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Showcasing the newest companies in our global community.

Apprentice Valley

Apprentice Valley is a subsidiary of Ocean on 76 and a digital consulting firm which, through its formidable set of digital competencies, is able to offer end-to-end New Media solutions to enterprises.

Apprentice Valley’s vision for the future is for inspiring new behaviours, defining new markets and boosting business through the power of technology.

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Certification Europe

Certification Europe founded in 1999 is an internationally accredited certification body based in Dublin with offices in London, Italy, Turkey and Japan. We work with organisations across the globe to achieve ISO Certification plus provide training on a variety of management systems from Quality Management, Health & Safety to Energy Management and Information Security.

We perform more than eight thousand assessments annually on our worldwide client community; from multinationals to micro-enterprises, from Government Departments and State Bodies to FTSE 500 businesses we certify the best organisations globally.

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Cinarra is a technology startup that is addressing the changing economics of an increasingly mobile society. By uniting mobile operators and their unique, ‘always on’ data assets, Cinarra unlocks real life data that makes it possible for marketers to match consumers’ online behaviors to their activities in the real world.

Founded in 2012, Cinarra is backed by leading investors including SoftBank who share the team’s vision of a new digital economy fueled by real time IoT-driven data.

Bridging the words of mobile operators, marketing analytics, and fraud detection with a new generation of technology, Cinarra unlocks the deep data held within mobile networks. Cinarra’s mediation platform allows operators to monetize their network data safely, securely, and in real time within their data centers, with operators in full control of their data assets. Cinarra technology allows for deeper understanding of consumer behaviors while offering novel fraud detection and location analytics services that benefit marketers, mobile operators, and consumers.

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CleverTap offers blazing fast analytics, powerful real-time segmentation, multi-channel messaging, A/B testing and personalization in one unified platform.

CleverTap helps you to build long-term valuable relationships with your customers by not only giving you access to behavioral analytics information in real-time but also providing an Engagement Platform that helps you reach your users via the right channel at the right time and with the most optimal message.

CleverTap is headquartered in Silicon Valley and has over 4000 customers worldwide including many of the leading brands like Reliance Jio, Sony, BookMyShow, Freecharge, Denver Broncos, DC Comics, and Curiosity.

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Born in Sweden but headquartered in Malta, Fortytwo is backed by a multicultural team of messaging professionals, a robust technical team and 24/7 support agents. We’re proud to be GSMA certified, accredited by the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority and part of the Trillian Group.

With solutions that focus on reliability and seamless integration, we partner with brands and enterprises in order to provide quality mobile messaging. Since 2001, our specialised team has developed a suite of messaging solutions at the best possible value.

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interVAS was formed in 2006 with one purpose in mind: to be the gateway of choice and provide high quality reliable connections to Mobile Network Operators (MNO’s) across the world with a dedicated and committed team.

We provide a single point of connection to our Gateway, currently providing access to mobile subscribers in several African countries. We also have presence in the UK, France, USA, Brazil, Australia and New Zealand and ASIA

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mGage is a global mobile engagement provider with more than 15 years of mobile CRM (mCRM) experience. Our SaaS, cloud-based technology enables brands to intelligently personalize mobile communications for the omni-channel consumer.

Our broad and deep expertise in the ever-changing mobile technology industry makes us sought-after experts, trusted advisors — and the go-to partner — for innovative companies that look to use mobile to their best competitive advantage.

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Modica Group

Modica Group is the global intelligent messaging company – We provide our clients with secure, high volume, enterprise messaging solutions.

Established in 2001, our cloud based messaging platform, connects directly to all Mobile Networks and customer software solutions, via secure API. Working closely with Finance, IT, Government, Health and Education organisations, we enable our clients to manage their customer communication, services, and engagement via mobile.

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Movitext is an A2P SMS Aggregator that provides quality SMS connections through mobile operator routes.

We provide mobile operator long numbers and short codes to send and receive quality SMS communication. Our carrier-grade platform allows companies to integrate their systems through our APIs and also have access to an easy-to-use user interface for sending Bulk SMS, program campaigns and other useful features that give a great user experience.

Movitext became a regional leader with clients from Internet, Banking, Retail, Telecommunications and Education industries.

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For more than 20 years, Neustar’s unique capabilities have made us the leader in the field of authoritative identity resolution, helping our clients grow and guard their business by connecting people, places, and things with world-class and industry-leading solutions in Marketing, Risk, Security, Communications, and Registry services.

By linking the most essential information with the people who depend on it, we give more than 11,000 clients worldwide the power to make the most well-informed decisions to grow and guard their business — not just data they have to figure out and interpret for themselves. Getting identity right begins here.

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Privowny is a global, digital privacy company headquartered in Palo Alto, CA, USA.

Privowny envisions that a new paradigm will emerge in order for consumers and brands to fully benefit from the efficiency, productivity, and protection of the digital world: everyone will be able to protect its privacy and online identity, control and manage its information it is sharing with third parties.

We have an ethical and user centric view of the data world. Privowny is addressing this hard but fundamental topic.

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Quiubas Mobile

Quiubas Mobile is Mexico based A2P messaging vendor .

Quiubas A2P enterprise messaging gateway is the preferred hub to reach Mexico and Latam directly and instantly. With hop-0 and strong carrier partnerships across America, our messaging services range from one-way messaging (MT), 2way (MO-MT) that can help your business improve performance and security across clients, users and applications.

Quiubas Mobile is the largest A2P messaging provider in Mexico, with presence in Colombia, Peru, Argentina, Chile and Brazil.

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We provide Roaming and Interconnect strategic guidance for MNOs and their Vendors with unique Independent Research and Training. Over 500 MNOs and 180 of their Vendors contribute to our research every year.

We believe the whole industry can become more productive than it is today: We believe together with MNOs and their vendors we can analyse the need, enhance communication and make joint decisions to assist MNOs and their vendors in enhancing their productivity.

Rocco believes in using only the most qualified experts to each subject matter, ranging from Roaming Regulation to LTE to A2P SMS.

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