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A fireside chat with Rajdip Gupta, Founder, MD and Group CEO of Route Mobile

Rajdip Gupta founded Route Mobile 16 years ago with $2,000, he did not add money since then, but an IPO of the company in September 2020 brought in 90 million dollars of capital from Indian and international investors (Goldman Sachs and Franklin Templeton are among the anchor investors). It is time to understand the man behind this success, how he thinks, what he plans for the future.

In this MEF Fireside Chat, Rajdip admits there is no real secret for their success, but he stresses the importance of three aspects clearly: people, innovation, and disruption. This tech market is one that offers great upsides and with that, great risks: the role of the CEO is to manage and chart a route out of continuous change. Rajdip openly says he fears disruption, but he is equally happy to use innovations to ride this out and grow.

As a software developer himself he is keen to understand the work of colleagues. Rajdip coded the core of the Route Mobile stack 16 years ago, but he is keen to understand what the new Python engineers in his company are working on today.

The future of the business communication markets? Mergers and acquisitions are shaping this industry, he says in the future there will likely be just 7 or 8 global CPaaS companies, and Route Mobile will be one of them.

To understand more about Route Mobile watch the full interview below

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