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Protecting the Mobile Consumer

This category recognises the successful products & solutions that aim to protect end-users from the impact of cyber threats.

Anam Technologies

Anam Technologies have consistently over many years shown themselves to offer network protection solutions that offer mobile subscribers demonstrable protection from cyber threats and indeed fraud attempts of so many types.

The site has been developed by the Association of Interactive Media and Micropayments (aimm) with the purpose of providing a single, easy-to-locate source of information on phone-paid services and any associated charges. will provide users with links to the relevant pages of their mobile networks’ website or to the Phone-paid Services Authority Number Checker so that they can find out quickly where any charges have come from. Additionally, it will provide easy-to-understand information about how phone-paid services work, why users may have charges on their bill and when a refund may be due. It will also provide topical news stories from within the industry which will help consumers understand the types of services that use

Boloro Authentication

Boloro Authentication is a unique multi-channel and multi-factor solution that is approved by the GSMA, patented in 84 countries, and addressing fraud prevention and the promotion of financial inclusion, as well as use cases involving the tracking of COVID-19 vaccinations and the prevention of the spread of COVID-19 by allowing users to “keep their hands to themselves”.

Boloro Authentication is ideal for all forms of identity verification and transaction validation, including online banking, digital payments, eCommerce and ATM cash disbursements, creating new sources of revenue for Mobile Network Operators and connectivity aggregators worldwide. Boloro Authentication is already available in a growing number of markets, and we are happy to provide additional information on the processes, architectural framework and case studies.

Boloro Authentication is easily deployed via APIs, compatible with all mobile phones, and can be locally hosted or cloud-based, putting MNOs and connectivity aggregators in the middle of the process.

In 2020 The Campaign Registry has achieved the complex goal of centralizing and coordinating multiple Carriers in the US to help with the delivery of their sanctioned and safer messaging service, 10DLC, into the hands of SMS Aggregators, the US Carriers and ultimately the mobile users. As the entire telecommunications industry is transforming its standards to protect mobile users from fraud and unwanted communications across all channels, we believe that TCR is playing a pivotal role of this transformation in the world of Messaging. We furthermore vouch for the great diligence, motivation and work ethics that TCR has shown working side by side with Aegis in bringing this change to the market.


RichOTP, built on Dotgo’s patent-pending technology enables brands to send One Time Passwords (OTPs) through the rich media messaging channel of RCS (Rich Communication Services). OTPs are widely used by brands for signing-into apps, to confirm transactions, and for security as part of two-factor authentication. RichOTP offers a dramatic improvement to the overall OTP experience for both brands and consumers, in not just the visual interface, but also the entire authentication experience.

Verified profiles with brand logos, OTP confirmation within native messaging app and suggested responses makes it secure and builds user confidence.

The RichOTP service is live in over 10 countries, including at carriers like Airtel, AT&T, EE, T-Mobile, Verizon, Vodafone, and 9mobile, and is used by several brands daily.


Evina’s mission to make mobile payment and advertising prosperous for all industry players through cutting-edge anti-fraud technology shouldn’t go unrecognized. Their battle against fraud starts with the protection of the end user by providing businesses with high-tech anti-fraud solutions such as DCBprotect and Eyewitness to minimize fraud on mobile with the ultimate objective of securing users’ transactions. Not only are the users protected, the cyberspace they navigate in automatically flourishes as companies benefit from reduced complaint rates, cleaner flows, and healthier business opportunities. It’s a win-win situation for all market players that makes for a happy and protected mobile customer.

The OpenRCS MoU initiative came out of the GSMA Future Networks Leadership Committee meeting in Jan 2019, as an effort to put guidelines into the RCS Ecosystem that the RCS Ecosystem members will follow. One of the most exciting initiatives to come out of the OpenRCS MoU, was the “out of the box” requirement for all OEM’s to make sure their devices will work on all RCS capable networks regardless of messaging client.

This MoU initiative was spearheaded by Eddie DeCurtis with LivePerson and Brien Jones Lantzy with Infobip. Under their leadership along with the support of the MEF, over 20+ signatories have signed OpenRCS MoU.


MCP Insight are compliance monitoring and fraud protection specialists operating across Europe, Asia, and Africa and Middle East.

Clients include Carriers, Payment Processors, Regulators and Online Merchants, who partner with us to ensure regulatory due diligence remains at the forefront in the fight to protect consumers against advertising and payment fraud. Recent consumer research by Analyses Mason highlights that the majority of consumer complaints about mobile billing are due to:

  • 40%: delivered service is different from what was advertised or more expensive (poor consumer journey)
  • 30%: did not consent to charge (potential fraud but could be an unclear check out experience) Scanner, our advertising monitoring solution, uses Image Comparison techniques, Artificial Intelligence tools and our proprietary Intelligent Ad Crawler to track the consumer journey from advertising to payment pages, and we monitor this for compliance to Carrier and regulatory standards. We identify and report on 1M+ PRS/DCB advert journeys per month.

Importantly, Scanner integrates with our real-time anti-fraud solution, Shield, which identifies, blocks fraud traffic and provides robust evidence of the consumer consent to charge. The 360 approach to compliance and fraud enables our partners to focus on building business, while ensuring the customers are safeguarded. The MCP solution is available across all available channels 24/7 in our live territories (25 currently).

Nettzer - Digital Onboarding

Nettzer provides a remote Customer Digital Onboarding service that enables individual customers and companies to onboard with the Operator or SMS Aggregator and register to the service while providing legal documentation of their real identity. These documents can be any recognised legal document, such as Drivers Licences, Passports, Business Licences or Utility Bills. This means that marketing SMSs are coming from an identified legal source and this stops scammers and spammers flooding the Mobile Network with junk and smishing SMS.

Novastone is an ultra-secure messaging engine for mobile and desktop that aggregates WhatsApp, WeChat and other IM tools into one regulated business communications system.

Regulated and certified, business users can now seamlessly chat and share confidential files with colleagues across multiple chat platforms, add external members as well as engaging customers with zero barriers to entry.

Novastone’s patented asymmetric communications allows administrators and teams complete control of communication architecture. Built for organisations from enterprise to integrators. Novastone is quickly deployed on client servers or run on Novastone’s secure cloud.

SMS Protect is the ultimate solution to protect all SMS type of traffic through a Firewall in MNO’s network. The solution can be provided through 2 partners actively involved in the security and anti-fraud world : Anam and Mavenir. SMS Protect from Orange International Carriers is a solution designed to effectively combat the smart hackers. It is deployed to fully protect the MNO’s SMS channel from revenue leakage and all other forms of SMS Fraud. The solution is coupled with Managed Services and connection to Orange International Carriers A2P hub.

Prove is a true innovator within the mobile identity and mobile authentication ecosystem Prove’s Mobile Authentication solutions and trust score platform enables seamless integration of mobile operator APIs and attributes into Enterprise ID &V services. Prove’s solutions demonstrate how mobile network data can modernize and transform mobile centric commerce, remove friction from the user experience while mitigating fraud and financial crime across a wide range of industries.

TMT Analysis have a suite of truly innovative solutions (employing a combination of phone number and subscriber data intelligence) which evaluates fraud risks and enhances customer experience


Protecting the Mobile Consumer

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Protecting the Mobile Customer

This category recognises the successful products & solutions that aim to protect end-users from the impact of cyber threats.

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