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It’s hard to overestimate the importance of search in digital media. It made Google the biggest company in the world. So how will search shake out on rich media messaging channels? Ahead of the MEF Connects Rich Communications virtual event, John Duffy, head of Future Messaging at IMImobile, shares his (strong) opinions…

Discovery has played a key role in every successful media channel. And not just the new digital platforms either. Think how powerful those TV listings magazines were before the internet came along.

Today, we’re witnessing the birth of another major new media option. Rich messaging will give brands the opportunity to talk to consumers inside convenient chat apps – not least RCS.

Typically, these conversations – for customer care, promotions and even shopping – will be with smart chat bots. So how will customers discover those bots?

John Duffy, head of Future Messaging at IMImobile, is pretty outspoken on the topic. IMImobile is one of the official supporters of the MEF Connects Rich Communications event, which runs from September 29 to October 1. In this preview video for the event, Duffy dives into the topic of RCS discovery and answers questions such as:

  • How has discovery been handled so far?
  • What lessons have been learned?
  • Will MNOs monetise discovery?
  • What role will aggregators play?
  • Will small companies and SMEs be able to participate in RCS search?

MEF Connects Rich Communications – 29th September – October 1st

John Duffy will be hosting a RCS Spotlight session on day one of MEF Connects Rich Communications – 4PM BST / 9AM ET

In the age of CX, it’s critical for enterprise business and brands to meet their customers on the digital channels they prefer—with an experience they’ve come to expect.

This 90-minute session will include discussions with ecosystem and business leaders as they share insights into how their rich messaging strategies are the key to winning in this new economy.

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