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ZARIOT & Teragence streamline and enhance your IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) market is developing rapidly, with new solutions rolling out across the globe daily. Each with the potential to improve our lives and make our world more efficient. As a result, IoT now plays a vital role across all industries and all regions. However, an IoT solution is only as good as its connectivity. Failure to ensure proper connectivity can lead to increased cost and significant deployment delays.

At ZARIOT, we already invest heavily in our connectivity partnerships, ensuring that multiple operators are available to our customers devices wherever they may be globally. However, our latest partnership with Teragence transforms testing and assuring connectivity from an expensive, time-consuming, on-site deployment activity, to a quick and easy planning activity. Saving you time and money.

Whether you’re a water company planning smart meters to monitor water levels and flows, or a smart city solutions provider with plans to monitor traffic levels in a neighbourhood. Our joint solution can ensure you optimise the placement of your sensors for the best performing connectivity, real-time monitoring, and effortless troubleshooting.

ZARIOT are proud to work with Teragence and welcome them to our ecosystem of partners. Contact us to understand how the community can provide the flexibility and security for you to create your ideal IoT solution.

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Dexatel Launches Network Penetration Testing

Tallinn, Estonia, January 8, 2024 — Dexatel announced the launch of its Network Penetration Testing solution. With this tool, operators will be able to identify and address weaknesses in SMS traffic while keeping threats at bay and guaranteeing secure communication.

The company created the NPT tool using advanced technologies to reinforce telecom infrastructures with a secure and robust foundation. The tool, which is now ready for the market, will detect and mitigate IP bypasses, including those from SIM farms, local networks, RCS and OTT channels, and local interconnects. This will help ensure the integrity and profitability of the user’s communication services.

Dexatel’s expertise in A2P generation scenarios as well as a comprehensive database of services play a key role in the NPT process. This wealth of information allows for the quick establishment of effective protection policies and enables companies to seamlessly monetize global networks. MNOs can proactively address security risks and avoid missing revenue opportunities.

The release of this new tool is a huge step forward for Dexatel, boosting the company’s status as a reliable provider of business communication solutions and an innovator in the realm of mobile security. It also showcases Dexatel’s commitment to delivering premium services that allow businesses to connect with their audiences easily, securely, and cost-efficiently.

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New Threat Intelligence Report Exposes the Impact of Generative AI on Remote Identity Verification

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–iProov, the leading provider of science-based biometric identity solutions, today launched The iProov Threat Intelligence Report 2024: The Impact of Generative AI on Remote Identity Verification. iProov’s report examines the remote identity verification threat landscape, providing first-hand insights into the anatomy of a digital injection attack and exposing bad actor methodologies, threat trends, and impacts. The report is created using data and expert analysis by the iProov Security Operations Center (iSOC).

“Generative AI has provided a huge boost to threat actors’ productivity levels: these tools are relatively low cost, easily accessed, and can be used to create highly convincing synthesized media such as face swaps or other forms of deepfakes that can easily fool the human eye as well as less advanced biometric solutions. This only serves to heighten the need for highly secure remote identity verification,” says Andrew Newell, Chief Scientific Officer, iProov.


MMDSmart Hires Industry Veteran Onur Eren as it Expands Into Turkish Market

MMDSmart welcomes Onur Eren to lead sales in our Turkish office. Onur brings a wealth of expertise in partner management, technical knowledge, and communication.

With a strong foundation in the sales industry and a focus on adaptability, flexibility, and teamwork, Eren’s professional journey has been shaped by his commitment to excellence and innovation.  Onur will lead  MMDSmart’s efforts to penetrate the market with our CPaaS offering, building on our competitive pricing model for international messaging.

If you are a Turkish company looking for a messaging partner, contact Onur today through our contact form at


mFilterIt rebrands initiative and revamps brand identity

mFilterIt, an ad traffic validation and brand protection solutions, has announced its rebranding initiative and unveiled a revamped brand identity.

The rebranding efforts are in response to the rapidly evolving digital ecosystem. According to the company, with the new identity, the company aims to become the epitome of reliability and trust in the digital ecosystem leveraging cutting-edge technology and data.

Amit Relan, CEO and co-founder at mFilterIt, said: “Our rebranding marks a milestone on the completion of an 8-year journey of empowering digital brands with trust and transparency.

“We are happy to introduce our new and enhanced identity, which represents our commitment to bringing a revolution in the digital ecosystem with the power of data, intelligence and technology to serve our clients better than ever before and help them advertise fearlessly.”


Vonage and Verizon to collaborate on Advanced Network APIs

Ericsson-owned Vonage and US communications service provider Verizon have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) outlining their intention to introduce Verizon network Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to the Vonage platform that will enable the developer community to access network services and capabilities. They will also collaborate on developing new network APIs for developers globally.

Network APIs are key to Ericsson and Vonage’s strategic goal of exposing the full programmable and intelligent potential of 5G and future next-generation networks by giving developers the tools to innovate, enrich applications, and create new advanced use cases for enterprises and their customers.

Exposing the network capabilities as APIs aims to deliver benefits to ecosystem partners – developers, enterprises and communication service providers – by capitalizing on network capabilities as well as potentially creating as-yet-unknown applications that can transform how businesses engage with customers.

Seckin Arikan, Head of Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) and Global Network Platform (GNP) Sales, Vonage, says: “Vonage’s collaboration with Verizon will represent another key milestone in the execution of Ericsson’s strategy to create a global network platform business by enabling the company to offer network APIs in the U.S. market.”

He adds: “With a mature platform in place, Vonage is uniquely positioned to aggregate Verizon APIs into an intuitive and consumable format that can be readily adopted by developers. Together with frontrunner operators such as Verizon, Vonage is excited to bring new, next generation network APIs to market.”


Telefónica: a decade as a leader in climate management according to the CDP

Telefónica has been recognised today, and for the tenth consecutive year, as a global leader in transparency in performance for its action against climate change, as part of the ‘A List’ prepared by CDP, a non-profit organisation whose report is considered the “gold standard for corporate environmental transparency”.

In this report, CDP has assessed how Telefónica approaches its commitment to the planet, decoupling its growth from its environmental footprint by having reduced CO2 emissions in its operations (scopes 1 and 2) by more than 80%, through the introduction of more efficient technologies, as well as the use of renewable energies in 100% of its facilities in Europe, Brazil, Chile and Peru. In addition, the company is working to be a Zero Waste company by 2030 through design and purchasing with circular criteria, reuse and recycling.

Elena Valderrábano, Global Chief of Sustainability (ESG) at Telefónica, said: “Being on the CDP A List for a decade demonstrates the strength of our environmental commitment and encourages us to continue aligning our business model with the most ambitious scientific climate recommendations. At Telefónica, climate change management is part of the company’s strategy to build a greener future through digitalisation. Our Climate Action Plan is the compass that guides everything we do towards zero net emissions”.

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