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TNS-Plus and VOX Carrier partner to enhance the protection and monetisation of Kyrgyzstan’s A2P voice (Flash Call) and SMS network

TNS-Plus, a leading telecom operator in Kazakhstan, major provider in Kyrgyzstan and part of the Veon group of companies, has agreed to help Beeline Kyrgyzstan combat Application to Person (A2P) voice (Flash Call) and messaging fraudulent routing and illicit bypass attempts, using VOX Carrier’s VOX360 anti-fraud platform.

The VOX360 platform is the most comprehensive A2P protection solution available on the market, enabling mobile operators to detect and block spam and fraudulent traffic before they impact end users, thus optimizing the monetization of their networks. VOX360 is also the only platform in the industry which can mitigate Flash calls as part of its full suite of A2P Voice and SMS anti-fraud solution, which means that potentially, Beeline Kyrgyzstan will not be only protected from messaging bypass, but also from voice and Flash calls fraudulent activities.

“We are very excited to be partnering with yet another leading communication service provider to play our part in the fight against A2P fraud. VOX Carrier has always been passionate about fostering quality and security,” says Ehsan Ahmadi, CEO of VOX Carrier. “Ultimately, we are here to help operators, such as Beeline, optimize the monetization of their assets and ensure long term growth and innovation.”

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Infobip Kicks-Off Global Startup Tribe Programme for Asia Pacific

Global communications company Infobip today announced the launch of its Infobip Startup Tribe programme in Hong Kong and the wider Asia Pacific (APAC) region. The accelerator programme, which offers home-grown startups an opportunity to utilize Infobip’s deep industry knowledge, expertise, and tools to fast-track their growth, was kicked-off with an APAC focused webinar, which saw participation from various startups and ecosystem players from across the region.

In a world where borders no longer pose a limit and growth is determined by online presence, Infobip wants to be the ideal partner that can support the digitalisation journey for startups. With this global programme, qualifying startups will be able to apply for substantial credit allowances on Infobip’s products and services worth up to $60,000 (HKD 467,000) that will enable them to grow their customer base through omnichannel communication.

Speaking at the webinar titled ‘Bringing Next-Gen Customer Engagement to Startups’, Nikola Pavesic, Director of Startup Ecosystem for Infobip, said: “After leading initiatives and being part of the industry for many years, I am looking forward to adding value to startups on a mission and help them fast-track their growth. This inaugural event marks our foray into connecting many notable and aspiring startups with creative aspirations that make up this thriving ecosystem in APAC. I’m really excited to be bringing Startup Tribe to APAC and I can’t wait to see how the community grows after leveraging on trusted accelerators like our expert council, extensive resources, and global networks.”

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Ooredoo partners Ericsson on BSS digital transformation

Ooredoo Group has selected Ericsson as its next-gen digital transformation partner for Business Support System (BSS) solutions.

Under the terms of the five-year group frame agreement, Ooredoo Group will deploy the latest Ericsson BSS solutions across several of its operating companies, giving Ooredoo a new set of capabilities across the customer, product, revenue and service management domains of its business operations. As such, Ericsson BSS solutions will enable Ooredoo to serve any type of customer or partner, network technology or chargeable event.

“Ericsson’s Business Support Systems portfolio provides a holistic view and roadmap for Ooredoo’s goal of digital transformation and enables us to provide seamless connectivity and innovative services to our customers,” said Nigel Thomas Byrne, group chief technology information officer at Ooredoo.

“Ericsson’s end-to-end solutions will support Ooredoo’s requirements of delivering best-in-class services to consumers and businesses in record time, and leading technology performance. We are confident in Ericsson’s technology leadership and ability to maximise 5G opportunities.”

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Cheetah Digital Announces Lineup For 2021 Signals Conference

Cheetah Digital, a leading provider of cross-channel customer engagement solutions for many of the world’s most well-known brands, has announced the agenda and details of its annual Signals conference. The 2021 event will feature multiple sessions each Wednesday between 11:00 – 4:00pm ET starting October 6th through November 3rd. This year’s event will be primarily virtual with select in-person sessions that are available by invitation only.

The key theme for 2021 is anchored in making human connections, and that relationship management is the core discipline for brands to understand and engage their customers on an individual level. While consumers are increasing their demands for truly personalized messaging and offers from the brands they support, they are also weary of how, where, and when their personal data is collected and exploited by other companies. This balance between privacy and personalization is impossible to achieve when using third-party data, which was recently showcased in the company’s new creative campaign starring Wayne Knight. The biggest takeaways for attendees of the 2021 Signals conference will be how marketers can end their reliance on cookies and third-party data, how to ramp up their collection and use of zero-party data, which includes crucial psychographic information from consumers, and why a loyalty program rooted in emotion can be the best long term relationship tool a brand can invest in.

“The 2021 Signals event was designed to address some of the most pressing trends facing the marketing industry right now – notably how to build 1:1 relationships with customers in a digitally accelerating world,” noted Richard Jones, Chief Marketing Officer for Cheetah Digital. “Over the course of five weeks and 20+ sessions, we will feature a fantastic lineup of impressive speakers and clients who are both implementing world-class loyalty programs at their organizations whilst understanding the importance of next-gen personalization and proper data collection.”

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Neustar Launches Optimizer™, a New Closed-Loop Marketing Optimization and Consumer Insights Platform, to Deliver Real-Time Analytics and Improved ROI Across Marketing Mix

Neustar Inc., a global information services and technology company and leader in identity resolution, today announced the launch of Neustar Optimizer a new closed-loop marketing optimization and consumer insights platform that enables marketers to improve marketing and brand performance by measuring all consumer activity. Marketers can use Neustar Optimizer to make critical, real-time optimizations to marketing mix, media budget allocation, campaign and creative tactics, and audience segments.

Neustar Optimizer leverages the most comprehensive identity and machine learning capabilities available, which power identity-based data and Unified Analytics solutions for 70% of Fortune 100 brands. This is inclusive of CRM hygiene, data enrichment, onboarding, audience segmentation, and media syndication services.

“With Optimizer, the promise of agile marketing is becoming a reality,” said Michael Schoen, Senior Vice President and GM of Marketing Solutions at Neustar. “We’re making marketing analytics and data science exponentially more accurate and actionable for marketers. Optimizer’s unique combination of identity-based data, media-spanning integrations, data deprecation protections, and clean room technology is unmatched in the marketing world.”

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