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MEFTV speaks to Marat Nuriev, IoT Business Development Manager at Kaspersky, about their view on IoT security, how it differs from traditional cyber security and how businesses prioritise security when creating their IoT systems.

“In IoT it’s about small, edge devices where you have limited memory and it’s almost impossible to install traditional antivirus. That’s why we invented a new approach we call it a cyber immune system – its just one way to protect IoT.”

“Most companies and verticals understand how IoT technologies can make additional value for them and bring new services etc, they understand how to do this, they know their business and see the potential for IoT – but security is another story.

Most companies don’t know how to make their systems more secure in the initial stages, they only think about it after the system is in commercial use or after an incident, that’s why we recommend for our partners to consider cyber security questions in the earliest stages.”

Watch the full video below.

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