and efficient connections to countries across the globe. Our focus on user experience and technology has led us to integrate APIs for smooth compatibility with our partners’ systems and to bring cutting-edge digital solutions to the telecom industry. We are also deeply invested in user experience, which is why we offer a monitoring metrics solution to ensure that our partners deliver the best possible experience for end users. Our state-of-the-art, fully digitalized ecosystem ensures we can offer the most efficient and streamlined connections possible, bringing enhanced connectivity to our partners and their customers.

RBM Hub®

RBM Hub® simplifies the complexities of the RCS ecosystem, offering aggregators, ISVs, and developers a single point of termination, enabling seamless Rich Business Messaging (RBM) traffic worldwide. Global businesses demand global services, and a single platform like the RBM Hub® provides stakeholders a single API, access to operators, and a common onboarding and verification model.

With RBM Hub®, aggregators gain interconnectivity with MNOs across the world, irrespective of their MaaP or RCS vendors. With a single commercial agreement, they can deliver globally across carrier networks. Additionally, Dotgo handles all backend complexity, offering a single point for onboarding and verification. You can develop bots using either FNW.11 or Google RBM API. RBM Hub® also offers advanced APIs supporting RichOTP and RichSMS.

The RBM Hub® comes integrated with a simple campaign management tool and Universal RCS, enabling seamless launch and management of RCS campaigns, even delivering an RCS-like experience to iPhones and other non-RCS smartphones, granting 100% penetration. Additionally, the hub also supports the use of QR codes, offering quick and easy connect options to users.

RBM Hub® simplifies the entire RCS ecosystem, thereby encouraging speedy RCS adoption and deployment worldwide. The RBM Hub® is connected to over 80 operators in more than 40 markets. It was used for the MEF bot (RCS and URCS with QR code) at the RCS World event held in July ’22 and the MEF Omnichannel event in Nov ’22. It is also in use at MEF events at MWC’23.

Every new generation of cellular connectivity requires a new way of thinking about how to ensure its security from the first call and byte of data onwards. Enea AdaptiveMobile Security has created the world’s first Unified 5G Network Security Solution, designed to allow carriers to understand, predict, and defend their 5G infrastructure against internal and external threats.

Threat actors have learned to modify cyber-attacks, hiding their tracks and circumventing firewalls and filters. At this early stage of 5G, networking is more complex and vulnerable than its predecessors: 3G and 4G – coupled with a far larger attack surface to exploit. As 5G enables more vertical technologies in IoT, healthcare, energy, and transport infrastructure, it’s essential that these industries – and the critical infrastructure and data they contain – are protected, as well as individual end users.

That is because 5G core network architecture is more IT-like than the previous generations. Due to the wide availability of IT hacking tools for common protocols, speed of security and rule updates and awareness of vulnerabilities are of utmost importance, as attackers will modify existing IT tools to develop faster and more sophisticated 5G network attacks.

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Today, mobile networks are a battleground. Network-enabled attacks are on the increase in hybrid warfare scenarios like the Russia-Ukraine war, where they’ve become critical for defensive and offensive operations, with long-reaching implications for the way wars are fought, as our Director of National Security Intelligence, Rowland Corr, recently discussed. This will only increase as 5G networks intertwine with industry and critical infrastructure.

What’s more, in an omnichannel world, mobile operators must adapt to increasingly multi-cloud and multi-vendor network infrastructure with a security overlay for every element. Enea AdaptiveMobile Security integrates with third-party sources and can add logical tests to policy enforcement, as well as the ability to actively query external platforms and processes like HSS or provisioning platforms, all with automated threat prevention, including suspending service or automatically initiating SIM swaps.

The company’s trio of interconnected 5G security platforms combine cybersecurity capabilities operating in unison to secure 5G networks, slices, vertical APIs, and subscribers while securing legacy network infrastructure that still represents a potential attack vector.

· Enhanced Security Edge Protection Proxy (eSEPP)

This secures both interconnected networks and other network infrastructure in a mixed 4G/5G network deployment.

· Enhanced Service Communication Proxy (eSCP)

Enforces security zones inside the core network to protect data transiting between different operator partners.

· Vertical API Protector

Secures the northbound interface by verifying signaling and control communications, protecting 5G network APIs from threat actors.

The Enea AdaptiveMobile Security 5G Network Security Solution identifies and correlates sources of external and internal attacks on 5G networks and subscribers. This enables governments, regulators, and MNOs to gain deep insight into the nature of emerging threats, pinpoint threat actors attacking a network, and prevent internal attacks on network slices.

This solution proactively manages defenses against known sources of signaling and messaging attacks so MNOs can understand, predict, and defend against attackers’ methods, objectives, infrastructure, and their evolution.

Insight on Enea AdaptiveMobile Security’s credentials of global connectivity protection and continuous innovation can be found here:

• The new environment of global connectivity and the unforeseen usage by malicious threat actors, such as what we have seen in Ukraine:

1. The Mobile Network Battlefield in Ukraine – Part 1

2. The Mobile Network Battlefield in Ukraine – Part 2

3. The Mobile Network Battlefield in Ukraine – Part 3

4. Mobile Network-enabled Attacks in Hybrid Warfare

• Our published research, Slicing security in 5G, on new threats facing the telecom ecosystem spans topics such as:

1. Fraud risks and information leakage vulnerability

2. Denial of service attacks on 5g networks

3. Location-tracking attacks

Enea Adaptive Mobile highlights:

• Enea AdaptiveMobile Security is supported by a global Threat Intelligence Unit dedicated to mobile messaging threats. Subscribers are automatically given membership to Enea’s intelligence and security community, pooling knowledge from a 1.5 billion subscriber user base.

• Thanks to a blend of trust reputation scoring, social engineering detection, and real-time behavior analytics – subscribers are constantly protected against an ever-broadening range of sophisticated messaging and signaling threats.

• Enea AdaptiveMobile Security proactively manages defenses against known sources of signaling attacks to better predict and defend against attackers’ methods, objectives, and infrastructures.

• The company integrates human-led security intelligence with next-generation security technology in one affordable managed service package.

• Enea AdaptiveMobile is rated by market surveys such as ROCCO Signaling and SMS Firewall as a Tier-1 vendor.

• Top industry awards such as the Global Mobile (GLOMO) have recognized our solution.

Enea AdaptiveMobile Security’s expertise in security mobile network infrastructure has also been recognized by the USA Department of Homeland Security’s Science and Technology division, with whom it is working on a research project focusing on securing national critical MNO infrastructure.

This project, ‘Threat Detection and Protection of Networks,’ involves AdaptiveMobile developing a solution that uses stateful communication protocols with security-focused advanced analytics algorithms and a global threat intelligence service to ensure mobile network borders are continually secured. For more detail, visit:

Infinity IoT Platform: Mission Control for IoT Connectivity. Today and Tomorrow.

What do enterprises want from IoT? Devices that just work – everywhere and every time, straight out-of-the-box. Powered by highly reliable and available connectivity, with security and service taken care of.

Businesses also want to bring their negotiated rates, and the flexibility to choose multiple Mobile Network Operators (MNO) to get the best connectivity in each location. Policy matters too – businesses want fine-grain control that makes global IoT connectivity easy to manage. And of course, at an affordable price.

Introducing Eseye’s Infinity IoT Platform™: one customisable and scalable cellular network for all global IoT deployments. The definition of a mission control for IoT connectivity: the innovation project managers have been longing for.

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– All in one place – a single IoT platform to manage existing legacy SIMs, Eseye AnyNet SIMs, and emerging eSIM and iSIM solutions.

– Revolutionary ability to Bring Your Own Contract (BYOC) – bring existing MNO contracts and billing, supplemented with AnyNet infill.

– Global coverage – near 100% device uptime powered by Eseye’s AnyNet Federation which grants access to over 700 networks.

– Network optimisation – dynamic network-switching as a managed service to enhance connectivity QoS and price, device-by-device.

– Centralised Reporting, Analytics and AI – reduce service and cost overheads across a global IoT estate.

– Enterprise policy control and management to the edge – API integrations with security and other Enterprise applications.

– Policy-based networking – streamline connectivity and improve network performance with Eseye’s Software Defined Network (SDN).


Of the global connectivity challenges faced by mobile network operators (MNOs) today, among the most damaging are the surge in security threats and risk of attacks, with global revenue losses from fraud costing $39.89 billion1. The explosion of all types of threats — emerging from the pandemic, digitalization, and the march to deploy 25 billion IoT-connected devices by 20252 — has driven the need for innovative security management solutions that can adapt quickly to new and sophisticated attacks.

Over the past two years, iBASIS has heavily invested in deploying a holistic and security-first approach in the face of surging volumes of sophisticated attacks trying to omit Signaling Firewalls for Location Tracking purposes, increased usage of Global OpCode parameter, cross protocol attacks via SS7 or Diameter networks, and intensified CLI spoofing cases spreading across EU.

With Security iQ360, a cloud-based platform that sits on the global iBASIS network, customers can use a hosted and fully managed 24/7 solution for attack detection, signaling firewall, and DDoS rule management. The solution eliminates the need for multiple upfront MNOs’ and MVNOs’ investments and intensive project deployment.

The secured global connectivity solution is differentiated as it provides seamless security directly from the cloud at both application and network layers.

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iBASIS operates one of the largest international voice and data networks in the world with access to one of the largest telecom threat databases. This enables iBASIS to deliver the impacts of its Security iQ360 to customers more effectively around the globe, including:

– Direct reach to 800+ global destinations

– Fully managed cloud-based security portfolio

– In-depth visibility, monitoring, and attack detection for actionable resolution of revenue leakage, wasteful traffic, and disputes

– Full automation to assess vulnerability and address security risks with advanced auditing

– Evolved capabilities to manage firewalls and DDoS rules

iBASIS consistently expands its network and has designed a new cost-effective distributed and regional-architected approach to ensure traffic is clean and as close as possible to customers before delivery. Points of presence (POPs) in all continents ensure local connections and provide security modules and platforms of service to better serve customers in their particular region.


iBASIS products are designed to provide connectivity, but at the core of each is a security module with two layers of security.

The first layer is penetration testing, which is a regular health check of a network every six months or so to identify the performance of security mechanisms that have been implemented. It’s a stress test of the network to find any holes or new threats. The second is protection and incorporates firewalls, which adapt to different types of traffic and protocols.


Partnerships are key to the iBASIS secured global connectivity strategy. In September 2022, iBASIS enriched its Security iQ360 adaptive solution by joining forces with jtendo, a leading security company. The partnership brought unparalleled 360° intelligence for in-depth traffic visibility, monitoring, penetration tests, attack detection and protection, and firewall and leveraged best-of-breed expertise to manage services 24×7 for customers.


Looking to the future, 69% of MNOs believe that 5G will lead to increased threats from signaling attacks3, with many believing SS7 and Diameter problems will be inherited by 5G—especially at the interconnection points. iBASIS believes that although 5G signaling traffic is encrypted and has a security-first design, the protocol being used for 5G and HTTP is too familiar to the hacker community. MNOs must remain vigilant to future threats.

iBASIS brings unparalleled 360-degree intelligence for in-depth traffic visibility, monitoring, attack detection, and protection. Automatic updates and hands-on support allow customers to continuously monitor and remediate evolving threats, and also to be better prepared to meet the increasing pressure from regulators worldwide.


“We have firsthand experience of how robust and flexible the iBASIS Fraud platform is for detecting and protecting against fraud activity.”

Eric Pradeau, Senior VP Wholesale


“One word to describe iBASIS is value. They really bring value to the partner. We look forward to working with iBASIS in the long term.”

Chris Wang, Business Development Director

China Mobile International Limited

“iBASIS enables us to increase traffic to global destinations while protecting that traffic when it goes to risky destinations…Innovative capabilities provide multiple and flexible ways to block traffic, supported by unparalleled expertise, high availability and response, and ability to customize features and introduce new services.”

Thierry Nedellec, Head of Project, IT Configuration

RA & QOS Wholesale Carrier Service Bouygues Telecom

“They’re always looking to push the envelope.”

Simon Dodsworth, Vice President, Voice Trading

Arelion (formerly Telia Carrier)

“They provide an objective perspective on how we can grow our business together. It’s growing in importance as we become more aligned in our mutual success.”

Ryan Tollofson, Director of Emerging Communications


“We greatly appreciate that iBASIS’ solutions are delivered in an environment of exceptional innovation, focused on providing quality and customer service that is adaptive to our needs.”

Jennifer Espinal, International Business Manager

Altice (Dominicana)


1 CFCA: Fraud Loss Report Survey 2021

2 Cybersecurity Ventures: 2022 Official Cybercrime Report.

3 Kaleido Intelligence: Mobile Operator Signalling Security Survey Report

4 Mobilesquared: Mobile Operators Failing to Protect Subscribers

Voice & SMS Termination

LANCK Telecom is an international carrier with 20+ years of experience and an excellent reputation. We provide premium quality Voice and SMS termination worldwide for operators, enterprises and aggregators.

Voice services in numbers: 150+ direct connections with operators, 4B minutes terminated annually.

SMS services in numbers: 100+ direct connections with operators, 3B SMS delivered annually.

In 2022, our Voice traffic in Africa doubled, and in LATAM, we saw 40% annual growth. We were voted Africa’s Regional Operator of the Year at CC-Global Awards 2022. In 2021 and 2022, we were selected as one of 6 Tier-1 A2P SMS Vendors by ROCCO Research, with our overall SMS traffic tripling from 2019 to 2022.

We offer all our Voice partners a cutting-edge Fraud Management System (FMS) for free. The FMS provides real-time signaling level protection of inbound and outbound traffic. It uses in-house developed ML algorithms and an AI engine to detect and prevent fraud with 99.9% accuracy. In 2022 we launched our SMS anti-fraud solution that detects the most severe type of messaging fraud – Artificially Generated Traffic (AGT).  We also introduced a module that detects Flash Calls in real time with unparalleled accuracy.

In addition, we provide global roaming solutions for MNOs, MVNOs, Mobile Apps, and M2M, covering all their Voice, SMS, and data roaming needs.

Link Mobility is one of world’s leading CPaaS provider, and we specialize in mobile messaging services and mobile solutions.

Our service across different industries and platforms to supply the growing demand for digitalization. The group is headquartered in Oslo, Norway, and is publicly listed in Oslo Stock Exchange.

In order to serve our clients in different region,  LINK has 220 connectivity around the globe.

DCB Anti-Fraud Solution

DCB Anti-Fraud Solution

mFilterIt’s DCB Anti-Fraud Solution – the solution to tackle Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) frauds in the Ad Fraud ecosystem. With the rapid increase in smartphone penetration to 66.21% in 2022, the ease of use and convenience of DCB has made it a popular option for Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), Content Partners, and Advertisers. However, frauds in the DCB ecosystem have become a limiting factor for growth.

DCB VAS business is a subset of the Ad Fraud Detection business. The total size of DCB market is pegged at USD Bn 35 to 40. The Digital Ad Industry is about 600 Billion USD where the fraud reported itself to be almost double of DCB Market, to be around USD 70 Bn. mFilterIt being in this space for over 7 years, is a pioneer on Ad Fraud Detection, and well equipped to identify the most sophisticated Frauds (SIVT) in this space and thus help operators to curb frauds, revive and grow DCB business globally.

mFilterIt’s DCB Anti-Fraud Solution combines both deterministic and probabilistic mechanisms, offering a multi-level defence mechanism to identify all types of bot traffic (basic bots, moderately sophisticated bots, sophisticated bots, and Advanced Persistent Bots (APBs)). With the ability to customize the risk score in real time, the solution ensures that subscription consent is provided by genuine users and not bots. The solution offers a seamless subscription flow for genuine users and the ability to enforce a challenge for suspicious transactions in real-time.

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mFilterIt offers a unique 3-layer defence system that uses a combination of probabilistic and deterministic models, making it more advanced than its competitors who only use probabilistic models. It also implements BOT-resistant dynamic images to replace HTML buttons, easily read by BOTs and is vulnerable to hacking. The solution provides a seamless one-click VAS subscription process for genuine users and only moderate to high-risk transactions are subjected to real-time adaptive enforcement. It is flexible and can be integrated at both the CP landing page and on the consent gateway page.

By eliminating fraudulent charges on users and increasing trust, MNOs can achieve higher revenue and a cleaner DCB VAS ecosystem. The solution will help weed out fraudulent clicks, increase genuineness and validate traffic to curb fraudulent subscriptions. The ability to identify frauds with a multi-level defence mechanism and comply with local regulatory guidelines makes mFilterIt’s DCB Anti-Fraud Solution a strong and compelling proposition. Ultimately, it will rejuvenate Direct Carrier Billing, enabling many benefits for MNOs, Digital Service Providers (content providers, bill payments, utility providers etc.) and for Users.

Company Profile

We are pioneers in the space of Ad Traffic Validation (ATV), Brand Hygiene Protection, Digital Commerce Intelligence, Direct Carrier Billing Anti-Fraud, along with Mobile Identity & Risk Assessment. mFilterIt focuses on protecting the digital integrity of Telcos & Enterprises across platforms, along with identifying fraud & plugging leakages.

mFilterIt empowers brands, Telcos and VAS aggregators with data-driven driven growth & building customer trust with the help of their proprietary AI-based technology. The organization, along with the parent group works with more than 600 clients across 75 countries with the goal of optimizing media efficiencies, giving a boost to mobile money, and making the customer onboarding & VAS subscription journey frictionless and secure.

As global enterprises seek new ways to delight and engage customers with enhanced experiences, better communications and a more enticing brand presence, Rich Communication Services (RCS) and omnichannel messaging capabilities have become vital. According to a recent study, 74% of consumers are more likely to engage with a brand through RCS. With this in mind, it’s clear that today’s competitive, customer-first business landscape makes adopting RCS technology an imperative.

RCS messaging capabilities move beyond traditional SMS and MMS capabilities, expanding communications with the ability to send high-resolution photos and videos, typing indicators, location sharing, advanced group messaging and more. However, this innovation is not without its adoption challenges.

While it’s full of value, the RCS ecosystem is also fragmented and highly complex, with multiple messaging hubs serving hundreds of millions of active RCS users. This creates complexity when managing the underlying RCS routing and connectivity, creating strain for carriers and RCS hubs when determining the right message destination. Add to this the fact that there is currently no central registry to help industry players route messages effectively, and the challenge is clear. The mobile communications ecosystem is desperately in need of a solution that revolutionizes the way underlying connectivity is empowered, making RCS and omnichannel adoption attainable and simple, removing complexity barriers and decreasing both time to market and strain on internal teams and digital transformation initiatives.

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It’s this requirement that led netnumber Global Data Services to create a unique solution to a large existing barrier for adoption and service outcomes. The company’s new RCS Routing service — as part of the netnumber Services Registry — offers a simplified method for operators to leverage the near real-time data they need to enable RCS message routing and connectivity between users and across platforms. With this much-needed phone number intelligence data, mobile operators everywhere can now deliver the innovative RCS technology and features that increase user satisfaction and adaptability, ultimately delivering better messaging globally.

When Enterprises, MNOs and CSPs have access to accurate, up-to-date, easy-to-integrate RCS routing data, they can deliver RCS messages to end users effectively, quickly and accurately. This brings multiple connectivity benefits:

– Messages are delivered as RCS to the maximum extent possible by correctly identifying the RCS-enabled devices. Failover to other channels like SMS can be used only when the end-user does not have access to RCS.

– Messages are delivered with minimum latency. Short delivery times improve end-user response rates and, for some use cases, are critical.

Overall, this RCS-enabled phone number data empowers next-generation RCS messaging capabilities while significantly improving efficiency and reliability and ensuring a better overall mobile user experience — two of the most important sources of value for today’s mobile ecosystem. The RCS capabilities augment the existing netnumber Services Registry, which is an industry database that enables new, innovative telecommunications services. This database is used extensively by the North American messaging ecosystem to identify if a messaging service has been assigned to a given telephone number – so that SMS and MMS messages can be routed effectively to text-enabled fixed-line numbers, mobile numbers allocated to a virtual (MVNO) operator, toll-free numbers, or VoIP operators. The netnumber Services Registry is also the key enabler of toll-free texting and 10-digit long code 10DLC (A2P messaging) campaign information.

This RCS solution contributes to the widespread adoption of RCS by making routing and operations simpler, more accessible and more cost-effective. In turn, this service opens up more revenue-generation opportunities for customers looking to attract more users and expand their service capabilities. This drives greater value and advanced experiences for end users, which then translates into greater ROI for the provider.

netnumber Services Registry

Text messaging, since its creation, has continued to rise in popularity, now standing as one of the end-user’s preferred modes of communication. As such, enterprises have rightfully concluded that they should prioritize mobile devices as ideal locations for business communications to land in order to more effectively engage the consumer. This has led to the rise in A2P (Application to Person) messaging and other similar applications.

Still, as messaging has grown in popularity, so has it grown in complexity. There are thousands of messaging service providers such as MVNOs, MNOs, OTT providers, messaging aggregators and others that offer SMS, MMS, and other messaging services. Wireless text messaging has become one of the most popular forms of communication today, with industry estimates of over 2 trillion text messages sent annually. This has led to an explosion in the need for messaging data by mobile operators. For the United States alone, netnumber Global Data Services processes and distributes hundreds of millions of records to all major messaging and interconnection providers every day.

To empower the rise in text and mobile enterprise communication, netnumber Global Data Services created the netnumber Services Registry (nnSR) — an industry repository that enables new, innovative telecommunication services. Not only does this registry open up new opportunities for ease and simplicity in the evolving mobile ecosystem, it also delivers greater security to help the players within the ecosystem build and maintain mission-critical market trust.

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The netnumber Services Registry is used extensively by the North American messaging ecosystem to identify if a messaging service has been assigned to a given telephone number so that SMS and MMS messages can be routed effectively to text-enabled fixed-line numbers, mobile numbers allocated to a virtual (MVNO) operator, toll-free numbers, or VoIP operators. The netnumber Services Registry is also a key enabler of toll-free texting and 10-digit long code (10DLC) / A2P messaging campaign information, as explained further below.

As of the date of this submission, the netnumber Services Registry has grown to become one of the world’s largest telecom registries with hundreds of millions of telephone numbers and dozens of millions of updates per month. netnumber has been delivering these innovative services for more than fifteen years and today, certain types of text message routing would not be possible in North America without the netnumber Services Registry.

The netnumber Services Registry enables operators to leverage many high-value solutions, including but not limited to:

– MVNO: A mobile operator (MNO) wants to allow a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) to control messaging services on all MVNO telephone numbers while the MNO continues to provide underlying voice and data services.

– VoIP: User signs up for a VoIP service and is assigned a new telephone number which the VoIP carrier sources from an underlying voice provider. The underlying voice provider may operate voice services, while the VoIP carrier operates messaging services.

– Fixed-line and toll-free texting: A business (from a major brand down to a small medical office) wants to communicate with its customers via text message using the same telephone number that the customers recognize for voice calls. The voice service provider remains the same, with a messaging provider added on top for messaging traffic addressed to these numbers.

– Fraud prevention: Attributes of telephone numbers in the netnumber Services Registry are a critical source of information used by mobile operators, messaging hubs and their designated spam detection vendors to identify fraudulent messages and treat them accordingly.

In addition, netnumber’s Services Registry is used in connection with spam protection measures implemented in the 10DLC/A2P environment. 10DLC/A2P is a business text messaging channel sanctioned by major mobile operators which has many components:

– Brands trigger 10DLC/A2P message transmission to consumers. These entities are responsible for the message content and typically work with a specialized messaging service provider that can help create and manage campaigns.

– Campaign Service Providers (CSPs) are companies specialized in 10DLC/A2P messaging that run a messaging campaign platform to perform campaign creation and management on behalf of their brand customers. CSPs work with Direct Connect Aggregators (DCA) or their resellers to transmit messaging traffic onto the mobile operator network.

– The Campaign Registry (TCR) provides a unified interface where Campaign Service Providers submit and edit the Brand owner and associated messaging registrations of 10DLC/A2P campaigns based upon consolidated mobile operator policies and compliance rules.

– Reseller Aggregators (CSPs and/or Connection Partners) have agreements with Direct Connect Aggregators to resell their services into the market.

– Direct Connect Aggregators have direct contracts and technical connections with the messaging hubs used by mobile operators.

– Messaging hubs, or Inter-Carrier Vendors function as the gateway and run the messaging traffic to and from mobile operator networks they have partnered with.

– Mobile operators define rules for 10DLC/A2P messaging arriving on their network, including acceptable use cases, termination cost, and scale of outreach which is captured in the TCR registration process.

netnumber is an integral part of 10DLC/A2P enterprise messaging and communications connectivity with its netnumber Services Registry. 10DLC/A2P campaign information, along with telephone number campaign association, is provisioned by both the authorized number provisioners and TCR into the netnumber Services Registry. This data is processed by the netnumber Services Registry to ensure consistency and compliance with industry policies and is distributed to the entire industry for routing and fraud prevention. This enables the messaging industry to associate 10DLC/A2P campaigns with specific senders and to route the traffic at approved message volumes and in compliance with permissible use cases to protect against spam. If spam is detected, messaging providers may block and treat them accordingly. For example, telephone numbers that are used to originate 10DLC/A2P traffic but are not labeled as 10DLC/A2P are subject to detection and blocking measures in the industry. Another example is the identification of bad actors. As soon as one or a few telephone numbers have been identified as originating fraudulent messages, the netnumber Services Registry enables the industry to determine all other telephone numbers that belong to the same campaign or originating entity and expand the blocking of fraudulent traffic in a fast and effective manner.

Overall, the nnSR provides a greater opportunity within the communications ecosystem to communicate with users in a simplified, reliable, highly secure way, making it key for expanding what the communications ecosystem to accomplish — all while instilling trust and protection across messaging. This is accomplished through robust, accurate phone number intelligence data.

Orange’s One-stop-shop for roaming has just gotten more global with our exclusive roaming to IoT service, allowing game-changing cross-border use cases for about any industry.

This latest addition to our managed Roaming Sponsor solution complements our industry-leading traveler roaming, with a wealth of destinations covered and 5G NSA support. Users who wish to enter into bilateral deals can then evolve towards Orange’s roaming hub and get more control on their international connectivity options.

Smart Shipping Label

Boasting a groundbreaking paper-thin form factor, relaying data via cellular connectivity, and powered by printed batteries, the revolutionary Smart Shipping Label from SODAQ, Lufthansa Industry Solutions, and Pod Group – a Giesecke+Devrient company, is set to disrupt the logistics sector!

Both label and tracker in one clever device, the Smart Shipping Label provides a whole new realm of possibilities for logistics companies. Light, slim and suitable for even the smallest packages, like envelopes containing important documents, it can go where no tracker has gone before.

The Smart Shipping Label will revolutionize the supply chain and put every package, large or small, on the map. Check out the video presentation to see how the label is used by our partners Walbing!

Retiring legacy technologies such as 2G and 3G, is a given for mobile network operators to reduce costs. Reallocated spectrum can now be used for technologies positioned to better support services and revenue streams of the future.

However, 2G and 3G network sunsetting creates a critical issue for 4G and 5G only operators in their ability to serve guest users (roamers) from partner operators that do not support VoLTE and have no immediate plans to implement it.

Without circuit switched voice on 2G or 3G technologies and no VoLTE support on 4G and 5G networks, roamers cannot make voice calls and operators stand to lose a significant amount of inbound voice and data wholesale roaming revenues.

Evolved Mobility allows visited operators to seamlessly accept 4G roaming connections and gives non-VoLTE network operators a way to let their subscribers seamlessly roam, without either operator having to make major equipment upgrades.

Now visited networks can offer voice and data services even if the home operator does not support VoLTE, giving roamers

continuous connections to both voice and data, resulting in a mutually beneficial outcome for both roaming subscribers and mobile network operators. Neither the visited nor home operator, or end users have to change their behavior to

benefit from Syniverse’s solution.

Syniverse’s Evolved Mobility solution has been adopted by leading operators such as AT&T and Verizon and serves millions of roamers today.


Overview of Telin

Telin, as the widest global network coverage provider based in Indonesia, has pushed to deliver additional value in the wholesale operator space in the Asia Pacific region. It is aligned with our vision to be a digital infrastructure and platform partner of choice for Enterprise and Hyperscale in Indo-Pacific.

Our global infrastructure includes more than 227,300 kilometers of submarine cable system length worldwide, including 58 Points of Presence globally, and more than 19 Tier II to Tier IV Data Centers operating in Singapore, Hong Kong, Timor Leste, and Indonesia.

As such, Telin offers a comprehensive range of high-quality international voice and data connectivity, as well as enterprise solutions with offices and representatives in Asia Pacific region and beyond, such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Myanmar, Philippines, India, Timor Leste, Hong Kong, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates, Australia, United States, and the United Kingdom.

Furthermore, we keep ourselves relevant in this digital environment by delivering our customers access to digital connectivity, digital platform, and specialized digital services, thus enabling our customers and operators to evolve beyond network connectivity and value-added services as the industry shifts to compete on over-the-top (OTT) offerings.

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About NeuTrafiX

In relation to the recent situation, Telin has disrupted the global wholesale telecommunication industry by introducing NeuTrafiX, the only digital public exchange that transparently connects buyers and sellers with the simple Pay as You Go (PAYG) model. NeuTrafiX is uniquely designed to address the major pain points that wholesalers and carriers are facing, as follows:

1. Lack of transparency of the real cost which will result in Declining Profitability and Low Margins;

2. Connecting and meeting directly with operators takes and is costly;

3. Cash flow and Bad Debts concerns.

With NeuTrafiX, we reduce and even remove those challenges process via streamlining operations in a digital age. They can quickly digitalize their business operations to faster go to market, using a universal collaborative platform, enjoy economies of scale, and get real-time data to drive decision-making, with flexible and transparent services.

A single agreement with NeuTrafiX is all a buyer needed to start trading with sellers globally and vice versa, as Telin NeuTrafiX’s smart SD-Interconnect simplifies interconnection and trading with other members. The API-ready platform enables plug-and-play interconnection between enterprises. Features of the platform include a unified digital experience, software-defined interconnects, a CPaaS-certified and ready system, and an intuitive API console, as well as real-time business and technical analytics so that members can track their traffic performance.

Businesses can easily sign up on NeuTrafiX and start trading. Members can view products for purchase prior to buying and selling Voice, SMS, and virtual numbers. Members also enjoy a special member rate. In addition, it can be used to explore prices that are of interest with a special member rate.

With this innovative solution, all members have advantages in optimizing costs and routes, while improving quality of service, margin, and operational efficiency.

NeuTrafiX Additional Features

As part of our continuous innovation, NeuTrafiX’s team rolled out some additional features to help NeuTrafiX members protect themselves

1. Wholesale Exchange API Management. Members are able to discover, interconnect, monitor, test, and sync rates using a programmatic approach provided in the platform.

2. Intuitive Dashboard with Real-time Statistics. Members can easily experience the user-friendly functions provided in this marketplace.

3. Anonymity and Private Dealing Room. We understand that it is sufficient already to offer customer service support via email to respond to inquiries from members. However, NeuTrafiX provides this feature to facilitate both sellers and buyers to meet in faster and more secure media to resolve any business-related transactions or troubles in a safe and sound manner.

4. Self-Service, Real-Time Payment Process. One of the benefits of NeuTrafiX is members are allowed to conduct a prepaid transaction to avoid any bad risk and inconvenience cashflow situation due to delayed payment for example. With this solution, members can enjoy hassle-free transactions among themselves.

5. Direct communications with Buyers and Sellers. NeuTrafiX ensures all members govern and comply with the global transaction policy prior to joining, therefore direct communication among them is possible and more efficient in terms of time, administration, and costs.

6. Fund Transfer at Ease. NeuTrafiX provides various methods of transactions and accepts all major payment methods including wire transfer, credit cards, and Paypal. We will add other payment options including cryptocurrency in the near future.

7. Customized Alerts. It refers to any notifications preferred by our members’ requirements to their email.

8. Blacklisting/whitelisting CLI/sender ID. This feature provides Sender ID authorization for A2P service sellers in NeuTrafiX, so the seller will be able to manage the Sender ID rules and the allowed-restricted specific Sender ID for specific Seller’s Route. The Buyer can review the Seller route before sending a specific Sender ID. This feature then will lead to a specific sender ID special deal between Buyer and Seller.  (

In some cases, the whitelisting CLI originating from certain countries and terminating in some destination networks could cost the member $10. To avoid this issue, sellers may use the below feature to block such traffic originating from certain CLIDs. (

9. Private exchange for Voice, SMS & virtual numbers. This feature can act as a full replacement for a softswitch that saves thousands of dollars a year. The Private Route Exchange tool has the power to offer different rates to different buyers. With this tool in place, everything from route publishing, marketing, rate notification handling, and money collection is available within NeuTrafiX. (

10. Custom summary reports. NeuTrafiX members can customize the format of reports based on their requirements.

11. Accept multiple rate sheet formats. NeuTrafix can integrate each member’s rate sheet into the platform so the transactions could be done using their own rate sheet format. (

12. Zero Tolerance for Spam Trading. This feature is to ensure the safety of NeuTrafiX’s members while trading in the marketplace. Specifically, sellers on NeuTrafiX can use this feature to filter voice traffic and identify spam based on ASR/ACD parameters. They can block or flag this content, depending on the thresholds that they decide to set.

After the first strike, spammers will be blocked for a week. A second strike will result in a 30-day ban, and after a third strike, the spammer will be blocked indefinitely and may face further consequences. This three-strike policy has been designed to protect NeuTrafiX members and discourage spammers from targeting our members. It gives NeuTrafiX members both accessible as well as convenience while using the marketplace.

The marketplace is already home to 250 members. Over a one-year period, the platform has crossed 1 billion traffic for Voice & SMS combined.

In 2022, NeuTrafiX was proudly recognized in the shortlist of the Wholesale Innovation Disruptor of the Year in Global Carrier Awards 2022 and the winner of Best Voice / Data Service Innovation in Carrier Community Global Awards 2022.

A few MNOs are undergoing 5G Standalone (SA) roaming trial initiatives to formulate the interoperability requirements and gain competitive advantages in the process. It will enable them to differentiate through connectivity and provide additional value to their B2B and B2C offerings, unlocking new revenue streams. The higher network performance and improved efficiency of 5G will uncover new opportunities across all industry verticals. 5G requires more sophisticated systems to manage new commercial models and network parameters to improve customer experience. It’s not about increased speed, but rather extending connections to IoT devices overseas and supporting more advanced services and entertainment offerings for consumers.
TOMIA successfully completed a Proof of Concept on 5G SA steering with a tier-1 EU affiliate of a large group in a testing environment. The main objective was to design, develop and test an approach for 5G SA active steering, where the Steering of Roaming acts over the signaling message flow to control and decides about roamers’ registrations on foreign networks. The validations of the 5G flows and message protocols were a key part of this activity. Additional MNOs are scheduled to take part in our PoC in H1/2023.
TOMIA launched its IPN 5G SA Active Steering service that allows MNOs to bring forth innovative offerings for their consumer base and increase their focus on the enterprise and IoT markets. By detecting 5G-capable devices and steering them to preferred 5G networks, MNOs can manage their wholesale costs effectively, manage contingencies between multiple network technologies and ensure a smooth roaming experience.


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