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The EU continues to influence global data privacy regulations

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Most businesses have a touch point to personal data – whether that be customer data, employee data or data processing. To help businesses navigate the complex landscape of global data regulation laws, analyst house Forrester has created a data privacy heat map that highlights the data protection guidelines and practices for 54 different countries.

Here, Chris Sherman, senior analyst serving the security and risk sectors provides an essential overview of how the regulation landscape is changing and reflecting on the past five years of annual assessments, where three high-level trends emerge.

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Mozilla: Internet health for our connected future

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As consumers, we are increasingly surrounded by connected devices that are meant to ‘help’ with every aspect of our lives. This so-called Internet of Things will include 20.8 billion devices by 2020, all collecting and collating data constantly.

Yet if we want consumers to be willing participants it is absolutely vital that they trust the services that businesses are offering them. It follows that the way that data is gathered, stored, brokered and used should be open, transparent and apparent to users so that everyone understands the value-exchange that is on the table.

Here Chris Riley, head of public policy at Mozilla discusses the implications of an IoT future and the principals of a healthy internet.

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Monumental days in app store gaming lead to record-shattering year

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2016 was a huge year for mobile games and app stores that saw download and revenue figures hit record breaking numbers. Josh Spoelstra from MEF member Bango takes us through the highlights of landmark year for the apps ecosystem.

It’s no stretch to declare 2016 as the most significant year for the app stores since their launch nearly 10 years ago. Nintendo finally dipped its toes into the ocean of mobile apps, both indirectly through Niantic’s Pokémon Go and through the mobile debut of everyone’s favourite Italian plumber in Super Mario Run, developed by Nintendo themselves

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What does the future hold for biometric authentication?

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A recurring trend mentioned in our Member’s predictions for the year ahead related to mobile security and the use of biometrics – here Didier Benkoel-Adechy of MEF Member Gemalto takes a closer look at the future of biometric authentication and how it might develop.

In a world of new and constantly evolving threats, there’s a distinct need for innovations in security, particularly authentication, to counteract cyber criminals wherever they lie. In many ways, there’s an arms race going on between those wishing to protect information and those hoping to exploit it. One of the key arenas of battle between these two parties is mobile.

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Mobile wallet offers strategic opportunity

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Dave Ratner, President of Enterprise Solutions at MEF Member Syniverse reflects on the holiday season and how mobile wallets can be harnessed by brands to revitalise sales and engage consumers.

Holiday shopping may not feel like it’s in full swing until just before Christmas, but research shows only 27 percent of U.S. consumers start shopping in December. While this may give pause to some brands, worried that they have missed a window to attract customers, a new mobile channel has emerged to help overcome this challenge. Mobile wallet offers

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Fitbug : GDPR and keeping the future of privacy healthy

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At MEF’s Consumer Trust Summit in London much of the discussion focussed on the forthcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which is set to change the rules around how personal data is collected and used. Anna Gudmundson, CEO of Fitbug and Consumer Trust Summit panelist, shares her thoughts on how the regulation will impact the health sector and how data-centric companies may need to radically re-think their policies on personal data…

The Mobile Ecosystem Forum held its seventh Consumer Trust Summit in London last week. I had the privilege of joining representatives from companies from across the ecosystem to talk about the future of data, with a particular focus on the new data protection act rolling out across Europe in May 2018.

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Six tips to engage end-users with trusted mobile marketing in Nigeria

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MEF member Gemalto shares the findings of its new survey, revealing the key success factors to be met by mobile operators and brands in Nigeria to maximize user engagement for mobile marketing campaigns.

Has the mobile advertising era finally reached Nigeria? As a matter of fact, 2017 will see mobile advertising spending exceed desktop ad spending for the first time. And by 2019 spending on mobile will represent 64% of all Internet advertising spending in the country.

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The challenges of digital reach in African markets

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Vytautas Paukštys, from MEF Member Eskimi shares insights into the challenges facing companies attempting to bring digital services to African markets.

Doing digital media in emerging markets and especially African countries can be a challenge. The processes of clients and agencies in digital marketing are not as clear as in the Western world, digital marketing is not mature yet, so it lacks stability of plans and processes.

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Do ad-blockers signify a new form of consumer dynamics?

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Customer identities are the result of the ongoing consolidation of data from various sources, including initial registration information, payment data, search requests, purchase history or help-desk interaction. Consumers use various devices to access required services and they use different accounts in different contexts.

Ahead of the Consumer Identity Summit (Paris 22nd and 23rd November) Laurent Charreyron, User Empowerment Consultant from, discusses the main issues that frame the debate around putting the consumer in control of their digital identities.

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Three powerful ways to disrupt aid payments and disbursements

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Peter Christo, from MEF Member and mobile payment specialists Novatti shares insights into how tokenised payments can revitalise charity and aid contributions and disbursement.

Radical and Disruptive innovation are resulting in real and painful business disruption, and you don’t need to look far past what your taxi driver thinks of Uber and your next accommodation manager think of AirBnB. They are not happy.

Payment innovation is a world unto itself but is also in the throws of change (arguably) never before experienced. If you haven’t been following, the world of bitcoin, cryptocurrency, digital wallets, mobile money, and the like, I assure you it is as radical a revolution as we have ever seen, and it hits where we all hurt, our hip pocket. I would argue that it’s for the better, but that is yet to be seen as it has yet to play itself out.

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