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The Mobile Ecosystem Forum is a global trade body that acts as an impartial and authoritative champion for addressing issues affecting the broadening mobile ecosystem.  We work with our members to accelerate sustainable market growth that drives inclusion for all and delivers trusted services to enrich the lives of consumers worldwide.


We host 20+ events per annum across our Chapters in Asia, EMEA, North and Latin America. They provide a global and local platform for business partnering and knowledge sharing.


Market and sector data and reports to help your mobile strategy development. Our annual Global Consumer Survey studies the trends and behaviours of 15,000 mobile media users in 15 countries.


Collaborate with industry peers to advance solutions or overcome barriers to growth. Cross-sector Working Groups offer the ideal forum to share and learn.

New on the MEF Minute

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(Almost) everything you need to know about the app market in 2016

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After nearly nine years, the app market shows no sign of slowing down. Here are the very positive headline findings of an exhaustive review of the app market for 2016 by market tracker App Annie.
App downloads rose 15 per cent, time spent in apps leapt 25 per cent and China overtook the US as the world’s biggest app market.

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Amazon Go: the future of shopping (if it can solve the grape problem)

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Amazon may just have re-invented shopping with its Go concept store. But Tim Green wants to know if he now has to upgrade his phone OS before he is allowed to buy spaghetti hoops…

Fork handles!

British readers of a certain age will recognise the reference. ‘Fork Handles’ was the name of a 1976 comedy sketch by The Two Ronnies. In it, a man walks into a shop and asks for ‘fork handles’. The shopkeeper then gives him four candles.

Fork handles. Four candles.

It helps to be a native English speaker.


What does the future hold for biometric authentication?

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A recurring trend mentioned in our Member’s predictions for the year ahead related to mobile security and the use of biometrics – here Didier Benkoel-Adechy of MEF Member Gemalto takes a closer look at the future of biometric authentication and how it might develop.

In a world of new and constantly evolving threats, there’s a distinct need for innovations in security, particularly authentication, to counteract cyber criminals wherever they lie. In many ways, there’s an arms race going on between those wishing to protect information and those hoping to exploit it. One of the key arenas of battle between these two parties is mobile.


MEF member news – January 16

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What’s happening among the MEF membership? Here’s your weekly round up of all the latest announcements from MEF Members including product launches, partnerships, research insights and more…

The basic web browser has been based on the same template for over 20 years. Now, Opera is testing a new concept: Opera Neon.

The firms says traditional browsers are “are not as fresh as they used to be”. Its new concept presents a re-think with elements such as: