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For the very first time, the Mobile Ecosystem Forum will be present at Pacific Telecoms Council (PTC) main event in Honolulu, January 2024. The CEOs of the two associations discussed in this interview how they came to this collaboration that will see MEF hosting a mobile inspired section at the conference.

In this web chat, Brian Moon the CEO of the PTC talks with MEF’s CEO Dario Betti about the importance of collaboration and coming together. A theme that is important for associations as well as the companies in the telecom ecosystem, during the 2023 edition of PTC, 7,900 people joined representing over 300 companies. MEF is honoured to be asked for its participation in this will be doing at the event and what the attendees can expect from the show.

For the MEF members, that are global, there’s a big interest in regions with great potential for growth. The most important factors for MEF and its members are the tendency to mobile first and economic investments..”

What is PTC?

Founded in 1978, PTC is a non-profit membership organization committed to advancing digital infrastructure, telecommunications, and ICT on a global scale, with a focus on the Pacific Rim. PTC serves as a central hub within the digital infrastructure community, nurturing innovation, fostering business growth, and promoting collaboration among stakeholders through a diverse range of events and initiatives. Foremost among these is the PTC Annual Conference, a prestigious gathering held in Honolulu, Hawaii, in January, where C-level executives, technologists, thought leaders, investors, researchers, and academicians convene to share knowledge, cultivate valuable relationships, and catalyze new business. Visit us at

The Challenge of telecom: change

The industry is growing fast, and the roles of the industry are changing too, with that, there’s a big challenge that the companies may face, which is: the pressure of reinvent the way of doing business.  However, it’s not only good news around the industry growth. The companies are also being threatened by the bad actors, especially fraudsters that are getting more and more sophisticated, which requires effective actions for the protection of their identity.

The Importance of the Pacific Market

For the MEF members, that are global, there’s a big interest in regions with great potential for growth. The most important factors for MEF and its members are the tendency to mobile first and economic investments. It makes the Pacific Market a very desired market for MEF.

The Partnership

MEF is happy to announce the participation at PTC’24! Beautiful Honolulu will catch the attention of many, but we believe that MEF members should also consider the beautiful opportunity of the pacific telecom markets: growing, mobile and dynamic.

MEF will support its members, if you are planning to join PTC for the first time this year, speak with us and we will make sure you can hit the ground running. MEF is bringing an entire stream of content, on the opening day of the show, 21st January. The sessions were built to deliver to the audience the pilar of MEF, the 3 ‘i’s: Insight, Interaction, Impact! The sessions will include:

  • Empowering the Future – Unveiling the Status of the Wireless Industry in Mobile Telecom Markets
  • The 4 Mobile Concerns: Privacy, Security, Trust, Fraud
  • The Future of Telecom Numbering: Innovations and Trends in a Digital Era Monetising Mobile Edge – the New Data HostingModel

The speakers confirmed include Dario Betti, CEO of MEF; Tim Ward, Sales & Marketing VP of Xconnect; Steve Legge, CEO & President of netnumber Global Data Services; John Bruner, President & CEO – Aegis Mobile; Dawood Ghalaieny, CEO of ZARIOT; Stefan Heller, Vice President Business Development & Strategic Partnership of The Campaign Registry and Soren Schafft of The Campaign Registry.

MEF will make sure to aggregate its members and provide some social networking during the week-long event, you will never feel alone in such a large crowd. We’re looking forward for this partnership!

Contact Carol from the MEF Team  for more information on how to participate at PTC with MEF.

Dario Betti

Chief Executive Officer at Mobile Ecosystem Forum