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On Device Research is a research company that gathers responses on mobile devices. By conducting research on mobile phones and tablet computers we can reach consumers wherever they are, at any time and in any location.

Mobile research also brings fresh, instant responses that accurately capture consumers feelings, thoughts and opinions.

Success depends on our proprietary technology and skill at creating mobile surveys that deliver high-quality data from profiled global respondents.

We’ve delivered 1 million surveys across 50 countries, we cross borders in an instant and connect with niche groups in minutes.

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40 per cent of mobile users in MENA buy apps: insights into the Middle East App economy

MEF Member On Device Research recently teamed up with ArabNet to take a look at the burgeoning App economy in the MENA region, and came up with some interesting insights. Managing Director MENA, Nader Kobeissi, presented the report’s findings at the ArabNet Digital Summit in Dubai. Surveying smartphone users throughout…

Report: Super Malls & Market stalls – Mobile retail usage in the Middle East

Last week was GITEX technology week, and MEF Member OnDevice Research has released a timely look at the role of mcommerce in the Middle East. It finds that, among many other observations, a massive 90% of mobile internet users in Saudi Arabia and UAE have used their phone while in store to research products and prices. Check out the rest of the findings and the full report below in this...

Mobile Essentials – Alistair Hill, CEO, On Device Research

Alistair Hill, CEO and co-founder of global mobile sample and survey technology provider On Device Research, shares his top 10 recent stories of interest concerning all things mobile  from On Device, and across the internet. #1 Media habits of the class of 2014 1) Media habits of the class of 2014 7000 US high school graduates ranked their favourite apps and sites. I bet it takes you a while to find the...

Myanmar: the final frontier for the mobile internet

MEF Member OnDevice Research has released a fascinating new report on the mobile habits of consumers in Myanmar (also known as Burma), thought to be the first survey of its kind in the country. It found, among many observations, that half of the mobile internet population came online during the past 12 months, and for 62 per cent of the respondents, mobile is the primary way to get online. Nine...

The World Cup of Mobile [Infographic]

With most of the planet firmly in the grip of World Cup fever, the IAB and OnDevice Research bring us some fascinating insights into how consumers globally are using mobile to enhance their experience of the event. 48% of people surveyed in the multi-country study plan to follow matches on their device, the second most popular option after the TV, while 20% said they plan to use their device as a second...