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Fitbug : GDPR and keeping the future of privacy healthy

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At MEF’s Consumer Trust Summit in London much of the discussion focussed on the forthcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which is set to change the rules around how personal data is collected and used. Anna Gudmundson, CEO of Fitbug and Consumer Trust Summit panelist, shares her thoughts on how the regulation will impact the health sector and how data-centric companies may need to radically re-think their policies on personal data…

The Mobile Ecosystem Forum held its seventh Consumer Trust Summit in London last week. I had the privilege of joining representatives from companies from across the ecosystem to talk about the future of data, with a particular focus on the new data protection act rolling out across Europe in May 2018.

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Six tips to engage end-users with trusted mobile marketing in Nigeria

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MEF member Gemalto shares the findings of its new survey, revealing the key success factors to be met by mobile operators and brands in Nigeria to maximize user engagement for mobile marketing campaigns.

Has the mobile advertising era finally reached Nigeria? As a matter of fact, 2017 will see mobile advertising spending exceed desktop ad spending for the first time. And by 2019 spending on mobile will represent 64% of all Internet advertising spending in the country.

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The challenges of digital reach in African markets

By | Featured Post, Guest blog, Opinion

Vytautas Paukštys, from MEF Member Eskimi shares insights into the challenges facing companies attempting to bring digital services to African markets.

Doing digital media in emerging markets and especially African countries can be a challenge. The processes of clients and agencies in digital marketing are not as clear as in the Western world, digital marketing is not mature yet, so it lacks stability of plans and processes.

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Do ad-blockers signify a new form of consumer dynamics?

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Customer identities are the result of the ongoing consolidation of data from various sources, including initial registration information, payment data, search requests, purchase history or help-desk interaction. Consumers use various devices to access required services and they use different accounts in different contexts.

Ahead of the Consumer Identity Summit (Paris 22nd and 23rd November) Laurent Charreyron, User Empowerment Consultant from, discusses the main issues that frame the debate around putting the consumer in control of their digital identities.

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Three powerful ways to disrupt aid payments and disbursements

By | Guest blog, Opinion

Peter Christo, from MEF Member and mobile payment specialists Novatti shares insights into how tokenised payments can revitalise charity and aid contributions and disbursement.

Radical and Disruptive innovation are resulting in real and painful business disruption, and you don’t need to look far past what your taxi driver thinks of Uber and your next accommodation manager think of AirBnB. They are not happy.

Payment innovation is a world unto itself but is also in the throws of change (arguably) never before experienced. If you haven’t been following, the world of bitcoin, cryptocurrency, digital wallets, mobile money, and the like, I assure you it is as radical a revolution as we have ever seen, and it hits where we all hurt, our hip pocket. I would argue that it’s for the better, but that is yet to be seen as it has yet to play itself out.

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What’s next for mobile messaging?

By | Featured Post, Guest blog, Messaging

Whilst revenue leakage continues to hobble the A2P messaging industry, there are many more opportunities to bring messaging to new sectors.

Here Aditya Dhruva, Head of Messaging and Broadband at Mahindra Comviva discusses why taking a multi-layered, multi-channel approach that puts the consumer first, boosts the potential of the A2P channel both in terms of revenue and engagement.

The article forms part of the latest issue of MEF’s Messaging eBulletin which takes an in-depth look at the issues, news and market drivers shaping the enterprise messaging space.

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Breakwater of Vajont

Distraction and denial – a lesson for cyber-security

By | Featured Post, Guest blog, Security

Andrew Bud, CEO of facial recognition startup iProov, draws striking parallels between a paradigm shift presently underway for the biometric cyber security community and an historic tragedy discovered on a trip to Italy.

High up in the Italian Dolomites, between the fine Baroque town of of Belluno and the chic resort of Cortina d’Ampezzo lies the incongruously anonymous and modern town of Longarone. In it, the tourist signposts all point to something called the Vajont Dam.

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Understanding data protection: becoming a mobile privacy pro

By | Featured Post, Guest blog, Privacy

With a broad raft of evolving legal requirements to meet, implementing practical steps for the handling of consumer’s personal data can seem a daunting prospect. Here, Emily Hancock, VP of Legal at MEF Member Evernote lays out an invaluable roadmap for how to tackle this business critical issue, and see you on your way to becoming a privacy pro.

Navigating the growing number of data protection laws can be pretty overwhelming. And the granddaddy of them all is Europe’s Global Data Protection Regulation. If you’re in the United States, a new set of criteria in the form of the Privacy Shield certification adds to the fun.

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Location isn’t simply about real-time proximity; it’s also about consumer mindset

By | Guest blog

Location based services can provide contextually relevant services to customers – Nada Stirratt, CEO of MEF Member Verve discusses how such services need to move away from simple proximity, and start looking at the bigger picture…

With location-targeted ad spending expected to more than double from $11.3 billion in 2016 to $26.7 billion in 2020, marketers need to diversify the way they use location data. It is time to expand beyond just driving in-the-moment store traffic to recognizing location as an invaluable step in creating a total picture of the consumer’s mindset and purpose.

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A review of robocalls and SMS spam

By | Featured Post, Guest blog

Big brands are not the only ones using bots, more unscrupulous parts of the industry are also using them to gain an advantage over unwary consumers. Here MEF Member and anti spam solution provider Hiya take a look at some of the more common phone bot scams…

Robots are getting pretty crafty these days, so crafty that they’ve got phone scamming down. While it’s pretty entertaining to picture an actual robot sitting on the other end of the line hoping to convince you sign up for their services, it gets old pretty quickly.

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