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MEF Members and guests gathered for this years MEF CONNECTS Omnichannel hybrid event in the heart of London at the headquarters of the BMA.

Over three days MEF, Supported by sponsors Mavenir, AdaptiveMobile Security, Cheetah Digital, Infobip, Intis Telecom, Mobilesquared, Route Mobile, Sinch, Syniverse, Summit, Vox Carrier and XConnect, hosted Members and guests in person and broadcast online to watch over 20 unique sessions with more than fifty speakers, networking events and exhibition space, taking a deep dive into all things omnichannel.

MEF CEO Dario Betti shares an overview. The Sessions are all available to view on demand – watch here.

It is with pleasure that I report the boisterous atmosphere from the MEF AGM, the three networking events and the MEF CONNECTS OMNICHANNEL conference during the first week of December 2021. Our photos speak for themselves. This positive reaction was not so certain though: moving from online events to hybrid was fraught with challenges and new COVID-19 measures were changing worldwide. The MEF team, our great speakers and moderators rose to the challenge and endured the technical obstacles, the inevitable last-minute travel bans and much more that was thrown at them!

We were certainly helped by our event host, the British Medical Association, who advised us and infused us with confidence, all whilst offering such a classic London location. However, it was you, the MEF community, that did the rest: we had over 800 participants, 170 of those in person. Those that made it to the event truly appreciated the opportunities to network, our networking and demos areas proving very popular for impromptu meetings and gatherings.

I will leave the topical discussion on the conference for another post but this time I would like to celebrate the fact the MEF community really wants to meet again. It was crystal clear from the event and indeed from the member survey results. MEF has an NPS of 72 and some very high scores in what we do but when we ask what more MEF could do, the answer is a solid “more face-to-face networking”. After two years of pandemic limitations, the message makes lots of sense: MEF members are actively developing new markets and need to network and communicate.

I can confirm that MEF CONNECT Omnichannel is now going to be reprised at the end of 2022 but before this, rest assured we will provide plenty of opportunities to meet in person. MEF will have a strong presence at MWC Barcelona. Book on your calendar for our first meeting over there on Sunday the 27th of February, with plenty more chances to meet and talk with fellow MEF Members on that Monday and Tuesday. See you soon.

Dario Betti