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COVID19 Mobile Response

This category recognises companies serving the wider community during the unprecedented events of 2020’s global pandemic.

Boloro Authentication

Boloro Authentication is a unique multi-channel and multi-factor solution that is approved by the GSMA, patented in 84 countries, and addressing fraud prevention and the promotion of financial inclusion, as well as use cases involving the tracking of COVID-19 vaccinations and the prevention of the spread of COVID-19 by allowing users to “keep their hands to themselves”. Boloro Authentication is ideal for all forms of identity verification and transaction validation, including online banking, digital payments, eCommerce and ATM cash disbursements, creating new sources of revenue for Mobile Network Operators and connectivity aggregators worldwide. Boloro Authentication is already available in a growing number of markets, and we are happy to provide additional information on the processes, architectural framework and case studies. Boloro Authentication is easily deployed via APIs, compatible with all mobile phones, and can be locally hosted or cloud-based, putting MNOs and connectivity aggregators in the middle of the process.

COVID-19 is a pandemic that has affected the entire globe. Dotgo created the COVID Symptom App and RCS bot for people to keep a diary of their COVID symptoms. The collected information can be shared with an individual’s doctor and can help COVID research and overall reopening efforts.

The CSR initiative is supported by several medical doctors in USA, by University of Michigan, and by the NJ Tech Council, and has benefitted people across the globe.

Features for People: Track & record symptoms pre & post COVID tests, and share history of symptoms with doctors.

Features for Government & Researchers: Understand prevalence of COVID related symptoms in the region and have access to data to conduct research based on symptom history, and correlate it with test results.

COVID-19 FAQ chatbot over WhatsApp

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, several public and government health organisations across the world – including Public Health England – have been faced with the challenge of providing up-to-date information quickly and at scale, while also combating the spread of coronavirus misinformation. Infobip, as a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider, has enabled these organisations to build simple, self-service chatbots, which are easily accessible over a publicly available number. Contact with the chatbot is initiated by anyone looking for information related to COVID-19 by entering the number in their contact list and sending “Hi” to it. This starts a dialogue with the WhatsApp chatbot where users can choose from a list of topics they would like more information on – for example the latest guidelines, travel advice, testing information etc.

Covid-19 Passport

Mvine and iProov announce today their design for a simple, secure and widely recognised Covid-19 immunity and vaccination passport will now move into live testing. The Mvine-iProov passport enables a person’s test result or vaccination status to be registered and proved without disclosing their identity, and without the need for extensive new infrastructure.

With additional backing from Innovate UK, which initially funded the development of a successful working prototype, the Mvine-iProov passport will now be tested by Directors of Public Health within the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK. Mvine and iProov aim to complete two trials by 31 March 2021, giving Directors of Public Health across the country the confidence to deploy the passport at scale to benefit their local areas.

Crucially, the Mvine-iProov passport can be plugged into the NHS’ existing infrastructure, enabling it to meet the specific needs of local Directors of Public Health and any overarching national requirements. This flexibility ensures that areas in different tiers or levels of vaccination rollout can set appropriate policies and enforce them with confidence.

The Mvine-iProov passport has been developed quickly and cost-efficiently, with a total £75,000 investment from Innovate UK following a call for ideas in April 2020. It is expected this investment in UK innovation will help businesses and employees return to work, and enable families and friends to reconnect, more quickly and more responsibly than would otherwise be possible.

Novastone is an ultra-secure messaging engine for mobile and desktop that aggregates WhatsApp, WeChat and other IM tools into one regulated business communications system.

Regulated and certified, business users can now seamlessly chat and share confidential files with colleagues across multiple chat platforms, add external members as well as engaging customers with zero barriers to entry.

Novastone’s patented asymmetric communications allows administrators and teams complete control of communication architecture. Built for organisations from enterprise to integrators. Novastone is quickly deployed on client servers or run on Novastone’s secure cloud.

Out There Media

In December 2020, Out There Impact (OTI) joined forces with the World Health Organization to launch a global mobile education campaign to help contain the spread of COVID-19.

The campaign leverages Rich Communication Services (RCS) technology, as well as messaging with a link to a landing page, both interactive and actionable mobile messaging solutions sent to the customers of 15 of OTI’s mobile operator partners in Europe, Africa and Asia offering life-saving information on staying safe during the pandemic.

The two organizations initial aim is to distribute messages to 300 million global citizens, and 1.5 billion later this year, the total addressable audience of OTI’s network via its mobile engagement platform and operator partners.


COVID19 Mobile Response

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COVID19 Mobile Response

This category recognises companies serving the wider community during the unprecedented events of 2020’s global pandemic.

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