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Alistair Hill, CEO and co-founder of global mobile sample and survey technology provider On Device Research, shares his top 10 recent stories of interest concerning all things mobile  from On Device, and across the internet.


#1 Media habits of the class of 2014

1) Media habits of the class of 2014

7000 US high school graduates ranked their favourite apps and sites. I bet it takes you a while to find the first news site on the chart.

2) Samsung is India’s most exciting brand

Samsung has taken a lot of beating in media lately but for India’s youth the South Korean giant is still the favourite.  There’s more than just Samsung in the story – the 55,000 FMCG brands in Indian market are in a fierce battle and it’s not always the Cokes of the world who are winning.

3) TOP 20 wired countries

Short version: the Nordic countries enjoy the highest home broadband penetration while Singapore and Hong Kong have the highest % of people on mobile broadband.

4) Post-cookie world & retargeting on mobile

The CEO of byyd, Victor Malachard, shows how retargeting and brand ad measurement works on mobile when we can’t rely on cookies to know who’s seen what. Here’s a related Sony case study by us.

5) WSJ: Mobile-ad spending leaps, but trails user growth

Mobile ads will surpass newspaper and radio in the US this year but even $18 billion is only 9.8% of the total budgets while American adults spend almost a quarter of their media time on mobile.

#6 This is your brain on mobile

6) This is your brain on mobile

When was the last time you powered down? All the way down. Not asleep. Not in airplane mode but OFF? Try it with me now. – Such a terrific read!

7) Social, digital and mobile in MENAT

We’ve been admiring we are social’s reports on social, digital and mobile trends for a long time and the one on MENAT countries is as good as ever. By the way, we opened an office in Dubai 😉

8) Internet trends 2014 in a nutshell

Mary Meeker’s annual internet trends came out a little over a month ago – if you haven’t seen it yet then we picked out all the major mobile trends for a quick read.

9) Top 10 #mrx tweets from early July

This excellent list goes from world trade patterns to public view on ethical retail, from social monitoring to quality (or perceived quality) of store brands.

10) Philippines mobile crowd: young, affluent, growing fast

Slow connections, low smartphone penetration, and relatively low income doesn’t stop Filipinos from going online. Our fresh report helps you understand the mobile internet crowd in the 97 million strong South-East Asian country.

Alistair Hill

Alistair Hill


On Device Research

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Alistair Hill is the CEO and co-founder of On Device Research, a global mobile sample and survey technology provider. Working with the world’s largest market research agencies, fast moving consumer goods companies, handset manufacturers and media agencies, his company has conducted over 17 million surveys in 68 countries. Alistair is also a judge for The Meffys , recognizing the global mobile industry’s top innovators and successes – entries close 8th August.