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Cool, Creepy or Dangerous? 5 Key Lessons from the IAPP ANZ Summit

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Senior Customer Success Manager Linden Dawson shares her takeaways from the International Association of Privacy Professionals ANZ Summit in Sydney, and how marketers can stay on the right side of the “creepy line” when personalising advertising.

Privacy and the “creepy line” were hot topics of discussion last week at the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) ANZ Summit held in Sydney. We’re all familiar with the creepy factor online at this point; we’ve all searched for a pair of shoes or a piece of furniture only to be stalked around the Internet for the next few days with banners for those items showing up on website after website.

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What is the Outlook for Chat Bots in Financial Services?

By | Featured Post, Guest blog

Rob Malcolm, VP Marketing & Online Sales at CLX Communications, here outlines the potential for chat bots to improve customer relationships, as shaped by the pioneering work of financial services companies in bringing the tech to the fore.

In January 2017, a customer agent called Jim set a world record for paying a claim on behalf of the insurance start-up Lemonade.

It took Jim just three seconds to cross reference the claim with the customer’s policy, run anti-fraud algorithms and send wiring instructions to the bank.

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Tomorrow’s customer journey starts in the buyer’s head

By | Event, Guest blog

Christian Goy, MD at consumer behaviour specialists Behavioural Science Lab shares insights into how consumers connect to certain brands across a range of devics, and how the path to purchase is less straightforward than it might seem.

The world of customer journeys is a terrible mess. The linear path to purchase does not exist. “Predictable shopping patterns, once so fundamental to marketing and advertising strategy, have gone by the wayside. Persona- and demography driven strategies now fall short – the winners in this new era are the brand and retailers who’ve put a plan in place to meet actual shoppers anywhere along their path to purchase,” says BazaarVoice.

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10 facts and stats on mobile content and services in Sub-Saharan Africa

By | Guest blog, MEF Africa

MEF Board Director, James McNab, Chief Liaison Officer, Basebone Group and Managing Director for Basebone Connects, here outlines 10 market stats and facts that explore the growth of the mobile ecosystem in the African continent.

Sub-Saharan Africa accounts for nearly a tenth of the global mobile subscriber base and is expected to grow faster than every other region over the next five years. There will be 942 million SIM connections by 2020 (up from 742 million in 2016) representing an 85% penetration rate according to the GSMA.

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Identity fraud is everywhere: here’s how to improve market fraud scoring systems

By | Featured Post, Guest blog, mobile messaging

Stéphanie Viriot from MEF Member Gemalto examines a specific form of fraud – SIM card swap – where fraudsters can hijack a users phone by assuming their identity in interactions with their mobile network operator.

A particular type of fraud has emerged in various countries. In markets where prepaid subscriber rates are high and SMS OTP mechanism is still heavily used by banks and service providers; criminals seized on vulnerabilities in existing processes to renew a subscription via SIM card swap.

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Voice biometrics present effective new weapon against fraud and crime

By | Featured Post, Guest blog

Advanced voice biometrics tools offer multiple new ways to mitigate fraud and risk. Stephane Groud, Product Director at MEF Member Myriad Connect discusses how voice authentication can protect individuals and organisations from crime.

Voice biometrics, now coming into its own as a highly accurate means of authenticating users, presents multiple new opportunities to organisations to mitigate the risk of fraud and crime.

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80 million calls in three days: the phone scammer lifecycle

By | Featured Post, Guest blog, Insights Directory Report

Robocalls continue to plague consumers, but what does the life of a phone scammer look like? Jonathan Nelson, Product Manager in the Reputation Service Unit at Hiya shares a glimpse of the work undertaken by their state of the art unit dedicated to detecting and monitoring spam numbers.

Phone Reputation Service engines constantly evaluate phone number behaviour to sniff out spammers and scammers. The service runs in real time, observing traffic patterns and collecting reports from users provided directly or via partnerships, as well as from public sources such as the FCC Consumer Complaints database.

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OLAmobile: Three things MVAS advertisers need to know about mobile affiliate marketing

By | Guest blog

VP of Marketing at OLAmobile Luis Garcia explains the latest developments in the mobile advertising space, and shares three simple concepts about mobile affiliate advertising that every value added services marketeer should know…

The rapid proliferation of mobile devices is definitely changing the marketing industry. This means it’s now possible to understand that most users are going from desktop to mobile, opening up a whole new reality and allowing all mobile advertisers, such as MVAS providers, to reach more potential customers all around the world.

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Gemalto: it’s time for MNOs to make a decision about monetizing customer data

By | Featured Post, Guest blog

Frederic Martinent, Product Marketing Director at Gemalto envisions the nightmarish dilemma facing mobile network operators on how to deal with the pressing problem of monetizing, or not, their customer’s data.

A voice whispers to you, “monetize…monetize…monetize”. You’re suddenly surrounded by board members, staring at you sternly. “Why didn’t you take this opportunity?” the director of finance glowers at you, his face made up of data rather than flesh. Suddenly, they all stand up and march towards you, reaching for you and your job with outstretched hands.

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MMD Smart: Give em’ what they want!

By | Featured Post, Guest blog, MEFTV

Ira Cohen, VP of Business Development and Marketing for MEF Member MMD Smart reflects on an eventful MWC 2017, and how the changes seen on the show floor reflect the ongoing evolution of the mobile industry.

“Is this really a mobile congress or is this the Detroit Auto Show?” was my first internal impression of MWC 2017. The dynamic changes from my first time at MWC 20 years earlier in Cannes, when it was still called the GSMA Conference, and even from many previous times attending MWC in Barcelona, are extraordinary.

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