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TNS and Cellusys Partner with an Eye to the Future of 5G Roaming and Security

With 5G roaming and interworking on the horizon, US-based Transaction Network Services (TNS) will collaborate with Irish solutions provider, Cellusys, in research, development, and testing of roaming and security solutions for 5G networks.

Utilizing the TNS 5G Innovation Lab, the team will combine TNS’ expertise in steering of roaming and other services for regional and national US carriers for 3G, 4G, and soon 5G traffic with security solutions from the Cellusys portfolio, including Signalling (Diameter, GTP, SIP, SS7) and SMS Firewall.

“We see 5G as a pivotal component within every roadmap and are confident we will be able to offer first-rate solutions to our customers as 5G roaming and security continue to evolve,” said Bill Versen, President of TNS’ Communications Market business. “Developing new technologies requires creativity and competence, but also a flexible and agile approach, which is why we are excited to embark on this journey with Cellusys.”

“Our multi-tenant solutions are designed with worldwide leading organizations like TNS in mind, as signalling is increasingly centralized,” said Daniel McTague, Cellusys CTO. “TNS shares our zeal in having the best 5G solutions available to our customers and we are looking forward to working closely with them, as well as continuing our expansion into the Americas.”

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BICS Acquires Indian CPaaS Player

International comms group BICS has acquired communications platform-as-a-service (CPaaS) specialist 3m Digital Networks.

Headquartered in Bangalore, India, 3m operates under the MOBtexting brand, and will add AI-enabled voice, multi-channel messaging – including verification services, IP messaging and rich communications services (RCS) – and advanced analytics services to BICS’ portfolio.

Belgium telco Proximus acquired full control of BICS in February this year. BICS’ cloud communications portfolio serves three distinct digital use cases, including customer engagement, customer support and collaboration.

“This acquisition fast-tracks BICS’ vision to become an integrated communications platform company, combining our global reach with software-based applications for a seamless user experience,” said Matteo Gatta, BICS Group CEO. “With these new capabilities, we can offer our customers a broader set of tools to quickly and more effectively engage their customers through the power of digital communications.”

“By joining the BICS Group, we can develop new use cases which build on our respective strengths, allowing us to seize new growth opportunities as companies around the world accelerate their digital transformation strategies,” said Ajay Gupta, 3m Digital Networks Co-Founder and CEO. “Being based in Asia, we have a competitive advantage to deliver these services in a large and digitally-driven market, while leveraging BICS’ global footprint to serve as a differentiator.”

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Boku – the new star on the mobile gambling market?

E-commerce has seen the rise of many new and interesting payment companies. As online sales increase, so too do the customer’s demands for safety and convenience.

As a result, there are now some amazing ways to get cash moving around the digital realm. And some of them you may not have even heard of yet. Going back a few years to the late 90s. The rise in internet shopping started to become an uncontrollable entity that few expected. After all, many customers were cynical about the levels of safety when shopping online – especially when using their bank cards. It hadn’t been around for long. So trust needed time to build.

Boku was started by a couple of businessmen who had previously been working in the sector. They pooled their resources, both financial and technical, and came up with a new and refreshing idea.

The purpose of Boku is to allow the movement of funds from your mobile and into the hands of any business providing you with goods or services. But these funds aren’t coming from a bank or e-wallet. They come directly from your phone bill or top-up credit. It is one of the few forms of mobile payment that you might call ‘truly mobile’ in that respect.

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Why Customer Data Platforms Will Set You Up For Data-Driven Growth

Billy Loizou is the VP go to market APAC at Cheetah Digital. In this guest post, Loizou offers expert tips to get the maximum out of your Customer Data Platforms…

In the past decade, first-party data has exploded. Marketers now have more first-party customer data than ever before, and it’s spread across more systems than ever before too. And expectations to deliver highly personalised experiences have also increased exponentially.

To help organisations make the best use of their customer data to drive success, in 2013 David Raab founded the Customer Data Platform (CDP) Institute, a vendor-neutral organisation with over 10,000 members

The original thought leader who coined the now popular term “CDP,” David spoke at the recent Cheetah Digital Signals21 panel, sharing the four key considerations he believes organisations need to make when identifying the role of a CDP to maximise its benefit and optimise privacy best practice.

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Mavenir’s Smart Device Connect (SDC) Extends T-Mobile’s IMS Capabilities to now Include Their Smartwatch Connection Service

Mavenir, the Network Software Provider building the future of networks with cloud-native software that runs on any cloud and transforms the way the world connects, announced today that T-Mobile has become the first operator in the Czech Republic to enable customers who own select smartwatches, to connect to their existing mobile number.

T-Mobile’s smartwatch connection service has Mavenir’s SDC, integrated as an extension to its IMS capabilities. Mavenir’s SDC, which includes certified Entitlement Server (ES) functionality, offers flexible entitlement management and handles device entitlements for mobile devices. It allows customers to exchange messages and make or receive voice calls directly on their smartwatch without being tethered to their primary device. The capability went live in June 2021.

“SDC is the perfect complement for wearables,” said Brandon Larson, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Mavenir’s Multimedia Business Unit. “We are delighted at how quickly Mavenir was able to deploy an IMS capability that adds such tangible value for T-Mobile and its smartphone/smartwatch customers in the Czech Republic.”

“We are proud that T-Mobile is the first operator in the Czech Republic to launch a connection service that enables the full use of what is widely considered the most technologically advanced smartwatch, even when out of reach of a paired smartphone,” said Michal Podlucký, Director of the residential segment in T-Mobile Czech Republic.

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Sinch Completes Acquisition of Inteliquent

Sinch, a global leader in cloud communications for mobile customer engagement, recently announced that the acquisition of Inteliquent has been completed.

The acquisition of Inteliquent positions Sinch as the largest independent provider of voice services to both enterprises and telecom carriers in the United States.

The Inteliquent platform handles more than 300 billion minutes of voice calling per year and the company has registered more than 115 million active phone numbers on behalf of its customers. Superior quality is guaranteed by a fully redundant, geo-diverse, carrier-grade tier 1 network that is directly connected to every major telecom carrier and reaches 95 percent of the US population on-net.

Oscar Werner, Sinch CEO –  Inteliquent serves the largest and most demanding voice customers in America with superior quality and coverage. Our joint strengths in voice, email and messaging provide a unique position to grow our business and power a superior customer experience for our customers.

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