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We take a weekly look at mobile tech stories from around the world. Headlines include… Elon Musk is considering taking X out of Europe amid EU compliance investigation, Meta, Apple and Google cheer FCC ruling that could pave the way for new AR and VR applications, Podcasts Seeing Ad Growth As Mobile App Privacy Fears Grow and more…

Elon Musk is considering taking X out of Europe amid EU compliance investigation


Insider reports that Elon musk is allegedly considering allowing X to be accessible in Europe to avoid new regulation from the European Commission.

His issue is apparently with the Digital Services Act which requires large online platforms such as X to have systems in place for the moderation and removal of false, misleading, and harmful information. There has been a marked increase in misinformation regarding the Israel-Hamas war going viral on X. EU commissioner Thierry Breton said that the European Commission was officially “investigating X’s compliance” with the new law and had formally requested detailed information from the platform.

Musk has denied the allegations of suggesting solving the problem by simply removing the app from the region.

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Meta, Apple and Google cheer FCC ruling that could pave the way for new AR and VR applications


CNBC reports that the Federal Communications Commission has approved the opening up of band spectrum for some devices that may allow a new wave of VR and AR wearables to operate. The 6 GHz band will be opened up to what it calls “a new class of very low power devices,” including wearable technology.

The FCC expects it will “spur an eco-system of cutting-edge applications, including wearable technologies and augmented and virtual reality, that will help businesses, enhance learning opportunities, advance healthcare opportunities, and bring new entertainment experiences,” according to a press release.

Meta, Google and Apple all greeted the news as a positive move.

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Podcasts Seeing Ad Growth As Mobile App Privacy Fears Grow


Radio Ink reports that podcasts are seeing a significant increase in advertising for direct to consumer brands, according to podcast networks like Vox Media, Acast, and Betches.

Acast revealed that spending from DTC brands in the US doubled as of September compared to the previous year.

Whether or not this is linked to Apple’s new data sharing rules, or if it is aligned to the increasing general popularity of podcasts is unclear – although Radio Ink note the effectiveness of programmatic ads varies among DTC brands, according to Ad age.

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Microsoft says Xbox needs to thrive in mobile gaming to stay relevant

Sam Mobile

Microsoft boss Phil Spencer has reiterated the importance of mobile gaming to their future plans for xbox

In the Official Xbox Podcast, Phil said that Xbox needs to be in mobile if Microsoft wants to stay relevant in gaming. “If you’re going to continue to be relevant in gaming at a global scale, you’re going to have to find a way to be relevant on the largest platform, which is mobile. There is no way to plot the future without being on the platform that most of the planet plays on,” said Phil.

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Amazon Debuts ‘Consult-a-Friend’ Mobile Shopping Feature


PYMNTS reports that Amazon is testing out a new feature where shoppers can get feedback from their friends on products within the app in real time.

“Customers look to a variety of sources when making purchasing decisions, and recommendations from friends and family are often among the most trusted sources,” Amazon said. “Our own data supports that customers are frequently sharing products with others. In fact, so far this year, customers used the ‘Share’ button in the Amazon Shopping app billions of times to share products via messaging services, social media apps, and email.”

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Mobile apps see a surge in consumer use and spending


Martech reports that consumers are spending more money and time in apps than ever, according to research. Consumers spent $100 billion on mobile apps faster than ever in 2023.

They note that two of the three breakout apps were AI related ChatGPT and Remini and other winners were fitness apps, social apps like Instagram and video streaming apps.

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