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Boku Launches Direct Carrier Billing with Riot Games in four Middle Eastern Markets

Boku, the world’s leading provider of mobile payment and identity solutions, is pleased to launch direct carrier billing payment services for Riot Games in Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan & Kuwait. This partnership allows mobile subscribers across these four countries to make purchases in Riot Games’ famed “League of Legends” game with seamless & secure cardless payments.

This partnership unlocks local currency options for players in these countries for the first time. Direct carrier billing makes “League of Legends” more accessible in Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan & Kuwait.

Fiona Clinton, Commercial Operations Manager, Riot Games commented, “Our focus is always to create the best gaming experience for our players. We hope that unlocking local currencies and carrier billing payments with Boku will allow players a more seamless way to get the content that they want so they can spend more time on the rift!”

Mark StannardChief Business Officer for Payments, Boku, commented, “This collaboration with Riot Games is a promising achievement that extends the convenient and secure payments we have built together to a new region of the world. We are thrilled to enable gamers in these countries to enjoy ‘League of Legends’ without payments being a distraction.”

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Can’t touch this: Preparing for the post-physical customer experience

Mike Tyson said: “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.”

With the arrival of a global pandemic in 2020, many of the world’s legacy brands are reeling from a knockout right hook.

In just a few months, the steady migration towards a digital economy has turned into a stampede. People are shopping online and running meetings by video. They’re re-thinking the work/life balance and reassessing their need to travel.

new study from Sinch answers the question emphatically: the latest consumer behaviors are here to stay. We questioned 2,890 individuals about their post-pandemic lives and found:

  • 58% of people will continue to avoid crowds
  • 52% will avoid travel
  • 46% will spend less time inside stores
  • 42% will dine out less often

These changes are creating demand for all kinds of virtual alternatives — and more convenient digital forms of customer experience.

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iProov releases integrated biometric assurance solution for enterprises

A new integrated biometric assurance solution has been introduced by iProov to secure online customer authentication for global enterprises.

The company says that in the past organizations have faced a tough choice between systems that verify identity for frequent and low-risk transactions, and solutions capable of defending against AI-driven criminal attacks. With its integrated solution, iProov says, organizations can use a single suite of authentication technology with the capability to select the appropriate one automatically, to meet the threat level of every interaction.

“Organizations need to balance security, usability, and cost when choosing the right biometric authentication provider. Until now, they have had to choose one level of security and stick with it. For the first time, iProov is providing the flexibility to select the assurance level to best match each transaction,” says iProov CEO Andrew Bud.

“One platform for every level of authentication brings three key benefits: a consistent user experience, technical simplicity, and peace of mind, knowing that every level of security is at your finger-tips.”

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Syniverse and NTT DOCOMO offer inbound 5G roaming service in Japan

Syniverse said it is working with NTT DOCOMO to be the first to offer inbound 5G roaming service to mobile operators and their mobile customers when traveling to Japan. DOCOMO is Japan’s leading mobile operator with more than 80 million subscriptions and one of the world’s foremost contributors to 3G, 4G and 5G mobile network technologies.

DOCOMO launched in September an inbound 5G roaming service to allow foreign mobile operators and their customers visiting Japan to roam on DOCOMO’s 5G network.

Syniverse is using its IPX Network as a core solution to enable DOCOMO’s 5G roaming service. The Syniverse solution reduces complexity and delivers end-to-end quality of service to ensure roaming and interworking for mobile services, with a secure and reliable network connected to more than 750 mobile operators in more than 150 countries.

DOCOMO plans to actively collaborate with other foreign mobile operators around the world to gradually expand the number of countries where travelers to Japan can enjoy seamless 5G roaming service.

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Consentry: Using personal data to help drive a post-Covid recovery

When the coronavirus pandemic first swept around the globe, national numbers were the key area of focus for governments and individuals alike. Daily death tolls and infection rates were how each country gauged its success (or otherwise) in containing the virus, and these were also keenly watched for the steady lowering which would signal imminent release from lockdown.

A few months on, generally living more freer lives even as pockets of virus continue to spring up around us, case data per 100,000 people has become an important figure, determining where around the world requires quarantine at either end, and where local lockdowns might be reimposed, even as countries remain broadly open at a national level.

That’s where’s new Consentry app comes in. Employees – as well as visitors and customers – can download the app and provide a daily self-assessment of how they are feeling, and whether they have any Covid-19 symptoms, or have been in close contact with someone who has them. They can then share this data – anonymously – with their employer.

Crucially, this granular data from staff feeds back into keeping their workplace, and their colleagues, as healthy as possible, and – crucially – confident about the exact risk they face on any given day. By checking in and out of meeting rooms and zones around a workplace, enabled by a system of easy-to-use QR codes, Consentry can also be used for effective and efficient contact tracing if a case does emerge, as well as for early signposting of areas which may need to be deep cleaned.

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