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Cookies has acquired a stake in SkillPro

Cookies, a company specializing in esports solutions for mobile operators, has recently acquired a minority stake in SkillPro, an Italian company at the forefront of developing services for esports events, solidifying its position in the world of gaming and online tournaments. The SkillPro platform offers an integrated system for tournament management, with support to the players provided directly by a dedicated team, and it also offers a white-label version that can be integrated into third-party portals and customized to the needs and branding of the companies that incorporate it into their services.

“Recently, we have worked hard to create an environment for esports enthusiasts that meets their expectations. This partnership will allow us to offer an even more personalized service that meets the expectations of gamers looking for the ideal environment to pursue their passion. At the same time, we can offer our mobile operator partners a quality environment where their customers can play and have fun,” says Cookies CRO Paola Silano.

“We are delighted to have Cookies on board, with which we have already worked in partnership with great results.” Commented Manuel Montini CEO of SkillPro. “This deal will strengthen our work to improve our online tournament services for more specific targets such as mobile operators”.

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Arelion receives all-time high Net Promoter Score

Stockholm, November 21, 2023 – Arelion, the provider of the #1 global Internet backbone, is proud to announce a record-breaking Net Promoter Score of 75 for 2023. This remarkable achievement follows a consistent 18 percent year-on-year increase since Arelion’s first NPS survey in 2012. The highest scores were given to Account Management, Network Quality and Service Delivery.

“In the fiercely competitive marketplace for connectivity services, Arelion firmly believes that customer experience is the single most critical factor. I am extremely proud of our latest Net Promoter Score, which really proves that our investments in this area are creating value for our customers. Despite all the technology, this is a people-centric business, and we are committed to continuing to lead the way as the provider of the industry’s best customer experience”, said Daniel Kurgan, CEO of Arelion.

The survey includes answers from hundreds of respondents across Europe, North America, and Asia. Account Management was ranked highest by Arelion’s customers, closely followed by Network Quality, Service Delivery, and Maintenance.

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Juniper Research Reveals Its Top 10 Telco Trends For 2024, Amidst Major Technological And Business Shakeups

Hampshire, UK – 27th November 2023: Juniper Research unveiled today the 10 trends that are set to radically impact the telecommunications landscape in 2024, included within its latest whitepaper.

The whitepaper found that the telco market is poised for major disruption, as new technologies including generative AI, and industry shakeups such as Apple’s recent embrace of the RCS messaging standard, force stakeholders to reevaluate long-standing business strategies.

Juniper Research’s VP of Telecoms Market Research, Sam Barker, commented: “The telecommunications industry has seen rapid digital innovation over the last decade, driven by advances that greatly improve the efficiency with which new telecommunications services can be launched. Over the coming year, we expect operators to capitalise on this efficiency and make bold moves to better position themselves amidst the major technological and business shakeups on the horizon.”

These trends were compiled by Juniper Research’s expert team of telecoms markets analysts; cross-referencing their detailed industry knowledge against the online data platform harvest, comprising 1.8 million telco market statistics. Through this, industry stakeholders can navigate the ever-evolving telecommunications landscape and unlock advantage through intelligence.


IDVerse Offers the Mastercard Engage Partner Program An Inclusive Digital First Experience

London, UK – 9 November 2023 World-leading digital ID verification company IDVerse (previously known as OCR Labs Global) today announces joining the Mastercard Engage partner program to offer a fully automated identity verification solution to Mastercard customers.

IDVerse’s technology enables Mastercard to reach a wider range of connected devices by reducing AI technology bias towards newer devices and operating systems. IDVerse is taking the lead in training deep neural network systems through generative AI, actively combating discrimination based on race, age, and gender – whilst staying ahead of global fraud trends such as synthetic media and deepfakes.

Libby Robinson, Head of Partnerships at IDVerse, added, “We are immensely proud to join the Mastercard Engage Program. Partners in the program will benefit from IDVerse’s robust global document coverage and compliance certifications that ensure the highest standards in our offerings. Our fully-automated identity verification solution, powered by Zero Bias AI™-tested technology, embodies the future of secure digital onboarding. Through this collaboration, IDVerse is committed to empowering Mastercard customers to seamlessly automate digital identity verification (IDV) and navigate the complex balance between security and user experience.”

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BICS and SK Telecom named World Communications Awards winners for breakthrough solution offering low latency intercontinental roaming between Asia and Europe

The successful real-time connection between South Korea and Spain marks a leap forward in high-speed quality connections for consumers and businesses, an accomplishment recognized by the World Communications Awards

International connectivity and 5G enabler BICS, and South Korea’s largest mobile operator SK Telecom (SKT), have today been honored with an award for the World Communications Awards’ “Cloud Award” category, targeting edge computing solutions, in collaboration with Samsung Electronics and AWS.

“This breakthrough builds on the first-ever successful 5G non-Standalone roaming connection, and the 5G Standalone roaming connection between the Middle East and Europe over our industry-leading IPX Transport service. It unlocks new opportunities for mobile operators, equipment manufacturers, and enterprises in the rollout of 5G, and looking to the future will ultimately even pave the way for 6G,” says Mikaël Schachne, VP of Telco Market at BICS. “Accelerating the adoption of 5G on a global scale is a key part of our mission. In collaborating with an innovative mobile partner such as SK Telecom, we’re thrilled to have reached yet another landmark in making real-time connections and next-generation mobile experiences a reality – and we’re thankful and humbled that this achievement has been recognized by an industry-leading awarding body like the World Communications Awards.”

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Navigating the Shifting Landscape of eCommerce Fraud: Insights from MRC Singapore

MRC Singapore 2023 saw Laura Carruthers, Head of Risk & Fraud at Boku, and Shalini Khatwani, Director of Payments in APAC at Netflix delve into the topic of ecommerce fraud. The conversation provided an overview on eCommerce fraud prevention and laid out the challenges and strategies that shape the constantly evolving world of online payments. Here are some of the key takeaways from this exchange.

Insights have been shared surrounding the multifaceted challenge of organized account reselling, where services acquired through low-KYC payment methods are resold, negatively impacting revenue and customer retention for merchants. The lack of mandated data sharing hinders merchants from fully understanding the scope of the problem.

Laura expanded on the allure of account types with no KYC requirements for resellers. Balancing accessibility and risk management is crucial, and the creative exploitation of merchant product and charging loopholes by resellers adds complexity to the issue. Collaborative efforts, including the sharing of transaction-level fraud and abuse data, were highlighted as a solution to bridge the gap between wallet issuers and merchants.

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