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MEFTV speaks to Elo Umeh, CEO of Terragon Group during MWC 2018 about their work, doing business in Africa and their current focus and goals.

“We’re focusing now on data marketing technology – the idea here is to help brands on the continent reach their customers on mobile on a channel agnostic SAAS platform – we’re essentially taking the assets we’ve built over the years on the operator side and our web and mobile assets and helping drive interaction and transactions for our customers. And we’re doing this is a very African way – so where there isn’t deep penetration on mobile apps, we’re getting that engagement done on SMS..”

“We think there is a lot of good that we can harness in the area of marketing technology – there is a lot going on in building deep relationships with mobile customers. We have been a type of business that has facilitated some relationships for our customers across industry verticals, but now we want to get deeper into the relationships we can enable for customers – and we think there is significant growth in that area we can unlock in the next 2-5 years.”

Watch the full video below.

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