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Provocative Paper from Omnisperience Questions if UK is Pro-customer or Pro-criminal; Author Delves into Process Overlooked by Telecom Industry Stakeholders, Exploited by Fraudsters

With fraud costing the British economy £137 billion, this month UK-based analyst house and consultancy Omnisperience issued a new white paper, ‘UK Digital Fraud: There’s a gap in the UK digital infrastructure and it’s letting fraud in.’ iconectiv sat down with the paper’s author Chief Analyst Teresa Cottam to discuss the current fraud issue and why she believes a revamp of how the UK handles number porting is critical for a modern digital economy.

So much has changed in the nearly three decades since number portability was implemented in the UK. In the 1990s and early 2000s, we primarily used our mobile devices for phone calls and SMS. Fast forward to today and the mobile phone is embedded in our daily lives. Whether using our faces to unlock our bank accounts or authorize access or facilitating password changes or transactions using a security code that’s been texted to us, the mobile phone is a key enabler of an entire digital economy and has essentially become our digital identity.

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BICS & Tech Evolution: How Communication Platforms Adapt To Market Needs

Communication and collaboration are continuously evolving to meet customer requirements, says Divya Ghai Wakankar of BICS.

And in the current era, communication platforms must embrace hybrid and remote working models, she adds. Wakankar also addresses how enterprises can monetize this technology.

In her role as VP Enterprise Markets at BICS, Divya is helping businesses in their digital transformation journey. She leads the enterprise business development, channel partnership and product management of BICS’ digital portfolio, building solutions that anticipate the needs of this ever-growing market.

She previously served as Head of Cloud Communications and is passionate about how digitalization and new technologies are revolutionizing business around the world.

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How AI provides unrivalled protection against emerging AI-driven cyber threats

In 2022, a staggering €8.44bn vanished due to cybercrime. This alarming figure is anticipated to escalate as cybercriminals turn to AI for executing more complex attacks, stealing directly from mobile users through manipulation or device takeover.

How can we tackle this emerging threat as powerful AI tools become more accessible to cybercriminals?

From the beginning, Evina has heavily invested in its AI-driven threat detection capabilities, creating state-of-the-art cybersecurity solutions tailored to mobile payments. This core technology serves as our countermeasure to the AI-powered industrialization of malware and deceptive content production, and is rooted in three fundamental components:

An immense and high-quality data pool, made possible by our partnerships across 80+ countries, daily analysis of over 30 million transactions, deep web criminal modus operandi collection and a global network of honeypots designed to attract and trap malware

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Virgin Media O2 picks Mavenir open RAN to power 5G

Mavenir scored a significant deal with U.K.-based Virgin Media O2 to provide the vendor’s open virtualized radio access network (RAN) gear and act as the prime systems integrator for the operator’s 5G update plans. The move continues an aggressive government-mandated push for U.K. operators to roll out open RAN technology.

Mavenir’s open RAN system includes virtualized layer-one and layer-two RAN (vRAN) software running on Intel Xeon scalable processors, vRAN ACC100 Accelerator and 800-series Ethernet adapters.

Mavenir is also providing its OpenBeam radios that support massive multiple-input, multiple-output (MIMO) antenna technology, O-RAN-based radio units (RUs) for open fronthaul between the antennas and the vRAN, network monitoring and management.

“Through digitalizing our networks, we’re seamlessly integrating our infrastructure to get more value from our existing assets,” Virgin Media O2 CTO Jeanie York noted in a statement on the Mavenir deal. “Extending our collaboration with Mavenir to the RAN for the first time will help us establish a future-proof open vRAN architecture, unlocking the benefits of a multi-vendor open interface while allowing us to rapidly benefit from an end-to-end network solution.”

The carrier, which is a joint venture between Liberty Global and Telefónica, currently covers 99% of the U.K. population with 4G LTE service and plans to cover 50% with 5G by the end of this year.

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5 digital trends that will transform connectivity, messaging and business

Keeping up with digital transformations has become essential for everyone. Thankfully, Mobile World Congress 2023 has lent us a great lens to evaluate the innovations — five major tech trends that are impacting the mobile industry and the solutions it produces: 5G acceleration, Fintech, OpenNet, Reality+, and Digital Everything.

Adaptability is going to be crucial for brands to establish and maintain a connection with their audience, and that includes being ready to take advantage of these trends. In fact, for many companies, understanding and using them before they become commonplace may be just the edge they need to stand out from competition.

5G acceleration

5G acceleration is a game-changer that offers lower latency, faster speeds, and better connectivity for mobile devices. It has the potential to enable the development of new technologies or supercharge the application of existing ones: Internet of Things, virtual and augmented reality, autonomous vehicles, and even things like remote surgery. As a result, the acceleration of 5G bodes an entire new era of connectivity that would transform the way we live, work, and communicate.

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