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Find out the week’s top mobile stories from around the world.

This week..  UK switches COVID-19 contact tracing app to Apple and Google framework, Norway suspends virus-tracing app due to privacy concerns, mobile data traffic in sub-Saharan Africa to grow 12 times by 2025 and much more…

UK switches COVID-19 contact tracing app to Apple and Google framework


The UK is changing its mind on its coronavirus contact tracing app. Going forward, the UK will use the Apple and Google API, BBC reports. This means rather than use a “centralized” model as planned, the UK will adopt the “decentralized” approach that’s been gaining traction across Europe.

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Norway suspends virus-tracing app due to privacy concerns


Norway’s health authorities said they suspended an app designed to help trace the spread of coronavirus after the country’s data protection agency said it was too invasive of privacy.

Launched in April, the smartphone app Smittestopp (“infection stop”) was set up to collect movement data to help authorities trace the spread of Covid-19, and inform users if they had been exposed to someone carrying the virus.

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Police taking ‘excessive’ data from mobile phones


Police in England and Wales are taking “excessive” amounts of personal data from smartphones during investigations, the UK’s data watchdog has warned.

Taking too much data may deter people from reporting crime or assisting the police, Information Commissioner Elizabeth Denham said.

Her report on police mobile phone data extraction (MPE) calls for a “statutory code of practice” for police.

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Mobile data traffic in sub-Saharan Africa to grow 12 times by 2025

Engineering News

Sub-Saharan Africa remains one of the fastest growing mobile markets, with mobile traffic set to expand 12 times its current rates by 2025.

The latest edition of global information and communication technology giant Ericsson’s Mobility Report shows mobile traffic in sub-Saharan Africa growing from the current 0.33 Exabytes (EB) a month to 4 EB a month by 2025.

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Apple Rejects Facebook’s Gaming App, for at Least the Fifth Time


Executives and engineers from Facebook’s games division submitted their new app, Facebook Gaming, to Apple last month for approval to offer it in the iPhone maker’s App Store.

Apple considered Facebook’s application for a few weeks. This month, it delivered its verdict: denied.

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Google makes video service mobile

Mobile World Live

Google targeted a boost in its video conferencing presence by integrating its Google Meet tool with the mobile version of Gmail.

In a blog announcing the move, Google product manager Erika Yamasaki noted Gmail users are now able to join video meetings on Android and iOS devices directly from invitations sent in the e-mail service, removing the need to use the Google Meet app for the purpose.

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Cryptocurrency startups continue to expand in India despite uncertain future

Live Mint

BENGALURU: Cryptocurrency startups continue to expand and launch products in India amid reports of a government bill floated by the finance ministry for inter-ministerial consultations that could ban the virtual currency.

The crypto market has gathered momentum since March when the Supreme Court (SC) lifted the Reserve Bank of India’s (RBI) controversial ban on the trade of the digital currency in the country. Founders of cryptocurrency startups are optimistic on the future of this form of currency in India and believe the Centre will not impose another ban.

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Cellular’s Role and Future in IoT

Iot For all

In this episode of the IoT For All Podcast, Dima Feldman of Altair Semiconductor joins us to talk about everything Cellular IoT, including its biggest advantages, challenges, and how we’ll likely see the role of cellular change in the near future.

As the VP of Product Management and Marketing at Altair Semiconductor, Dima is responsible for company product management, marketing, and solution architecture, and collaborates with customers and partners on innovative IoT solutions. Dima brings more than 20 years of experience in semiconductors and communication technologies and led systems engineering at Netline Communication Technologies before joining Altair.

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Widespread Security Vulnerabilities in Mobile Banking Apps

Infosecurity mag

Half of mobile banks are vulnerable to fraud and theft of funds due to inadequate security on apps, according to a study by Positive Technologies. The analysis found that mobile banking applications have a raft of security flaws which can be exploited by cyber-criminals to access sensitive data and commit fraud.

Positive Technologies said that none of the 14 mobile banking applications tested had an acceptable level of security. In regard to the applications installed by clients, 43% were shown to store important information on the phone in clear text, making the data at risk of being accessed by an unauthorized party. In addition, 76% of the vulnerabilities can be exploited without physical access to the device and over one-third can be exploited without administrator rights.

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Microsoft to upgrade its xCloud servers to Xbox Series X hardware in 2021

The Verge

Microsoft is getting ready to launch its xCloud game streaming service later this year as part of Xbox Game Pass. The service will initially be powered by Xbox One S consoles in server blades in Microsoft’s datacenters, but the software giant is planning to upgrade this hardware next year. Sources familiar with Microsoft’s plans tell The Verge that testing has already begun on upgraded xCloud servers, and that Microsoft is even experimenting with dedicated PC server blades for streaming PC games over xCloud.

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