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MEFTV speaks to Steve Legge, CEO and President at netnumber Global Data Services, during the recent MEF Leadership Forum in Miami Florida about their business and the company’s 20-year role in the mobile ecosystem.

“Messaging, and the challenges facing the industry and ecosystem are changing, and we’re here to help on many different fronts,” said Legge.

“We’ve been an integral part of the North American Messaging ecosystem for many years with our netnumber Services Registry (nnSR) while on a global level our phone number data intelligence, routing, portability data and other comprehensive solutions help our customers navigate very complex issues facing the telecom ecosystem today.”

Watch the full interview below…

Available on demand now – MEF Leadership Forum Americas

MEF Leadership Forum Americas brought together experts in the field of text messaging and other technologies to discuss the latest trends. The thought-leadership conference focussed on the role of trust, identity, and interoperability in the future of messaging.

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